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Wild Strawberry Fragaria virginiana By: Daniel Hughes.

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1 Wild Strawberry Fragaria virginiana By: Daniel Hughes

2 Classification KingdomPlantae SubkingdomTracheobionta SuperdivisionSpermatophyta DivisionMagnoliophyta ClassMagnoliopsida SubclassRosidae OrderRosales FamilyRosaceae GenusFragaria SpeciesFragaria virginiana =FRVI

3 Shape, Form, Type 8/142656420_6 d3144e938.jpg It is small with 5-petal white flowers, and the stalk is long and slender. It grows horizontally and is weed-like. The wild strawberry is a herbaceous plant. Figure 1: Wild Strawberry http://www.w ildmanstevebr Folder/Strawb erry.html

4 Leaf The leaves are on a separate stalk. Each leaf is 3-parted palmate-compound, with large, even teeth, and their leaflets are long-oval and 2-3 inches long. http://www.wi ldmanstevebril older/Strawbe rry.html ofile?symbol=FRVI Figure 2: Leaf of Wild strawberry

5 Bud Figure 3: Bud of Wild Strawberry strawberry-fragaria-virginiana/

6 Flower small, white, 5- petaled flower, 3- parted leaf, and familiar fruit; flower white, radially- symmetrical, 5 petals, 1/2 to 1 inch broad, on separate flower stalk http://www.wil dmanstevebrill. com/Plants.Fol der/Strawberry. html

7 Fruit fruit drooping on long, slender, stalk, much smaller than commercial strawberry and red when ripe http://www.wi ldmanstevebril older/Strawbe rry.html Figure 5: Fruit of Wild Strawberry http://www.dessert.n -e-melone-al- porto20080227wild- strawberries1.jpg

8 Habitat and Range Habitats include moist to mesic black soil prairies, openings and edges of woodlands (including drier areas), savannas, limestone glades, and areas along railroads. Wild Strawberry is able to tolerate competition from taller plants because it develops early in the spring, and is able to tolerate some shade later in the year. It occurs in both degraded and high quality habitats, often not far from woodland areas. http://w ww.illin oiswildfl fo/prairi e/plantx /wld_str awberry x.htm

9 Uses The fruit is edible and non-poisonous. The dried leaves can be used to make tea. Earls, dukes, princes, and marquises used the common strawberries white leaves as emblems on their crowns. http://www.wild m/Plants.Folder /Strawberry.htm l http://monta na.plant- s/fragaria_vir gin.htm

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