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A sponsorship that safeguards America’s children and families. Sponsors and friends will be supporting a United States Department of Justice / Children’s.

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1 A sponsorship that safeguards America’s children and families. Sponsors and friends will be supporting a United States Department of Justice / Children’s Protection Bureau initiative, as the project is partially funded by the FY08 Commerce, Justice, Science Bill. Created by Upstart Productions, with the cooperation of the organizations that represent our nation’s educational and law enforcement sectors, and Dept. of Homeland Security. BEGIN

2 Page 1 of 19 What is “All Kids Count?” “All Kids Count” is a series of four, 30-minute films that are dedicated to educating our nation’s children, as well as their parents, on issues concerning their safety and well-being, and to protect them from: Pedophiles Abduction Internet Predators School Violence One film is “parent-only” viewing; the other three are designed for kids, for age ranges five through fifteen. The films deliver the critical information that needs to be conveyed, and do so to four different audiences.

3 Content Content will be culled from a multitude of professional sources on the subject matter. The filmmakers will be collaborating with experts in the fields of criminal justice, cutting edge educational curricula, and psychology. Persons who have actually experienced the types of scenarios to be depicted will play a role in the screenplay development. There will be a Spanish version and closed captioning for the hearing impaired. Page 2 of 19

4 The Need Child abduction, children’s safety issues, and school violence are of national importance and touch the core of our emotions. In the last study conducted by the U.S. Department of Justice, National Incidence Studies of Missing, Abducted, Runaway, and Thrownaway Children (NISMART-2), an estimated 797,500 children were reported missing. They were abducted by family and non-family members, or were the victims of the most serious acts, known as "stereotypical kidnappings." Page 3 of 19

5 The Need (cont.) In the Pew Study reported in JAMA, 89% of online solicitations to children took place in either chat rooms or by Instant Messenger. Other studies find that one in five kids who frequent chat rooms have been approached by internet predators. Over the years, school violence has shown no detectable decrease. According to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) there are 82,000 public schools. Of these, 86% reported “incidents” taking place, 71% classified as violent. Page 4 of 19

6 A good question is--how many parents and guardians are actually starting a dialogue with their children? Do they read newspapers and watch the news on TV? And, are they qualified to communicate the information that needs to be conveyed? The four safety films ensure that the interaction between the parent and child is proactive and informative, using a visual medium where “a picture is worth a thousand words.” This approach to learning has proven to be an effective way to get the message across. The Need (cont.) Page 5 of 19

7 The Number of Children and Parents Impacted According to the 2000 U.S. Census Report, there are 40 million children between the ages of five and fifteen. In the next ten-year period (the life of the “All Kids Count” campaign), an additional 35-40 million children will turn age five, entering the first age bracket for viewing the films. This totals 75-80 million children. When you add one parent/guardian per child, the number of people impacted is approximately 160 million. Number of people impacted by All Kids Count Page 6 of 19 2009 2011 2013 2015 2017 2019

8 Reaching the “All Kids Count” Goal There are 750,000 DVDs/videos to be distributed, each containing all four films, totaling 3,000,000 child-safety programs. In a 40-week school year, if a DVD is borrowed for an average of 2 weeks it equates to 20 uses annually. When you account one child and one parent per viewing, this represents 30 million viewings per year. Through proper distribution and promotional efforts, the “All Kids Count” goal of reaching 160 million children and their parents/guardians, over ten years, is achievable. Page 7 of 19

9 Distribution of the DVDs/Video Tapes A unique distribution formula has been developed to ensure that all kids are counted. Children check out the films from their school library and deliver it to the home environment for supervised viewing. All the while, school libraries will be counting the number of people who received the films. For those parents/guardians who are unable to facilitate home training, including families without access to DVD/video technology, public screenings will be held. Like library checkouts, the audiences at screenings are counted. Additional distribution includes public libraries, broadcast television (PBS, Nickelodeon, The Learning Channel), major chain stores like Blockbuster who maintain community service sections, internet downloads, and the pre-installation of “All Kids Count” in new computers, televisions, and future technologies. During the span of the campaign, there will be DVDs/videos that are lost or damaged. An ample inventory for replacement purposes will be maintained. Page 8 of 19

10 Official Website - On, one can learn about the endeavor, watch a video where families share their reaction to the films and be advised where public screenings are taking place. The site will also link to a plethora of websites related to the subject matter. In addition, will feature experts in secure chat rooms and message boards, who offer advice and answer questions on child-safety. There will also be educational and fun games for children and grown-ups to play. Page 9 of 19

11 How Did “All Kids Count” Originate? “All Kids Count” was created by Upstart Productions, a Los Angeles based film and television production company that specializes in family and children's programming. Upstart has an established track record in the motion picture and television industry, as well as the talent management arena. Information can be found at: Upstart has been working on a volunteer basis on behalf of “All Kids Count”, and has contributed a great amount of time and resources to its success. The motivation to complete the project is not based on profit, as the company does not have to rely on “All Kids Count” to sustain its business operations. Page 10 of 19

12 Capitol Hill Activities After convening with the former Chairman of the House CJS Sub-Committee, “All Kids Count” obtained a modest Congressional appropriation in the FY06 Commerce, Justice, Science (CJS) Bill, under the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency, Children’s Protection Bureau. For FY08, AKC procured $470,000 through the CJS Omnibus Bill, enabling the endeavor to begin production of the first of the four child-safety films, in Winter-Spring 2009. The non-partisan initiative is well received on Capitol Hill, and has been supported by many Members of Congress, including: The Congressional Women’s Caucus Congressional Children’s Caucus Rep. Jim Gerlach (PA) Rep. Frank Wolf (VA) Rep. Ginny Brown Waite (FL) Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee (TX) Rep. Jim Ramstad (MN) Rep. Joe Baca (CA) Rep. Hilda Solis (CA) Sen. Arlen Specter (PA) Sen. Bob Bennett (UT) Page 11 of 19

13 Alliances with Education, Law Enforcement, and Dept. of Homeland Security Upstart requested the assistance and cooperation of the organizations that represent our nation’s law enforcement and educational sectors. In addition to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, the leading groups committed to the success of “All Kids Count” include: the American Library Association (ALA), who is serving as the Fiscal Agent for Congressional appropriations and other funding, National Education Association (NEA), National School Boards Association (NSBA), National Association of Elementary and Middle School Principals (NAESP), American Association of School Administrators (AASA), National Sheriffs’ Association and Fraternal Order of Police. Page 12 of 19 Former Congressman Christopher Cox, now Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission, introduced “All Kids Count” to the Dept. of Homeland Security. After careful review, DHS’s Citizen Corps elected to work with their State and local Councils to promote the initiative at the community level.

14 Project Cost The cost of underwriting “All Kids Count” is $1,550,000, which includes the development and production of the four films and the construction of Estimated time of completion is 10-12 months and a detailed budget is available. Page 14 of 19

15 How “All Kids Count’s” Exposure is Sustained over Ten Years “All Kids Count” is far more than the development and production of the four films. It’s a 10-year campaign, dedicated to effectively training children and families. However, to guarantee optimum distribution and maximize exposure, additional funding will be required from other sources. After production, there are 750,000 DVDs/videos to be dubbed and shipped, with each unit containing all four programs. This totals 3 million programs for national distribution. The plan is to solicit corporations and private Foundations to serve as “Secondary Sponsors”. A Secondary Sponsor pays a nominal price for each program they subsidize and receives an onscreen thank-you. From the Secondary Sponsor revenue, the cost of the 10- year campaign will be realized. Considering the scores of Foundations, corporate citizens and individual philanthropists who contribute to worthwhile causes, acquiring Secondary Sponsors is achievable. Page 15 of 19

16 Sustaining Exposure over Ten Years (cont.) Child abduction and children’s safety issues are of national importance and well-documented in the media. The funding of “All Kids Count” will be interpreted as a timely and great philanthropic act. National, local, and family-themed media, child advocacy organizations, and others will be inclined to publicize the endeavor. To reach high numbers of people, public service announcements (PSAs) will be produced for television, radio and cable networks, along with a national billboard campaign. Movie theater chains can play a PSA during coming attractions and studios can position the PSA on new DVD releases. Page 16 of 19

17 Sustaining Exposure over Ten Years (cont.) There are planned promotional activities, which include outreach to popular television and talk radio shows. The format is to have representatives from law enforcement and education discuss the subject matter and the availability of the free safety films. Additionally, millions worldwide will visit the official campaign website, In whatever manner “All Kids Count” is presented, its Sponsors and friends will be duly recognized. Page 17 of 19

18 Conclusion When a parent or guardian sits down with their child with the purpose of educating them on matters that will protect their safety and well being, it’s a significant moment in that child’s life and the parent-child relationship. The sponsorship of “All Kids Count” will champion that bond and help prevent human tragedy. Page 18 of 19

19 Click here to see Letters of Support

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