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Roberto Clemente Growing UpFamily Minor LeaguesMajor Leagues Awards Plane Crash.

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2 Roberto Clemente Growing UpFamily Minor LeaguesMajor Leagues Awards Plane Crash

3 When Roberto Clemente was growing up he really wanted a bike so he carried his neighbors milk tons of miles from the store for 10 cents a day. Then one day he raised enough money for a bike. Years after that, he got in the minor leagues. Then he got in the major leagues. One team offered him 30 thousand dollars. Roberto didn’t know what to do. Then he joined the Pittsburg pirates. -Zack Growing up

4 Roberto Clemente’s dad’s name was Melchor Clemente. Roberto had a sister Luisa Clemente. Roberto also had brothers. They were really poor. Roberto’s dad only made four dollars a week. Luisa made some money, but probably not a lot. Luisa was like the mom. Then he got married to Christina Zabala on November 14, 1964. Roberto had three kids named Roberto Jr., Luis, and Enrique. -Marlee Family

5 He played for the Santurce Crabbers in the minor league for a while. His boss hid him from other team scouts. But then one day a Dodger scout saw him hit a homerun. Then he asked him to do another one and he hit another homerun. Then he went to the Montreal Royals. -Jennifer Minor Leagues crabbers-50609350

6 Roberto played for the Pittsburg Pirates. He swung at almost every pitch. Roberto was the only player on both teams in the World Series to get a hit in every game in 1960. In 1964 and 1965 Roberto had won the National League batting title for the second and third time, but he still hadn’t won the Most Valuable Player [MVP] award. In the major league Roberto also got his 3,000th hit. In1971 the Pirates were going to play the Orioles in the World Series. Roberto said if the Pirates won he would quit baseball. The Pirates won, but Roberto did not quit baseball. He said “I saw my wife crying off the field. She said ‘Don’t quit baseball now it is your life’”. -Payton Major Leagues

7 Roberto Clemente won lots of awards, like the 1965 National Batting Championship. He also won a cool silver baseball bat and a plaque, but he did not win the MVP award. If I were a ball player I would get a little upset too if I didn’t win the MVP award. Roberto Clemente was a great African American ball player and he was an amazing athlete. He was a great part of African American history. -Calvin Awards http://www.hispanic-culture-online. com/roberto-clemente-biography.html

8 Roberto died in a plane crash. Because an earthquake hit Nicaragua, he was trying to help a friend there. The plane was filled with clothing and food. The plane crashed because one of the engines exploded. -Harrison Plane Crash

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