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Rialto Airport Airport Closure Or Airport Relocation?

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1 Rialto Airport Airport Closure Or Airport Relocation?

2 Background 11/27/01 – City initiates airport strategic planning 6/17/03 – City hires The Planning Center to determine if closure is an option 5/4/04 – The Planning Center proposes two options: 1. Scale back to pre-1992 airport configuration 2. Relocate/close the Airport 1/12/05 – City holds public workshop 1/20/05 – City holds airport user workshop 3/15/05 – City approves four contracts of sale with Lewis- Hillwood Rialto LLC

3 The Airport Rialto Municipal/Art Scholl Memorial Airport 453 acre general aviation airport Two Runways, 4500’ and 2650’ Approximately 120 based aircraft Estimate of 29-38,000 annual operations Sheriff and Mercy Air contribute about 10,000 of the operations

4 Tenants San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Aviation Division Art Scholl Aviation (FBO and flight school) Westpac Aviation (aircraft restorations) Mercy Air (helicopter ambulance service) Rialto Aircraft Services (A&P) Western Helicopters Several small aviation businesses Several non-aviation activities

5 The Politics Local Government and Redevelopment Authority Tenants and Users Congressional Federal Aviation Administration San Bernardino International Airport Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association

6 The Legislation Transfers Rialto Airport operations to SBD Land sale proceeds - 55% Rialto/45% FAA Rialto to repay 90% unamortized portion of federal grants FAA portion to SBD for AIP eligible projects Airport assets to be transferred to SBD

7 Closure Relocation of Aviation Businesses Relocation of Tenants

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