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Babe Ruth Southeast Region Tournament Host Workshop Slide-Deck Presentation Revision – September 1, 2014 (JA)

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1 Babe Ruth Southeast Region Tournament Host Workshop Slide-Deck Presentation Revision – September 1, 2014 (JA)

2 INTRODUCTION Congratulations! You have been selected to host a Cal Ripken Baseball, Babe Ruth Baseball, or Babe Ruth Softball Regional Tournament. Today, we will discuss the important information that you need to know to be successful.

3 We will take a look at the Tournament Sites; Organization; Administration; Age Group Designations; Manager’s Tournament Information Package (MTIP); Public Relations; Stadium; protests; Team Check-in, Orientation, the Ice Breaker/Opening Ceremonies; Game Schedule and Reporting Scores; Important Policies and Forms that Matter; and Closing the Tournament.

4 We will use this opportunity to learn by discussion. So, please don’t be shy. We will have lunch and this afternoon we will have vendor presentations. [Re: A Guide for Hosting a Regional Tournament,]

5 HOSTING A REGIONAL TOURNAMENT ORGANIZATION As in the planning for any event of the size and scope of a Regional Tournament, the first step is the formulation of a "key" group of volunteers who will perform the "lion’s share" of the work.

6 Within the group of "key" people there must be a "key" person. The one person who will be in charge of the total operation is the "go-to person". This special person is the Host President.

7 Directly under the Host President are the Host Tournament Director and other individuals assigned to coordinate these tasks. But, before we get started, let’s talk about the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

8 Americans with Disabilities Act Public and private facilities that provide an “accommodation” to the public are required to meet certain Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations. In most cases, the facilities that we use for Babe Ruth tournaments, typically owned by a local government, meet these requirements.

9 However, the little things can make a big difference in the success of a tournament. For example, providing transportation (a golf cart) between the playing fields and the parking lots, keeping walkway access to the fields, concessions, and bathrooms cleared (uncluttered) for wheelchairs, walkers, and other devices, and reserving an area at the playing fields for our fans in wheelchairs.

10 These are all items that are under the direct control of the Host. And, a reasonable effort to provide such accommodations is required by the ADA. For more information on ADA requirements, please visit the ADA Web site at

11 ADMINISTRATION Use the Guidelines Host Checklist. Prepare identification badges or passes for players, managers, and coaches, local tournament committee, Babe Ruth officials, and umpires. Print fan entry tickets for games. [Note: This is only required if the Host uses the per-person gate entry option.]

12 Provide a secure area for the team trophies or plaques. Provide communication equipment such as a public address system, portable microphone for the field, tape player (or CD player, iPod, or other electronic device) to play the National Anthem, a computer and printer with Internet service, and walkie-talkies for key personnel.

13 Make sure that “Chamber of Commerce” materials are available at team check-in and orientation. Make sure that proper arrangements have been made to host the Manager, Coaches, Umpires, and Tournament Officials Pre-Tournament Breakfast Meeting.

14 Develop and print the Tournament Program. [Please note that tobacco, alcoholic beverage, and any other ads that can be deemed as inappropriate for our players are strictly prohibited.] Develop and make available any souvenirs that are to be sold. Acquire the services of a qualified action photographer.

15 Make sure that the concessions are well staffed and inventoried. Obtain local medical personnel to be present at all games. Have an ambulance available at the field (if possible). Have first aid equipment available before and throughout each game.

16 NO “U” IN BASEBALL…AND MORE The use of the “U” classification for Cal Ripken Baseball and Babe Ruth Baseball age groups is not correct. It is a designation for Babe Ruth Softball only.

17 The age group designators must be used in all promotions, graphics, etc. These designators are consistent with the Host Contract and Supplement, and the Manager’s Tournament Information Package (MTIP).

18 Baseball – Rookies Baseball 9-Year-olds Baseball 10-Year-olds Baseball 11-Year-olds Major70 Baseball 12-Year-olds Major60 Baseball 12-Year-olds Major70 Baseball 13-Year-olds Baseball 14-Year-olds Baseball 13-15 Year-olds Baseball 16-18 Year-olds Baseball Softball – 8U Softball 10U Softball 12U Softball 14U Softball 16U Softball

19 The reason for the difference in names for baseball and softball age groups is that “U”, as in 14U Softball, means that participation is open to all players 14 years old and younger. In contrast, 14-Year-olds Baseball is only open to players who are 14 years old and 13 years old (or 12-year-old swing players if approved by

20 the Cal Ripken league president). 14-Year-olds Baseball is not open to players who are 11 years old or younger. “Olds” vs. “old” – Use “olds” in the age group name. A 13-Year-olds Tournament describes a tournament for players that are 13 years old. A 13-Year-old Tournament describes a tournament that is 13 years old.

21 Division – There are three Divisions in Babe Ruth Baseball and three in Babe Ruth Softball. If an age group is referenced as a division, use a lowercase “d.” We refer to age groups as “Age Groups” (they are technically “Sub-divisions” for the parent Division).

22 What is wrong with this picture?

23 MANAGER’S TOURNAMENT INFORMATION PACKAGE (MTIP) The Manager’s Tournament Information Package (MTIP) is used to disseminate important reporting information to advancing team managers. It is not used as a vehicle to promote the Chamber of Commerce.

24 Information contained in the online document includes Host contact information, the choice of gate fee options, a list of the hotels that are available for booking, the date and site of check-in, the information (time and location) of the Ice Breaker, and the time and location of the breakfast meeting. There is an area for general information such as “No coolers allowed.”, etc.

25 A simple 16-question MTIP Questionnaire was distributed to you in September. You were asked to bring a completed copy here with you today. While there may be information that is not readily available, such as the hotels, what you are providing to us is a start that allows us to begin developing the MTIP database for 2015.

26 The balance of the information required for the MTIP is due to the Southeast Regional Assistant Commissioner, Operations, not later than May 15. The approved MTIP will be posted and accessible to all online at the Babe Ruth Southeast Regional Tournaments page on the Southeast Region Web site.

27 TOURNAMENT TEAM ONLINE CHECK-IN AND LATE ARRIVALS Tournament Team Online Check-in: The MTIP Section 3 requires teams that are advancing from a State tournament to process an online check-in with the Southeast Regional office. When the Host is contacted by an advancing team, they are to be

28 asked if they have fulfilled the requirements for online check-in. If not, they should be instructed to do so. (The database records can be checked to verify.) The Regional office will communicate to the Host via email, and through an online database, the teams that have checked in.

29 Late Arrivals: The MTIP Section 8 provides the procedures for a team to request late check-in for a manager, coach, or player. Please refer any team that requests this information to the MTIP.


31 PUBLIC RELATIONS The assigned Southeast Region Representative is in control of the press box. Make sure that the official photographer receives all assignments from designated staff members. Make sure that proper newspaper, radio, television, and Internet coverage is provided. All properly identified

32 working members of the press are allowed to cover the tournament games from the press box (as space permits). Babe Ruth League, Inc. reserves the right to prevent or allow members of the press to cover the tournament.

33 The required Ice Breaker/Opening Ceremonies must be planned and executed. The event will be held the evening of the team check-in and orientation. Make sure that the location and start time is made available at check-in. Make sure that everyone is aware of the cost, menu, seating, and tickets.

34 Decorations, signage, etc. (donated if possible) to be displayed. Obtain a Governor’s picture and letter of welcome and (or) the Mayor’s or County official’s picture and letter of welcome for the program book.

35 STADIUM The Stadium personnel are responsible for providing and maintaining the actual playing site of the Regional Tournament in all its many aspects. Basic areas of responsibility and provisions are: bullpens, sufficient lighting, American flag, scoreboard, flagpoles for State flags, press box, interior fence, exterior fence, dugouts,

36 dugout drinking water, distance signs on outfield fence, infield tarps, ticket booths (if needed), home and visitor dugout signs, first aid kit, sufficient umpire quarters, restroom facilities, and large up-to-date game-result signage.

37 Make sure that the grounds crew is always available to maintain the playing and practice fields. Umpires are under the direction of the Regional Commissioner or the assigned Southeast Region Representative. Make sure that the "home" dugout is determined (the default is the 3 rd base dugout in MTIP).

38 Use the provided currently approved Babe Ruth Tournament baseball or softball. Make sure that each game is witnessed by a designated Protest Committee.

39 Make sure that the following personnel are available for each game: ball boys, press box announcer, scoreboard operator, official scorer, and press box runner. If possible, have an electrician or power company on call to handle any power failures.

40 PROTEST COMMITTEE REQUIREMENT No protest (or objection) shall ever be permitted on judgment decisions by the umpire. (Rule 9.02-a). Furthermore, umpires are not to be Protest Committee Members.

41 11.05 [Tournament] PLAYING RULES 2. Each District, Area, State and Regional Tournament game must be played in the presence of the Tournament Director and Protest Committee. No tournament team shall start play in the absence of said director and committee.

42 10. District, State and Regional Commissioners or their designated representatives shall appoint Protest Committees, composed of at least three members, to be present at all tournament games. A manager must immediately claim a violation of a rule at which time play will be suspended until the Protest Committee has made

43 its decision. The Protest Committee’s decision will be final. No protest, except on player eligibility, will be honored after a game has been completed.

44 TEAM CHECK-IN, TEAM ORIENTATION, ICE BREAKER, AND OPENING CEREMONIES Team Check-in: The team (all players unless waived by the Regional Commissioner) check-in will be at 5:00 p.m. on the date specified by the Southeast Region Commissioner. This is the time for staff to address any “Chamber of Commerce”

45 and other details that need to be shared, such as Ice Breaker information. All teams will check in and the Tournament Team Credentials Books will be collected. A review of the books will be made by the assigned Southeast Region Representative and Host Tournament Director. The books will be returned to the team managers the next day. Any

46 critical issues found must be addressed initially with the manager via cell phone as the books are checked.

47 Team Orientation: At 6:00 p.m., the Southeast Region Representative and Host Tournament Director will hold a team orientation designed to make sure that everyone knows what is expected from the manager, coaches, players, and parents while at the tournament.

48 Ice Breaker and Opening Ceremonies: The Host Ice Breaker (banquet of picnic) will begin around 7:00 p.m. at the set location. This is a required event for all tournament teams. Held during the Ice Breaker will be the Opening Ceremonies at which time the participating teams will be introduced. (They are

49 required to wear their team jerseys. Shorts or casual attire that is appropriate for the Ice Breaker is authorized.)

50 BREAKFAST MEETING - KEY INFORMATION Use the Sample Agenda (Appendix A in the Guidelines) for a complete list of suggestions. Make sure that the manager is aware that he/she must have the Tournament Team Credentials Book handy at all times. This book contains the Consent for Treatment

51 Forms that must be available immediately if medical attention is needed. Introduce the local officials & dignitaries, umpires, and the local and Regional Tournament officials. Emphasize that all games are played using the current edition of the Official Babe Ruth Rules or, for Rookies

52 Baseball and 8U Softball, the currently published Regional Rules. Explain the tournament pitching rules (specific to sport and age group).

53 Remind the teams that players, manager, and coaches must be in full uniform as specified in the current Official Babe Ruth Rule Books. In no case are jeans or shorts (for baseball) allowed. Uniform numbers must be different on the players (Rule 1.11).

54 Tobacco products of any kind are prohibited in Babe Ruth League. Electronic devices such as cell phones, iPads, etc. are not permitted in the dugout or on the playing field. The manager is responsible for the sportsmanship and behavior of his team’s parents and fans.

55 GAME SCHEDULES AND REPORTING SCORES Game Schedules: The game schedules (brackets) will be prepared by the Region and will be reviewed by the Host. When approved, the schedules will be published on the Southeast Region’s Web site.








63 Reporting Scores: There are two ways to report scores and it is the choice of the Host. The Host can report the scores at the conclusion of each game or report the scores at the end of the day.

64 The Host must visit this URL:, or access the choices from the Southeast Regional Web site’s home page menu. [Please note that if the Host League chooses to use the Game Changer software, they must still report the scores via the Web as noted above.]

65 IMPORTANT POLICIES AND FORMS… THAT MATTER!!! Southeast Region Severe Weather Policy: The Southeast Region follows the policy set up by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS). This policy is a minimum requirement. If the locality where the tournament is

66 being played has a policy that is better, use it. Just make sure everyone knows and understands the policy – MEET WITH THE UMPIRES. We also highly recommend that the WeatherBug application be used. This product is a free download to the iPad, iPhone, and Android phones. After download, just set up your location and invoke the “Spark” sub-

67 application. Then you will be able to track storms including lightning strikes by how many miles away they are. Here are some screen shots…




71 Player Announcement Form: The Player Announcement Form is used to list all of the manager/coaches, players, and bat persons by jersey number, name, position, etc. This document is then used in the press box for the announcer when the teams are introduced. One form is required for each playing field.

72 Pitcher’s Record Form: The Pitcher’s Record Form is used to track the number of innings that a pitcher pitches in a game. This form is applicable to 9-Year-olds Baseball through 13-15 Year-olds Baseball, and 10U Softball and 12U Softball.

73 At the end of each game, each team manager is required to visit the press box and sign the form.

74 CLOSING THE TOURNAMENT Team Photograph: Before the start of the championship game, gather the two participating teams for a team photo while holding the Championship Banner. At the conclusion of the game, the photo of the championship team is sent to the Regional Commissioner. This photo will be displayed at the Babe

75 Ruth Southeast Region Hall of Fame in Wilson, North Carolina. [Please note that this is not a photo opportunity for the parents. They are not allowed on the field for the photo session. They will have plenty of time for that after the game.]

76 Presentation of Awards: You will need at least two (folding) tables of approximately 60” x 30” to display the trophies and plaques. Table’s should be centered between home plate and just in front of the pitching mound. Assemble the championship and runner-up teams along the base path of their game dugout.

77 Make sure that the photographer and tournament staff are available. [Note: Parents and fans are not allowed on the field at this time.] Begin the presentation by thanking everyone for attending, etc. (the Host can script this part of the program).

78 Make the team presentation beginning with the runner-up team. Then present to the championship team. In both cases, have the announcer introduce the players from the team’s Player Announcement Form. Introduce the players first, then the bat person (if applicable), the coaches, and the team manager.

79 Present the championship plaque to the team manager. At the conclusion of the presentation, invite the parents and fans onto the field for photo sessions. Make sure that all teams that leave the tournament take their State flag and Tournament Team Credentials

80 Book (handed back to them on opening day) with them. Advancing Team Information (applies to World Series trail teams only): If the Regional Tournament is a World Series trail tournament (10-Year-olds Baseball, 12-Year-olds Major60 Baseball, 12-Year-olds Major70 Baseball, 13- Year-olds Baseball, 14-Year-olds Baseball, 13-15 Year-

81 olds Baseball, 16-18 Year-olds Baseball, 12U Softball, or 16U Softball) then the Host will have received a package from headquarters which contains important reporting information for the championship team.

82 FINANCIAL STATEMENT REPORT The Host (by contract) is required to submit a Financial Statement to the Regional Commissioner within 30 days of the completion of the tournament. Here is an image of the Financial Statement Report form and its contents:


84 What should I include in the report? Revenues: Gate pass fees, sponsorships, vendor commissions, hotel commissions, donations, in-kind transactions, and anything else that can be considered as direct revenue.

85 Expenses: Hosting fee, umpire fees, printing costs, concession supplies and merchandise, souvenir acquisition costs, in-kind transactions, and anything else that can be considered as a direct expense.

86 What is not appropriate to include? It is not appropriate to include anything in the revenue or expense categories that is not a direct result of the tournament.

87 Revenues and expenses of the Host league’s everyday operations and/or field improvements are not reportable, even if the revenue or expense is generated during the tournament.


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