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Words for Production Words for Production Words for Recognition Words for Recognition Idioms and Phrases Idioms and Phrases Word Smart Word Smart.

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1 Words for Production Words for Production Words for Recognition Words for Recognition Idioms and Phrases Idioms and Phrases Word Smart Word Smart

2 1. diligently 1. diligently [`dIl1dZ1ntlI] adv. Mr. Smith works diligently to support his large family. carefully and with a lot of hard work 勤奮地;勤勉地 Derivatives Back to Reading

3 diligent diligent [`dIl1dZ1nt] adj. 勤奮的;勤勉的 Success belongs to those who are diligent, not those who are lazy.

4 diligence diligence [`dIl1dZ1ns] n. [U] 勤奮;勤勉 Ms. Lin was soon promoted to manager because of her diligence at work. Back to diligently Back to Reading

5 2. sunset 2. sunset [`s^n&sEt] n. [U] The baseball game was over by sunset, so the students headed home for supper. the time when the sun disappears in the sky and night begins 日落 ( 時分 ) ;黃昏 Back to Reading

6 3. blaze 3. blaze [blez] vi. That building always blazes with lights, even at midnight. to shine very brightly 發光;閃耀 Derivatives Back to Reading

7 blaze blaze [blez] n. [C] (sing.) 強烈的光,光輝 The night sky was a blaze of fireworks on Double Tenth Day. Back to blaze

8 4. gold 4. gold [Gold] n. [U] Gold is a kind of precious and expensive metal. a valuable soft yellow metal 黃金 Derivatives Back to Reading

9 golden golden [`GoldN] adj. 金黃色的;金製的 At noon, the golden sun shines brightly in the sky. The king wore a golden crown on his head. Back to gold

10 5. diamond 5. diamond [`daI1m1nd] n. [C] Diamonds are so hard that they can be used to cut glass. a hard and valuable stone 鑽石 Back to Reading

11 6. shine 6. shine [SaIn] vi. The moon shone on the lake, and the water reflected the moonlight. to produce bright light 發光 (shine-shone-shone) Back to Reading

12 7. dazzlingly 7. dazzlingly [`d8zLI9lI] adv. Rita’s diamond ring shone dazzlingly in the sun and caught everyone’s eye. so brightly that it makes people unable to see properly or clearly 使人目眩地,耀眼地 Derivatives Back to Reading

13 dazzling dazzling [`d8zLI9] adj. 使人目眩的,耀眼的 It is hard for the students to play baseball at noon, because the dazzling sun made them unable to see the ball clearly.

14 dazzle dazzle [`d8zL] vt. 使目眩,使眼花 Walking out of the dark cave, we were dazzled by the bright sunlight. Back to dazzlingly

15 8. shutter 8. shutter [`S^t2] n. [C] (usu. pl.) Lydia closed the shutters of the windows before changing her clothes. a cover over the outside or inside of a window that can be opened and closed 活動遮板,百葉窗 Back to Reading

16 9. supper 9. supper [`s^p2] n. [U] Susan invited me to her house for supper next Sunday night. the meal eaten in the evening 晚餐 Back to Reading

17 10. delighted 10. delighted [dI`laItId] adj. Barry was delighted that he had the chance to spend some time in the countryside. very happy 快樂的,高興的 Derivatives Back to Reading

18 delight delight [dI`laIt] vt. 使快樂,使高興 The magician delighted the children with his amazing card tricks.

19 delight delight [dI`laIt] n. [U] 快樂,高興 ;[C] 快樂的事 Nick read Lily’s letter with delight; he was very happy to hear from his old friend. The newborn baby is a delight to her parents. She gives them a lot of pleasure. Back to delighted

20 11. footprint 11. footprint [`f5t&prInt] n. [C] The hunter followed the footprints of the bear in order to catch it. a mark made by a person’s or an animal’s foot 腳印,足跡 Back to Reading

21 12. shadow 12. shadow [`S8do] n. When people stand in the sun, their shadows usually fall across the ground. It is getting dark, and our house is mostly in shadow now. [C] a dark shape made on a surface when a person or a thing is between that surface and a light 影子; [U] a dark area caused when something blocks light 陰影 Back to Reading

22 13. search 13. search [s3tS] vi. Bill searched through his desk for his missing glasses. to look for 找尋 , 搜索 Derivatives Back to Reading

23 search search [s3tS] n. [C] (usu. sing.) 找尋,搜索 Despite a careful search, the police still couldn’t find the gun in the room. Back to search

24 14. sorrow 14. sorrow [`sAro] n. [U] To our sorrow, more than 2,000 people were killed in the big earthquake. great sadness 悲傷,悲哀 Back to Reading

25 15. barefoot 15. barefoot [`bEr&f5t] adv. Gina took off her shoes and socks so that she could walk barefoot on the beach. without any shoes and socks on one’s feet 赤腳地 Back to Reading

26 16. plain 16. plain [plen] adj. Helen’s dress is plain; it is simple and not fancy. with nothing added or not decorated 樸素的 Back to Reading

27 17. cotton 17. cotton [`kAtN] n. [U] The T-shirt is comfortable because it is made of one-hundred percent pure cotton. cloth made from the fibers of a plant 棉布 Back to Reading

28 18. forehead 18. forehead [`fOr&hEd] n. [C] It is said that a person with a high forehead is smart. the part between one’s hair and eyebrows 額頭 Back to Reading

29 19. visible 19. visible [`vIz1bL] adj. If you go jogging at night, you had better wear bright-colored clothes to make yourself more visible in the dark. able to be seen 看得見的,可看見的 Derivatives Back to Reading

30 vision vision [`vIZ1n] n. [U] 視力 The boy has to wear glasses because of his poor vision. Back to visible

31 20. faraway 20. faraway [`fAr1`we] adj. The travelers have just returned from faraway countries after traveling a long distance. distant 遙遠的 Back to Reading

32 21. gaze 21. gaze [Gez] vi. Richard gazed at the pretty girl and couldn’t take his eyes off her. to look attentively at someone or something for a long time 凝視,注視 Back to Reading

33 22. embrace 22. embrace [Im`bres] vt. The French usually embrace each other and give each other kisses on both cheeks when they greet family members or close friends. to put one’s arms around someone in a friendly or loving way 擁抱 Back to Reading

34 1. hilltop 1. hilltop [`hIl&tAp] n. [C] 山頂 Back to Reading

35 2. calf 2. calf [k8f] n. [C] 小牛 Back to Reading

36 3. farmhouse 3. farmhouse [`fArm&ha5s] n. [C] 農舍 Back to Reading

37 4. lamplight 4. lamplight [`l8mp&laIt] n. [U ] 燈光 Back to Reading

38 1. start off To catch the earliest train, we will start off at 5:30 a.m. tomorrow. to begin to go somewhere 啟程,出發 Back to Reading

39 2. keep someone company Since you’ll be home alone this weekend, would you like me to come over to keep you company? to be together with someone 作伴,陪伴 Back to Reading

40 3. take a rest Wendy wanted to take a rest from her job, so she decided to take a trip to Europe for a few weeks. to stop to relax for a while 休息 Back to Reading

41 4. see for yourself If you don’t believe that there is a dog in our garden, go and see for yourself. to check what someone has told you by looking at it yourself 親自看 Back to Reading

42 Word Smart 字尾 “-en” 可加在某些名詞後構成形 容詞,表示「由 … 製成的」之意;此 外,字尾 “-en” 也可加於某些形容詞 或名詞後構成動詞,表示「變為 … 」 之意。

43 Word Smart 1. “-en” 加在名詞後構成形容詞 gold  golden 金製的 wood  wooden 木製的 2. “-en” 加在形容詞或名詞後構成動詞 bright  brighten 變明亮 dark  darken 變暗 deep  deepen 變深 strength  strengthen 變強大

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