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La Bamba a short story taken from Baseball in April

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1 La Bamba a short story taken from Baseball in April
Vocabulary Day One 5th Grade, Theme 2, Selection 2

2 applause Sentence: The entire cafeteria showed how much they loved the performance by giving a huge round of applause. Definition: the clapping of hands to show approval

3 applause Example: at the end of play, the audience give applause; when your names is called at an awards assembly, the audience gives applause Non example: thumbs- up

4 debut Sentence: My brother’s band, which had only been performing in our garage for friends and family, will debut their new CD at the local café. Definition: first public appearance

5 debut Example: Hanna Montana’s first performance
Non example: Hanna Montana’s most recent performance

6 duo Sentence: I like to listen to duos because you get to hear two voices that seem to blend together. Definition: two performers singing or playing together

7 duo Example: Non example: Hanna Montana, Beyonce

8 embarrassed Sentence: I could tell my friend was embarrassed when he was called to the front of the classroom to read his story because his face got red. Definition: self-conscious and ill at ease

9 embarrassed Example: When mom gives you a hug and kiss in front of your friends you might be embarrassed. Non example: If you enjoy talking in front of the class you would not be embarrassed if you had to.

10 forty-five record Sentence: My grandparents talk about how they listened to forty- fives, and drove their parents crazy with the music. Definition: a small record with one musical selection on each side

11 forty-five record Example: Non example: a tape, CD, or DVD

12 limelight Sentence: Since Barack Obama became president he has been in the limelight. Definition: focus of public attention

13 limelight Example: Miley Cyrus turned off her Twitter page, so she is in the limelight Non example: Your mom is not the limelight.

14 pantomime Sentence: When I was a little boy I saw a pantomime that had a person dressed in all white including his face and hands, and pretended he was trapped in an imaginary box. Definition: theatrical acting that is done in silence

15 pantomime Example: Non example: your school play

16 rehearsal Sentence: I didn’t want to stay for rehearsal because I felt like we had practiced enough. Definition: practice for a public performance

17 rehearsal Example: after school practice for the talent show
Non example: After school math class

18 talent Sentence: We knew Joe was a talented boy once we saw he could kick a football 55 yards. Definition: a special natural or acquired ability

19 talent Example: Professional players have talent, or natural ability to play their sport. The spelling bee champion has a spelling talent. Non example: If you aren’t good at something, that is not your talent.

20 Other Vocabulary

21 fortunately Sentence: Mom happily replied, “Fortunately for me, I watched the news last night and knew it was going to rain.” Definition: luckily

22 fortunately Example: You have an extra shirt at school when your gets ketchup on it at lunch. Non example: While driving in the car you get stopped at every red light, and that makes you late to school. Money!!

23 dramatically Sentence: My classmate likes to act the vocabulary words dramatically because she says that helps her remember what they mean. Definition: in a way that is showy

24 dramatically Example: Talking with lots of facial expressions and hand movements Non example: Talking in a low voice with no emotion

25 pharmacist Sentence: My best friend studied to become a pharmacist and now she works in a hospital filling prescriptions for cancer patients. Definition: a person who fills prescriptions for a living

26 pharmacist Example: CVS pharmacist who gives you your medicine and tells you about it Non example: The clerk that takes your money when you get your medicine is usually not the pharmacist.

27 maneuvered Sentence: After the Earthquake we had to maneuver around the fallen debris in order to get home. Definition: moved carefully around obstacles and into place

28 maneuvered Example: When you walk around the chairs that nobody pushed in you are maneuvering through your classroom. Non example: Walk on a straight path

29 Sentence- Making Fun! Write one sentence using the words maneuvered, limelight, and applause. Write one sentence using the words duo and forty- five records.

30 Think- Pair- Share I don’t think I have heard of limelight before. I don’t think I have heard of cache before… What word do you think is the most interesting? Why? Was there a word that you have never heard before?

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