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Grape Juice Production Food Processing Lines Juan Ramón Santoyo García.

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1 Grape Juice Production Food Processing Lines Juan Ramón Santoyo García

2 INTRODUCTION The packed juices are in this days a common need between the people, mainly because of the high nutrimental value that they apport. All over the world we can find a great variety of brands that produce packed juices but the process of making this juices is almost the same in all the companies.

3 MANUFACTURE PROCESS Removal of the thick stalk In this part of the process the grapes that come from the farms are received in the factory. In this first step of the process the stalk is removed by a machine called worm, this machine is a big metal cylinder with fins in the sides. Juice with the skin of the grape, seeds and pulp is produced.

4 MANUFACTURE PROCESS Pasteurize the Raw juice. The juice obtained in the last step of the process is pasteurized in a shell and tubes heat exchanger. The ranges of temperatures in this pasteurizing are 85°C per 60 seconds and a suddenly dropped to 55°C.

5 MANUFACTURE PROCESS Soaking In this part of the process enzymes are added to the juice. The juice rests for 1.5 hours in a closed tank while the enzymes are acting. The enzymes added are hemicellulase, pectinase,etc. The main goal in this part is to obtain color from the solids of the grape.

6 MANUFACTURE PROCESS Press In this pressing process the juice obtained has 15% of solids. Vacuum Filtration This filter elimates all the heavy solids like the seeds and the grape skin.

7 MANUFACTURE PROCESS Polishing Filter The juice goes trough a stainless steel mesh with a type of plankton named diatoms. After the filtration the obtained juice is called brilliant juice.

8 MANUFACTURE PROCESS Evaporation The equipment used to evaporate the juice is a shell and tubes heat exchanger. The first effect operates at 90°C and a pressure of 23 in Hg (vacuum). The second effect operates at 55°C and a lower pressure. The steam produced in the first effect feeds the second effect.

9 MANUFACTURE PROCESS Storage The concentrated juice produced is cooled and thereafter some insoluble salts are removed. The juice can be storaged at 8°C for long periods.

10 PACKING IN TETRA Hydratyon Water is added to the concentrated juice at a proportion of 4.5litters of water per 1 litter of juice. Pasteurizing The reconstituted juice is heated in a plates heat exchanger from 95°C (60 sec) to 28°C.

11 PACKING IN TETRA Packing (TBA 21) The packing material is sterilized in the machine with H202 (35%) at 360°C in a quick exposition. The juice and the package flow from the upper part of the machine to the bottom where two mechanical arms seal the package in a vacuum system.



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