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ICIRO SUZUKI My Leadership Project By: Yosei Fujii 1.

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1 ICIRO SUZUKI My Leadership Project By: Yosei Fujii 1

2 Child hoodChild hood Ichiro start playing baseball, when he’s 3 years old. Ichiro born in October22,1973. He were born in Kasugai, Japan. Dad’s name is Nobuyuki Suzuki. Nobuyuki (Ichiro’s Dad ) was a former high school ball player. Ichiro has a older brother named Kazuaki Suzuki. Kazuaki Suzuki is a fusion designer.

3 Ichiro’s baseball life He were in a Japanese league called *Nippon Professional baseball.( NPB ) In 2001,he moved to United States. He went to a team called “Seattle Mariners” In 2012 he moved to a team called “ New York Yankees ” *Nippon means Japan in Japanese.

4 The Position Ichiro is a out fielder in New York Yankees. He mostly field a right fielder. When he were in a baseball team, when he were a kid, Ichiro were a pitcher.

5 Record Breaker Ichiro had 10 consecutive 200-hit Season, the longest steak by any player. In August 21 st, 2013, he hit 4000 hit.

6 What makes him a leader He is a one of a best baseball player in Japan. All the people in Japan likes him and also every People believe him when his batting.

7 World Baseball Classic Page1 Ichiro played for the Japan national baseball team in 2006 and 2009. In 2006, the final round was Japan vs. Korea but Japan was losing. But then Ichiro hit the hit so Japan won. The hit that Ichiro hit was steel a Awesome hit that I ever seen. Ichiro didn’t join in the Japan National baseball team in 2013 Because he’s team didn’t let him go.

8 World Baseball Classic Page2 In 2009 Japan victory the World Baseball Classic The captain in the Japanese team was Ichiro. He’s back number was 51.

9 That’s all you have to know about Ichiro Suzuki

10 THANK YOU Thank You For Watching

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