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Review! This is for your test, so pay attention!.

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1 Review! This is for your test, so pay attention!

2 Whats a variable? A spot in memory to store information Can be numbers, strings etc You have to declare them in order to use them (ie you have to give your variable a name before you can use it.

3 Whats a declaration? Tells the computer to reserve a memory spot, and to give that spot a name. Example: var name1:string; The variables name is name1, and it is a string variable that stores words.

4 Whats a function? Also called a “method” It’s a mini program that usually gets run many times Using functions generally saves on space so you don’t have to copy and paste the same code over and over. We use them most with listeners.

5 Whats a Listener? A program built into flash that runs in the background while your game is running. They wait for a specific event to happen (like a mouse click) and run a small mini program (a function) every time the event happens. Most objects in your game will use these listeners (aka event handlers)

6 Whats an Object? A specific instance of a general type Example: You can have type: Baseball (its not an actual baseball, just the definition of a baseball) Now if we make several baseballs and number them 1 through 5 We get 5 Objects of type baseball To do anything with one of the baseballs, we need to call each ball by name, baseball1.doStuff(); etc

7 What are Properties? Every Object in flash has what we call properties Example: baseball1.x is the x coordinate of the baseball baseball1.alpha is the transparency of the baseball1

8 Last of all… Watch your capital vs lower case letters, they are completely different things to a computer Don’t give your variable names spaces in them, and definitely don’t use weird characters like (- + * etc)

9 Review Assignment Make 4 narrow boxes that make up a border around the screen Make a zombie you can drag (see Activity 5 for the code) Setup hitTests for the zombie, so that if it touches any of the boxes, the zombie moves back to the middle of the screen

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