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Yogi Berra Touching Home at 1942 Regional Tournament in Hastings, NE.

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1 Yogi Berra Touching Home at 1942 Regional Tournament in Hastings, NE

2 We have Long history of outstanding play and players Rollie Fingers “64” Player of the Year

3 Contact Information Always Contact State Chairman or State Office First 317-630-1369 fax 317-630-1249 National Office

4 American Legion Baseball 83 Years & Growing 1.Nationwide average of registered youth baseball teams is down 31%. 2.American Legion average up 30% over past 15 years. 3.Most registered teams in past 60 years. 4.1,900 NEW teams since 1986. 40,000 more players. 5.Only program invited annually to MLB World Series. 6.Player of the Year is only player invited to Hall of Fame. 7.50% of pro’s Played Legion Baseball. 8.72% of college players played Legion Baseball.

5 January 1 Bids for 2010 Regional Tournaments. March 1 2009 Rulebook & forms distributed to Department Headquarters Offices. March 31 Establishment of player’s legal domicile (parents’ domicile) and school enrollment. April 15 File Plan “A” recruiting maps and explanation April 15Mail (5) Five copies of Department rules. ( or Email single set) May 1Department Tournament dates & location must be filed with National Headquarters. July 15Department must file all National Registration Form #1. August 1 Department Scholarship Winner forms due to National Office August 1 Department Chairmen must Express Mail team photographs participating in Department Tournament to Regional Chairman. August 2 Department Tournaments must be completed by 12:00 midnight. Sept. 25, 26, 27 Fall Baseball Conference

6 Sponsoring a Team Great Publicity for Post Helps players earn scholarships Builds Community Pride Program involves family Provides great entertainment for members Builds on teamwork, personal fitness Builds Leadership and confidence Builds Community Service Network with other organizations

7 Getting Help ? State OfficeHS Athletic Officer National Website Department Officers HS PrincipalNCAA Web site District OfficersOther CoachesNAIA or JUCO Web site National OfficeOther teamsOther Department Chairmen

8 National Website Important Source of Information and Forms.


10 SECURED AREA KEY CONTACTS Login: chairman Password: state

11 secured area Login: chairman Password: state

12 Registered Teams can Promote their Invitational Tournament

13 DEPARTMENT BASEBALL WEBSITE Departments have a greater need to have Department Baseball site to help promote program and communicate with coaches. Have Department Office set up and maintain. Key Information needed for each site – Key Names – addresses – phone numbers, email – dates and deadlines – registration forms – rules – tournament rules

14 DEPARTMENT BASEBALL RULES Website should also include: Key Dates and Deadlines Protest procedures – how (in writing) – deadline (within 24 hours of game) – what rule is violated – (rule 6.d – dual participation). When and Where Department Tournament will be held.

15 1.Set State Rules – NOT in conflict with National Rules. Department Recruiting Rules may be more restrictive – not more liberal 2.Set registration deadline Set penalty for breaking or missing deadline 3.Set registration fee 4.Set tournament play – county, district, zone (Be specific with schedule and pairings). 5.Avoid conflict of interest… 6.Appeal process must be followed… with justification.

16 2009 National Tournaments State Deadline – August 2 August 5 – 10 World Series – Fargo, ND – Aug. 12 - 17

17 National Appeals Board Purpose is to provide due process – rule not covered in rule book or possible conflict between rules – or if Chairman ruling in error. Appeals Board does NOT waive rules or grant an exception to any rules.

18 Understanding Rules

19 Limited Opportunity If conditions (rules) are met American Legion Baseball is a competitive baseball program and is NOT a Parks and Recreation program. Play for nearest team - school attended or Play for team nearest parents DOMICILE By law only 1 domicile – where do parents pay taxes; where do they vote Enrollment cap of 5,000

20 Understanding Plan A zoning

21 Plan A 1.Key to Plan A – each team is assigned territory an only players who live in territory can play for that team. 2.Number of teams is determined by total of school enrollments (10, 11, 12) divided by 5,000 3.A zone or territory determined and map approved by Department. 4.Parent’s Domicile must be within boundary. 5.Waivers approved only if both zones are less than 5,000. 6.Location of domicile determines players eligibility under Plan A or Plan B

22 Plan A Zoning

23 Plan A Zone Locate all the schools inside “zone to be divided”. Determine school enrollments. Divide Territory by number of mandated zones. Both State and National Baseball Committee must approve zone to insure equality. Team select players based on parent’s domicile. (ELIMINATES RECRUITING)


25 13 schools with 2,000 students. 26,000 students divided by 5,000 equals a MINIMUM of 5.2 teams or six teams or zones. You may need to create a dead zone (of equal size) of you do not have six teams.


27 Street Atlas – pin points schools

28 Territory is divided

29 Note – we have dead zone because we have not sponsor for that team. Kids can’t play.

30 Note: teams and only play players that live in zone – Players from outside zone must return home and play for hometown team.

31 PLAN A Zoning Rules Parent’s domicile determines which team the player qualifies for. Law only permits 1 domicile. Waiver permitted if combined zones is less than 5,000. Temporary residence not permitted. Must be court ordered adoption & Mom & Dad incapacitated. Plan A and Plan B rules are not compatible

32 Plan B 1.Base School must be approved by baseball committee. No changes without strong reason. 2.Play for nearest Base School team 3.Must count high school enrollment for all students in 10 th, 11trh, 12 th grade. 4.Emancipated college players must return home to former team or team nearest parents (count former HS enrollment) 5.Parent’s domicile is final determining factor. 6.Must be in USA legally to be eligible to play.

33 Plan B 1.Base school must be approved and reasoning. 2.Transfer form #77 & #76 must be approved prior to listing player on form #1. 3.District Rules subject to approval of State Committee. (District are not issued a charter) 4.State Baseball Committee subject to approval of DEC 5.Outside sponsorship okay if approved by Department. (mandate 501(3c) corporation

34 PAPERWORK - PAPERWORK- PAPERWORK Forms can be downloaded from the web. Scholarship – artwork – emblem sales memos. Do not accept Form #1 if it is not typed. Form #1 and #2 & #76 & #77 must be kept on file with the state office – State Chairman can keep copy but state office needs to retain copy for three years. Understand spirit of the rule – waivers – if player is cut – do not approve 100 waivers from player to play for team nearest college.

35 Plan B – nearest team

36 DeLorme Street Atlas determines the nearest team

37 Shortest Distance to Base School



40 Rule 4.C – Option Rule Old Catholic School Rule 1.One Time Option – to player for team nearest parents domicile OR 2.One Time Option to player for team nearest base school to where player attends school. 3.STATE OFFICE TO MAINTAIN ALL PAPERWORK – FORMS – TRANSFERS - ETC

41 Rule 4.E – Transfer Rule A player released from a team must obtain permission on National Transfer Form #76 from that team’s manager to play for the team that is closest to his parents’ domicile. 1. To determine the nearest team from among several, use the shortest driving distance as calculated by DeLorme, Street Atlas USA® 2008 computer program. 2. The player must provide signed Transfer Form #76 to the new team manager, which must be forwarded to the authorized Department Baseball Official for approval, prior to listing the player on the Form #1. All transfers shall be final and binding through the remainder of a player’s eligibility. (Which means once a players has been transferred – he is no longer eligible for 2 nd waiver. A waiver across state lines requires both chairmen's approval.

42 Spirit of the TRANSFER RULE The transfer rule was designed to give a player who is unable to make the hometown or neighborhood team an opportunity to try out for the next closest team. It is not designed to give players 10 or 25 or 50 waivers across the state. It is not designed to allow players to play for team nearest his college team or where he is going to work or where his aunt and uncle live. Waivers need to be approved by state chairman – PRIOR to placing player on team. Create a limit on the number of waivers in your state rules. KEEP the SPIRIT of the rule.

43 Clarification Players who try-out for and fail to make the nearest team can request a transfer to the second closest team to their parents’ domicile. If cut again, that player may try-out for the third closest team, until which time the player is able to play on a team. The enrollment of the high school a player attends on March 31 shall be counted. Junior Legion players are not eligible to be transferred.

44 Street Atlas determines nearest team

45 Nearest team may be north or east or west…

46 Neither the national staff nor a district nor a state chairman can change the rules during the season. Only the Americanism Commission can change a rule at their bi-annual meeting. NO rules are waived during season The National Appeals Board provides rulings and interpretations.

47 Tournament rules are to be followed from District tournaments and higher. NO re-entry rule NO courtesy runner RULES PHILOSOPHY NCAA uses same rules throughout season. High School Federation uses same rules. Little League uses same rules. American Legion needs to use same rules.

48 Association Law and Operating Structure


50 Our Chain of Command is Similar to High School Operation Structure

51 Encourage Post to take charge and supervise their team. Don’t let Booster Club manage team. Booster Club can not hire and fire coach. Their primary duties is the assist by raising funds. The Post & the Department is non-profit – tax exempt entity. The team is not a tax exempt entity.

52 Association Law 1.Individuals who act on behalf of organization are typically not subject to individual lawsuit. Adjutant is agent of record, not the baseball chairman. 2.Organization can be sued, not individual. (unless there is gross negligence). 3.Outside sponsors need to be incorporated – eliminate Ma and Pa teams. (find non-profit organization to sponsor and provide supervision). 4.Avoid conflict of interest – have neutral person to make ruling. 5.Don’t be arbitrary or capricious. (Yes to 1 team and no to another team). Chairmen must Enforce all the rules consistently.

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