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Lauren Harris Broadband Florida Initiative Grants Assistance Team Department of Management Services Division of Telecommunications October 10, 2012.

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1 Lauren Harris Broadband Florida Initiative Grants Assistance Team Department of Management Services Division of Telecommunications October 10, 2012

2 Webinar Topics Overview of the grant What are the features of a winning proposal? What is involved in applying for this grant? How does a community get started? Steps to creating a successful proposal What is the Broadband Grants Team? 2

3 3

4 Purpose The Community Connect Grant Program is designed to provide financial assistance to furnish broadband service in rural, economically-challenged communities where such service does not currently exist. 4

5 Define Broadband Broadband Transmission Service - providing an information-rate equivalent to at least 200 kilobits/second in the consumer’s connection to the network, both from the provider to the consumer (downstream) and from the consumer to the provider (upstream). Includes any of the following (with minimum 200 kbps ↕ ) ▫3G & 4G (Mobile) ▫Combination ▫Fixed Wireless ▫Cable ▫Fiber ▫DSL 5

6 Purpose Grant funds may be utilized to: ▫Deploy broadband transmission service to critical community facilities, rural residents, and rural businesses ▫Construct, acquire, or expand a community center ▫Equip and operate a community center that provides free access to broadband services to community residents for at least two years 6

7 Purpose What is Funded? ▫Broadband System:  Network equipment  Outside plant  CPE, towers  Tower lease  Engineering service ▫Operating Expenses:  Salaries  Maintenance costs ▫Community Center: 10 computers for the community center, etc. Building construction Facility improvements 7

8 Funding Over 3 years: ▫Minimum grant request amount is: $100,000 ▫Maximum grant request amount is: $1,500,000 Match: ▫At least 15% of the grant amount requested ▫Matching contributions are for allowable costs that can be financed with grant funds 8

9 Who can apply? Eligible Entities Include: Incorporated organization Indian Tribe or tribal organization, as defined in 25 U.S.C. 450b(b) and (c) State or local unit of government A cooperative, private corporation or limited liability company organized on a for-profit or not-for-profit basis. 9

10 10

11 No Florida community has ever received this grant. Why? 11

12 Assess whether the community meets the objective criteria. Develop plans specifically to meet the grant requirements. Secure community buy-in. 12

13 Scoring The application scoring is based on three (3) criteria: 1.Rurality (up to 40 points) 2.Economic Need (up to 30 points) 3.Benefits Derived (up to 30 points) Objective Subjective Sample Ideal Community Profile (60/70 points) Under 1,000 Residents Community Median Household Income (MHI) ≤$26,213.55 (55 th percentile or lower) 13

14 Objective Criteria Rurality (40 Points) is based on population.  Smallest communities are best positioned to receive funding LevelOver Not in Excess of Points 1049940 2499100035 31000200030 42000300025 53000400020 64000500015 750001000010 810000200005 14

15 Objective Criteria Economic Need (30 Points) is based on avg. income.  Communities with MHI in the 60 th percentile or lower are best positioned to receive funding. (Percentile = Community MHI/ State MHI) Median Household Income for Florida (2006-2010) is $47,661. (U.S. Census Bureau) Applicant Community MHI must be $35,745.75 or lower to qualify. Median Household Income is: Percent (%) of MHI Less Than: Percent (%) of MHI Greater Than or Equal To: Community MHI is ≤ Points > 75 ≥ $35,745.75 0 7570 < $35,745.75 5 7065 < $33,362.70 10 6560 < $30,979.65 15 6055 < $28,596.60 20 5550 < $26,213.55 25 50< < $23,830.50 30 15

16 Florida Communities Needs Assessment PlacenameMHI by ZIP Need Pts. (MHI) MHI Percentile Population 2010 Rurality Pts. (Pop.) Rurality Level Total Obj. Points % of Points Possible Possible Pts (of 100) Lake Harbor$23589.003050th4540170100%100 Limestone$23750.003050th13240170100%100 Campbellton$25817.002555th2304016593%95 Yankeetown$24745.002555th5023526086%90 Jacob City$26398.002060th2504016086%90 Ebro$26719.002060th2704016086%90 Berrydale$27400.002060th4414016086%90 Brownsdale$27400.002060th4714016086%90 Cobbtown$27400.002060th674016086%90 Fidelis$27400.002060th1564016086%90 Mount Carmel$27400.002060th2274016086%90 Pine Level$27400.002060th2274016086%90 Lake Mystic$27933.002060th5004016086%90 Sumatra$27933.002060th1484016086%90 Esto$28451.002060th3644016086%90 Wausau$28571.002060th3834016086%90 Jennings$26316.002060th8783525579%85 Fort Green$29256.001565th1014015579%85 Istachatta$29668.001565th1164015579%85 Ona$30833.001565th3144015579%85 16

17 Subjective Scoring: Points to Consider When Planning Benefits Derived (30 Points) are outlined in narrative. Discuss issues and challenges facing this community and how the applicant’s proposal will address them Document community’s involvement in project planning, implementation, and support by local residents, institutions, and critical community facilities Describe how the community center will be used for instructional purposes including Internet usage List Web-based community resources enabled or provided at the Community Center 17

18 Starting the Planning Process Resource Development Grant Proposal: Develop, Review, Submit 18

19 Plan to Plan Leadership First ▫Identify stakeholders ▫Identify Project Lead ▫Decide who will “push the button” Timeline your process Create project management structure ▫Communication plan ▫Internal and external resources ▫Set up and create permissions for Dropbox, SharePoint, and other resources Set up shop ▫Create/ register entity, as needed ▫Apply for DUNS, SAM, CCR/ CAGE code, etc., as needed  Make sure your “button-pusher” has requisite permissions well in advance. Registration may take up to 2 weeks for each password or login code. 19

20 Resource Development Resource the community ▫Community buy-in is important ▫Identify existing resources  Human capital  Real Estate  Other Vendors ▫Can assist in match ▫May serve as applicant ▫Engineering assessments Government Resources ▫REDI ▫Broadband Florida Grants Team ▫DivTel with FL DMS 20

21 Includes: Fields Radio buttons Upload files Interactive PDF Standard Form 424 Attachments Original Content Forms Direct Content Grant Proposal: Develop, Review, Submit Standard Form 424 Download this form* Enter information as required by the form/ FOA: ▫Contact information ▫Brief descriptive title ▫Congressional District ▫Amount Requested ▫Budgetary information for the applicant entity ▫Upload attachment documents as PDF files 21 * This form must be downloaded from the funding opportunity announcement page. If you use an old version, it might not be right. Upload

22 SF424: Download the most current version 22 Form content changes from year to year Some areas may require both paste-in and uploaded content

23 Grant Proposal: Develop, Review, Submit Executive Summary Describing the following: Project (as a whole) Applicant Entity Project Goals Overview of telecom system to be developed (include equipment, technologies, facilities, etc.) Describe procedure to determine unavailability of service* Community partners *The Grants Assistance Team has done a basic needs assessment of communities in Florida. Additional research by applicant communities is needed regarding potential expansion by local vendors. 23

24 Document Scoring: Sources of Information for Objective Criteria ► DOWNLOAD THE WORKSHEET FROM THE USDA WEBSITE Broadband Bandwidth and Rurality (based on population) ▫FCC Data files ▫Broadband Florida Initiative Mapping Project ▫Applicants must further confirm regional vendors have no intent to expand into the applicant community. Economic Need (based on Median Household Income) ▫US Census Fact Finder ▫S1903: MEDIAN INCOME IN THE PAST 12 MONTHS (IN 2010 INFLATION-ADJUSTED DOLLARS), 2010 American Community Survey 1-Year Estimates ( 24

25 System Design Narrative describing community center Engineering design studies ▫Technical specs ▫Data rates ▫Cost Map of Service Area ▫Community Center ▫Critical Community Facilities Grant Proposal: Develop, Review, Submit Scope of Work Specific Activities Project Timeline Budget and supporting documents Community-Oriented Connectivity Plan List critical facilities (libraries, schools, clinics, fire stations, etc.) How will services be deployed? List equipment Role of telecom carrier in deployment 25

26 Financial Information & Sustainability: Narrative demonstrating sustainability in resources, funding plan, and expertise Certified financial documents 5 years of Pro Forma financial info for applicant and project, including income collected (past and projected budget) Grant Proposal: Develop, Review, Submit Statement of Experience Narrative format Describe capacity to operate the proposed telecom system Must include owner and principal employees relevant work experience Evidence of Legal Authority and Existence May include articles of incorporation, bylaws, excerpts from state statutes, etc. (see FOA for full list) 26

27 Funding Commitments from Other Sources Letters of Support Proof of commitment to make minimum 15% match If in-kind commitment, describe material contribution with detailed values Grant Proposal: Develop, Review, Submit Compliance with Other Federal Statutes and Regulations (upload as attachment PDFs) Equal Opportunity Employment Certificate Regarding Architectural Barriers Certificate Regarding Flood Hazard Area Precautions Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act Drug-free Workplace Byrd Anti-Lobbying Amendment/ Disclosure of Non-Duplication of Service Cert. Fed. Obligations on Delinquent Debt Environmental Questionnaire E.O.s 12549/ 12689 Debarment and Suspension 27

28 Copy edit Checklist content Review, as needed/ required Load content into SF424 (PDF) and SUBMIT. (Have your, DUNS and other login info handy!) 28

29 Important Dates Projected Dates for FY 2014: Funding Announcement Released: May 2013 Submission Deadline: June 2013 29

30 Who are we? How can we help you? 30

31 Who we are Broadband Assistance Grants Team Florida Department of Management Services’ (DMS) Broadband Florida Initiative Funded by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) 31

32 Mission Provide technical assistance for grant application development to Community Anchor Institutions at no cost in Florida in order to: ▫Reduce the digital divide ▫Increase the digital economy ▫Improve Florida’s performance on federal and other competitive grant applications 32

33 33 Funds Left On The Table: Florida vs. New York on E-Rate Funding Total Funds Received Since 1998 $955,246,134 Million $3,935,328,996 Billion NY Averages 4.5X Funding of Florida Year Over Year since 1998 Florida New York

34 What can we do? Our services include: ▫Grants research ▫Grant writing resources and training ▫Project management ▫Partnership development support ▫Grant funding opportunity announcements  Broadband Grants Digest eNewsletter Broadband Grants Digest eNewsletter  Website Website 34

35 Who do we assist? Community anchor institutions (CAI) are eligible for our services and are defined by the NTIA as : ▫Schools ▫Libraries ▫Medical and Healthcare Providers ▫Public Safety ▫Institutions of Higher Education ▫Community Support Organizations ▫Entities that facilitate greater use of broadband services 35

36 For more information about FREE grants assistance, please contact: Melanie Simmons PhD – Team Lead (850) 921-1652 Lauren Harris – Grant Writer (850) 922-7503 Kristin Williams – Grant Writer (850) 487-9252 Or learn more on the Broadband Grants Assistance Team website.Broadband Grants Assistance Team website 36

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