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Name This American Vocabulary and Comprehension Test.

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1 Name This American Vocabulary and Comprehension Test

2 Vocabulary 1. Before the ball game began, we all stood to sing the national ________. A. interpreter B. guarantee C. suffrage D. anthem

3 Vocabulary 2. Our principal was proud to introduce the ________ guest speaker to our school. A. misleading B. distinguished C. interpreter D. suffrage

4 Vocabulary 3. If you are good at learning languages, you might want to become an ________. A. indebted B. anthem C. interpreter D. instant

5 Vocabulary 4. Our family is ________ to everyone in the community for all that was done to help us in our time of need. A. indebted B. stumps C. suffrage D. misleading

6 Vocabulary 5. In the early 1900s, many women worked diligently to ensure that ________ for women could become a reality. A. guarantee B. suffrage C. stumps D. settlement

7 Vocabulary 6. That question is so difficult, it ________ even the experts. A. indebted B. misleading C. stumps D. guarantee

8 Vocabulary 7. Can you ________ that we will have the same seats for the playoff games? A. guarantee B. distinguished C. interpreter D. indebted

9 Vocabulary 8. His answer to my question was vague and ________. A. indebted B. distinguished C. guarantee D. misleading

10 Comprehension 9. If this play were a television show, it would be a ________. A. cartoon B. game show C. news report D. comedy show

11 Comprehension 10. Walter Hunt invented the ________. A. bread box B. comb C. pen D. safety pin

12 Comprehension 11. The sculptor who carved the presidents’ faces in Mount Rushmore was ________. A. Uncle Sam B. Dolley Madison C. Gutzon Borglum D. Babe Ruth

13 Comprehension 12. What does Dolley Madison remember being most about entertaining at the White House? A. serving ice cream for the first time B. being the First Lady C. entertaining important people D. spending money

14 Comprehension 13. Sacajewea tries to trick the panel by ________. A. dressing in men’s clothing B. making jokes C. speaking in a deep voice D. not speaking at all

15 Comprehension 14. In the Shoshone language, Sacajawea means ________. A. Bird Woman B. explorer C. Indian guide D. river

16 Comprehension 15. One of Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s biggest accomplishments was ________. A. being elected to Congress B. carving Mount Rushmore C. finding a new comet D. demanding voting rights for women

17 Comprehension 16. Babe Ruth set baseball records for ________. A. most errors in one game B. both pitching and hitting C. pitching only D. hitting only

18 Comprehension 17. Which panelist was a queen? A. Liliuokalani B. Elizabeth Cady Stanton C. Sacajawea D. Dolley Madison

19 Comprehension 18. Why might the program’s sponsor have chosen Uncle Sam as the host of the show? A. He is a famous football player. B. He said he would do it for free. C. He is a symbol of the United States. D. He is a famous soldier.

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