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+ ATHLETES, ALCOHOL & DRUGS Molly Harper (Substance Education Coordinator)

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1 + ATHLETES, ALCOHOL & DRUGS Molly Harper (Substance Education Coordinator)

2 + Student Health Services

3 + Campus Police & ERT

4 + Why are we here? Alcohol is the most used drug on campuses. 86% in the past 12 months 22% reported heavy drinking patterns Alcohol and your health Drugs and your health Athletic performance The Law and Liability Don’t Be That Guy/Girl Program

5 + It All Has An Impact What do Josh Hamilton (baseball), John Daly (golf), Pelle Lindbergh (hockey), Darryl Strawberry (baseball), Vin Baker (basketball), Diego Maradona (soccer), and Michael Phelps (swimming) have in common?

6 + What would you do if… You come home from practice one Saturday afternoon. You decide to take a shower to clean up then spend the rest of your night trying to find something on TV. As you are scrolling through the channels, passing the news station, the name of your role model (insert athletic role model name here) catches your attention and he/she has just been found overdosed in their hotel room from cocaine. No one even knew they were a user.

7 + What is alcohol? Alcohol is a psychoactive drug produced by the fermentation of yeast, sugars, and starches. The only people really winning are the alcohol industries. Alcohol really slows a person down and makes them feel tired. It is more about a person’s expectation than the alcohol itself.

8 + The Red Solo Cup

9 + Alcohol and Your Health

10 + Activity – Living with Beer Goggles

11 + Alcohol and Sport Alcohol takes away from what you put into your sport. How does alcohol affect athletic performance? Impairs muscle growth Dehydration Prevents muscle recovery Depletes energy And many more!

12 + Drinking Games

13 + “It’s Just Alcohol…” Binge Drinking is the consumption of large amounts of alcohol in a very short period of time Females – 4 or more drinks in a row Males – 5 or more drinks in a row Risks of Binge Drinking Financial Legal Academic/Work Relationships Social Athletic

14 + “Who you gonna blame…” Being under the influence impairs your judgment. Regardless of a person’s gender, being intoxicated/under the influence VOIDS the right to give consent. Without consent you could face a variety of social, emotional, and legal repercussions. No athlete is an exception to the rule. Your position does not make you empowered or entitled to not be held accountable for your actions.

15 + The Burning Question If I could give you a pill that would make you an Olympic champion -- and also kill you in a year -- would you take it?

16 + What are drugs? Drugs are either natural or synthetic substances that alter a person’s mental state. These may be legal or illegal and often very addictive.

17 + Drugs and Your Health Impacting You & The Team How do drugs effect athletes? Create even more stress Create false perceptions of performance Interfere with mental and physical state Short and long term implications on health Impair life skills (goal setting, stress management, conflict resolution) Increase drug related problems Legal Addiction Decision making Injuries Engaging in risky behaviour

18 + Drugs and Your Health “It’s just one joint…” Sports were not meant to include drug use. Drugs impair coordination and abilities. Team spirit will suffer and cause a low morale on the team. Ruin reputations and create bigger problems on and off the field.

19 + Law & Liability In Ontario, it is against the law to order, purchase or consume alcohol if you are under 19 years of age It is deadly and illegal to drink and drive In no circumstance are drugs acceptable. You could face many legal implications such as fines, harsh penalties, and serious jail time.

20 + Law & Liability University of Windsor Policy Party planning: Adequate and appropriate insurance coverage Campus Police & ERT Volunteer/staff to student ratio Liquor License Act of Ontario Duty of Care ALL events organized by student groups on campus must be APPROVED PRIOR TO IMPLEMENTATION under “Student Event Planning” Individuals or campus groups responsible for violations will be held accountable and face disciplinary sanctions.

21 + Don’t Be That Guy Don’t Be That Girl

22 + Have a great season Lancers!

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