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Wayne Kunkel uadrangulata Fraxinus Quadrangulata.

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1 Wayne Kunkel uadrangulata Fraxinus Quadrangulata

2 Blue Ash Kingdom of the Blue Ash is Plantae The subkingdom is Tracheobionata The super division is Spermatophyta The division is Magnoliophyte The class is Magnoliophyta The subclass is Asteridae

3 The order is Scrophulariales The family is Oleacea The genus is Fraxinus The species Fraxinus Quadrangulata

4 Figure 1 The shaded area is where the tree can be found more specifically its habitat is near limestone because of the PH level from it.

5  It can be up to 80 feet tall  Can get up to 40 feet wide  Is considered narrow upright or rounded upright  Can be a very good tree for shade Figure 2 shows the tree being in a very straight position

6 Its bark is very different from other ash trees because this trees bark looks shingled or flaky as it gets older Figure 3 Picture of a Blue Ash’s bark Figure 4 Picture of the fruit of a blue ash The tree is both male and female so a tree can pollinate it self and produce seeds. The seeds of a Blue Ash are flatter then the other Ash’s tree.

7  The leaves are pinnately compound and have several leaves usually 7-11 leaves that are opposites, aren’t alternated. The leaflets margins can vary, they can be toothed smooth or serrated finely. Figure 5 A Blue Ash leaf shown, it is narrow but can also be wide leafed.

8  The flower is a small flower that blooms with the leaves and doesn’t have petals.  It’s a perfect flower meaning it has both male and female characteristics.  Very unnoticeable in general Figure 6 The flower is at the end of the ash tree, is very unnoticeable and not much to look at

9  Early pioneers used its inner bark to make a blue dye, when the inner bark was exposed to air it turned blue.  Now the Blue Ash is used similarly to the White Ash for its wood to make tools and baseball bats and furniture because it is so dense. Figure 7 A baseball bat made out of Ash wood

10  The most noticeable difference in the Blue Ash is that its twigs are very rectangular. This disappears as the twig grows.  This picture also shows the bud at the end which is horseshoe shaped. Figure 8 This picture clearly shows how the sides of the twig are like a rectangle and the horseshoe shape the bud has

11  Figure 1 uad.pdf uad.pdf  Figure 2 st/images/F-quadrinulata.jpg st/images/F-quadrinulata.jpg  Figure 3 /imagetrees/ash_bl_brk_lg.jpg /imagetrees/ash_bl_brk_lg.jpg

12  Figure 4 /imagetrees/ash_bl_sd_lg.jpg /imagetrees/ash_bl_sd_lg.jpg  Figure 5,6 es/imagetrees/ash_bl_lf_lg.jpg es/imagetrees/ash_bl_lf_lg.jpg  otos/3936_display.jpg figure 7 otos/3936_display.jpg

13  /imagetrees/ash_bl_bud_lg.jpg figure 8 /imagetrees/ash_bl_bud_lg.jpg Text Reference lue/ash_blue.html lue/ash_blue.html was used to support data I found

14  was used for classification  _bl/tabid/5329/Default.aspx for heights shapes and identifying features, also for uses _bl/tabid/5329/Default.aspx  ewebsite/pdffiles/Fquadprint.pdf was used for flower info ewebsite/pdffiles/Fquadprint.pdf  vlet?source=profile&symbol=FRQU&display= 31 for classification information vlet?source=profile&symbol=FRQU&display= 31

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