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Phillip Wrigley was the owner of the Chicago Cubs and the Wrigley Chewing Gum Company. During World War Two many baseball players went to fight in war,

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2 Phillip Wrigley was the owner of the Chicago Cubs and the Wrigley Chewing Gum Company. During World War Two many baseball players went to fight in war, so major league teams were being shut down. Minor leagues were also being threatened to be shut down. He wanted to find a way to keep the ballparks open. He came up with the idea of the All American Girls Professional Baseball League. He thought a baseball team that could show a mixture of outstanding baseball skills and femininity would capture a lot of peoples attention. This was also a great business opportunity.

3  The players played a mixture of baseball and softball. At first it was mainly softball with a few changes, but it quickly changed to baseball. The teams were made up of 15 players and there was also a coach, a business manager, and a chaperone. The players ranged from 16-26 years old. Seasons consisted of 110-120 games per season. There were games every day and two on Sunday. In 1946 two more teams were added to the league. They were paid $85-$100 a week plus transportation and housing during the season. Some players earned more money than men did that played on minor league teams. This money was very helpful to their family’s because people where struggling during the war and needed money.

4  To be apart of the AAGPBL you didn’t just have to be a great baseball player, but you also had to be feminine. Phillip Wrigley believed that if the girls were feminine it would attract more people and get them the promotions they needed. Most athletes were tomboys, but Phillip Wrigley wanted to change that. The girls were required to always wear makeup on and off the field. Their hair was had to look neat and pants were not allowed. The girls were required to attend charm school to learn how to properly dress, put on makeup, and learn to have manners. Pants were not allowed to be worn in public. Each girl had a beauty kit that included cleansing cream, lipstick, deodorant, face powder, hand lotion, and hair remover. It was important for the girls to follow the beauty routines in the charm school guide. There were also regular trips to the beauty salon to make sure they were always looking their best.


6 It wasn’t just great baseball skills and looking feminine that were important parts of the AAGPBL, but the girls also had to show that they had good behavior. Rules in the All American Girls Professional baseball league were strict. Consequences were created if any of the players broke the rules. Each team was assigned a chaperone to make sure the girls did not get into any trouble. Many of the parents did not allow their young daughters to play in the league because they were worried they would not have supervision. The chaperones made sure the players followed the rules to make sure they stayed safe. Good behavior was also important to the leagues reputation. Marion Holloway was the chaperone for the Rockford Peaches. She can be seen in the first row on the right.

7  “THE MANAGEMENT SETS A HIGH STANDARD FOR THE GIRLS SELECTED FOR THE DIFFERENT CLUBS AND EXPECTS THEM TO LIVE UP TO THE CODE OF CONDUCT WHICH RECOGNIZES THAT STANDARD. THERE ARE GENERAL REGULATIONS NECESSARY AS A MEANS OF MAINTAINING ORDER AND ORGANIZING CLUBS INTO A WORKING PROCEDURE.”  Every team had a chaperone to make sure every player followed the rules. Smoking, drinking, and gambling was not allowed. All the girls were required to be kind and don’t swear. When the players saw other players from different teams or coaches they were not allowed to talk to them. If you wanted to drive outside of city boundaries or go on a date you had to get special permission.  “FINES OF FIVE DOLLARS FOR FIRST OFFENSE, TEN DOLLARS FOR SECOND, AND SUSPENSION FOR THIRD, WILL AUTOMATICALLY BE IMPOSED FOR BREAKING ANY OF THE ABOVE RULES.”

8  The players in the All American Girls Professional Baseball League always showed respect for the soldiers. Every game they would create a V formation to represent victory. During the war many mothers had to work because their husbands were at war. They did not have anyone to take care of their children. The girls helped at programs set up to care for children that moms were at work and fathers were at war.

9  The teams of the AAGPBL included the Battle Creek Belles, Chicago Colleens, Fort Wayne Daises, Grand Rapid Chicks, Kalamazoo Lassies, Kenosha Comets, Milwaukee Chicks, Minneapolis Millerettes, Muskegon Lasses, Peoria Redwings, Racine Belles, Rockford Peaches, South Bend Blue Sox, Springfield Sallies, and Muskegon Belles. Battle Creek Belles Chicago Colleens Fort Wayne Daises Grand Rapids Chicks Kalamazoo LassiesKenosha Comets

10 Milwaukee Chicks Minneapolis MillerettesMuskegon Lassies Peoria Redwings Racine Belles Rockford Peaches South Bend Blue SoxSpringfield SalliesMuskegon Belles

11  By 1954 the All American Girl Professional Baseball League started to lose popularity and end. There was a series of events that caused it to end. One was that the television started to become more common. More families started to have TVs. They started to stay home for entertainment. Baseball games were aired on TV so there was no need for families to go to the ballpark to watch baseball. New outdoor recreation activities was also a factor in the ending of the league. Women no longer had time to play baseball. They had to stay home to take care of their children and their household while their husbands were at work.

12  The AAGPBL was revolutionary because it was the first professional league for women to play in the United States. It changed the world because the girls that played in the All American Girl Professional Baseball League increased opportunities that play sports today. Most of the girls wanted to be a coach or a psychical education teacher when they got jobs so they created many opportunities for other girls that wanted to participate in sports. The players of the AAGPBL have influences girls lives by making the quality of girls lives better.

13  “By being pioneers in professional sports, the women of the AAGPBL laid the groundwork that led to the increased athletic opportunities girls and women enjoy today. I don’t think it’s overstating the case to say that their experiences were a stepping stone to the liberation of women in sports, business, and other walks of life.” Sue Macy the author of, “A Whole New Ball Game”

14   llww2.html llww2.html  agpbl.html agpbl.html   baseball-players-1940s-50s-a59792 baseball-players-1940s-50s-a59792   Interview with Sue Macy the author of “ A Whole New Ball Game”

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