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Advanced Academic Opportunities for Secondary Students.

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1 Advanced Academic Opportunities for Secondary Students

2  Rigorous academic studies  Open access to all students  Academic exploration and knowledge beyond the standard course of study  Require dedication of time and individual effort beyond the school day  College preparatory (Honors) and college-level (AP, IB, DE) courses What are Advanced Academic Programs? Advanced Academic Programs

3  The MOST significant factor leading to success in college is the rigor of the high school curriculum.  Advanced academic courses expand student’s ability to read, write, and think critically; analyze and solve problems; and build 21 st century skills.  AP/IB courses can bolster a HS transcript and improve college acceptance.  High school Honors courses have.5 and IB/AP courses have 1.0 weighted grades which add to a student’s GPA.  Many colleges grant credit for courses in which students earn a qualifying score on AP/IB examinations. Benefits of Participating in Advanced Academic Programs

4 Impact of AP/IB course on SAT success The SAT Benchmark is a score of 1550 (critical reading, mathematics and writing sections combined), which indicates a 65% likelihood of achieving a B-minus grade point average or higher during the first year of college.

5 9 th and 10 th grade  Predominately Honors classes  Consider an analogy-”the ladder”  AP World History II 10 th grade  Math can be the exception  In order to pursue the IB Diploma, it is pretty critical that students enter 9 th grade with at least 1 year of a language complete as well as Algebra 1

6  For students who have demonstrated high achievement in specific area(s) of academic strength  Advanced Academic curriculum extensions provided in the 4 core subjects  Provide for ascending levels of intellectual demand  Access and opportunity for underrepresented populations  Open enrollment  Prepares students for AP/IB courses High School Honors Courses

7 Advanced Placement Centreville Chantilly Fairfax Falls Church Hayfield Herndon Lake Braddock Langley Madison McLean Oakton South County Westfield West Potomac West Springfield Woodson International Baccalaureate (DP) Annandale* (MYP: Holmes, Poe) Edison** (MYP: Twain) Lee** (MYP: Key) Marshall Mount Vernon* (MYP: Whitman) Robinson** South Lakes* (MYP: Hughes) Stuart* (MYP: Glasgow) Program Locations * IBMYP in grades 9 and 10. ** IBMYP Authorization in process

8 Advanced Placement Program: an Overview  Open to all students  Preparatory classes include honors  Primarily for 11 th and 12 th graders  Tests for each AP course with scores of 1-5  Weighted 1.0 for each course completion  College-level courses  Course curriculum governed by the College Board  AP course syllabi approved through an audit process College Board

9 International Baccalaureate IB Courses IB courses tend to be over 2 years with an exam at the end of their second year. IB courses are offered at 2 levels ; Higher Level and Standard Level and also have a GPA weight of either.5 or 1.0 Diploma candidates and “Course” Students DP candidates: Take 6 exams: 3 HL and 3 SL (or 4HL and 2 SL) in 6 subject/group areas. Take the Theory of Knowledge (TOK) – class that explores how we know in all subject areas Complete the Creativity, Action, Service (CAS) – 150 hours of activities outside of class Complete The Extended Essay – 4000 word independent research paper Course students: IB students may choose to take as many or few IB courses as they wish.

10  Intentional standards and practices in the classroom/school to prepare students for the Diploma Program in 11-12 th grades. Those practices include:  Critical, creative and reflective thinking skills  Encourages intellectual change, making personal connections between their studies and the real world  Fosters the development of communication skills, intercultural understanding and global engagement  Offered in g rades 6 -10 (so it is in Middle schools and High Schools)  Program requires:  community service  a personal project  Assessments 8 subject areas to earn the MYP certificate in 10 th grade  Goal in FCPS is to continue to strengthen the IB continuum IB Middle Years Program

11 Advanced Courses at MHS  McLean  s/advanced_courses.html s/advanced_courses.html  Marshall  s/ib2.html s/ib2.html

12 Advanced Placement Program Science MathLanguagesSocial Studies Fine Arts BiologyCalculus ABEnglish Language English Literature U.S. Governmt & Politics Comparative Govt. & Politics Studio Art: Drawing ChemistryCalculus BCFrench LanguageU.S. HistoryArt 2D Design Art 3D Design Environmental Science StatisticsGerman Language Russian Language Chinese Language Japanese Language World History European History Music Theory Physics 1 and 2 and Physics C Computer Science LatinHuman Geography Psychology Art History Spanish Language Spanish Literature Macroeconomics Microeconomics Music Theory

13 International Baccalaureate DP Program Science MathLanguagesSocial StudiesArts Biology HL & SLMathematics HL English Literature HL & SL History of the Americas HL (11 th ) World Topics HL & SL (12 th ) Visual Arts HL & SL Chemistry HL & SL Mathematics SL French HL & SL German HL & SL Geography SLTheater HL & SL Environmental Systems SL Math Studies SL Spanish HL & SL Spanish Language & Literature HL & SL Latin HL World Religions SL Social and Cultural Anthropology SL Music Theory HL & SL Physics HL & SL Design Tech SL Computer Science HL & SL Arabic HL & SL Chinese HL & SL Japanese SL Psychology HL & SL Philosophy SL Film Studies HL & SL *All HL courses are 2-year courses *SL courses can be 1 or 2 years Ab initio languages for beginners Economics HL & SL Business Management HL & SL

14 Advanced PlacementInternational Baccalaureate Open Access? YES College Prep? YES College Credit YES Exam scores needed Colleges may award credit for exams with a score of 3 or better-but specific programs and schools have different requirements Scale of 1-5 (5 being the top score) Colleges may award credit for exams with a score of 4 or better- but specific programs and schools have different requirements Scale of 1-7 (7 being the top score) Require time outside of the school day YES Increased success with other entrance exams? YES-see last graphic

15  Individual, rigorous college- level courses in 6 subject areas  Widely accepted for college credit at American universities  Curriculum standardized by the College Board  AP course syllabus audit by the College Board  AP Scholar recognition from the College Board  Exams graded externally International perspective integral part of program Full diploma includes IB courses in 6 subject areas, extended essay, Theory of Knowledge, and 150 CAS hours Individual IB courses may be taken for certificates Widely accepted for college credit globally Exams graded internally and externally Moderated and evaluated by IB Advanced Placement International Baccalaureate

16 High School Curricular Transfer A student who requests a transfer for the AP or IB program must commit to the advanced academic program: a. Each student must take a minimum of four AP or IB classes over the four years, with at least three by the end of the junior year. b. Each student is expected to pursue a schedule of prerequisite honors courses for each program in the ninth and tenth grade years. c. Potential IB candidates must meet with the IB Coordinator at the requested school to develop a four-year academic plan. The academic plan must be submitted as documentation with the application.  Student transfer information website Student transfer information website  Boundary locator to determine closest school to base school Boundary locator to determine closest school to base school  A chart with AP and IB program schools A chart with AP and IB program schools

17 Goal: Continue to implement ongoing professional development plan for all teachers of the gifted. Regulation 3335.5 includes endorsement requirements: Teachers who teach in an advanced academic program full-time must have either a Virginia state endorsement in gifted education or complete the FCPS endorsement in advanced academics. A teacher must meet this requirement within five years of accepting the assignment. Teachers of one or more advanced academic courses in grades 7 - 12 must complete a minimum of one course as outlined in the FCPS Advanced Academic Endorsement. All teachers are encouraged to pursue the state endorsement in gifted education or the FCPS endorsement in advanced academics. 17

18 TJHSST  TJHSST provides an innovative, specialized learning environment for students selected through a very rigorous process that have a genuine interest in the biological, physical, mathematical, technological and computer sciences. TJHSST offers the AP Program.  Open application process  Application website Application website  Open House on Saturday, 11/15/2014 from 9am -12 pm  Held at Holmes Middle School (renovation)

19  Dual enrollment courses are college courses that are taught at the high school level  Credit is given from the sponsoring institution and many times it can transfer to a four year college  Tuition does need to be paid for the course but typically at a reduced rate  DE courses include: English, mathematics, social studies and selected elective courses  HS teachers must meet the sponsoring institution's hiring criteria  FCPS Dual Enrollment FCPS Dual Enrollment Dual Enrollment

20  A high school academy is a center within an existing high school that offers advanced technical and specialized courses that successfully integrate career and academic preparation.  Advanced technical and specialized elective courses are available at the Academies for students interested in pursuing college and career readiness in the 16 career clusters. High School Academies

21 Chantilly, Governor’s STEM Academy Edison Fairfax Falls Church, Governor’s Health Sciences Academy Marshall, Governor’s STEM Academy West Potomac, Governor’s Health Sciences Academy Program Locations FCPS students have the opportunity to apply for pupil placement in order to attend an Academy. Most students attend academies on a course by course basis and transportation may be provided.

22 Chantilly and Marshall High Schools Engineering Aerospace Engineering Math Engineering Physics Manufacturing System Information Technology with Cyber Security Focus A+ Cisco Network Administration Oracle Governor’s STEM Academies Future course offerings Robotics and Advanced Manufacturing

23 Falls Church and West Potomac High Schools Dental Exploring Language Medicine Exploring Health Sciences Fire and Emergency Medical Sciences Medical Assistant Pharmacy Technician Physical/ Occupational Therapy Practical Nursing Governor’s Health Sciences Academies Future course offerings Biotechnology & Bioinformatics

24  CTE courses prepare students for industry certification opportunities.  Students who desire this professional credential must pass an industry-developed, industry evaluated exam at the end of the CTE course.  Earning an industry credential demonstrates the professional skill level the student has achieved and provides industry-recognized certification. Industry Credentials Industry Certifications

25 VA Governor’s Summer Residential School  Provide students with academic, visual and performing arts opportunities beyond those normally available with base schools  Open to 10 th and 11 th grade students  Very rigorous and competitive application process  Application Information website Application Information

26 School/course based opportunities  Teachers do some amazing things with students  Course specific opportunities: McLean High School Oceanography trip to Florida, Congressional Internships on Capitol Hill at Herndon High School in Political Science  Internships available at different high schools

27 Thank you!  Erin Sikes-Thurston  571-423-4744   AAP HS specialist

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