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Canyon View Little League February 24, 2014 COACHES MEETING Baseball & Softball.

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1 Canyon View Little League February 24, 2014 COACHES MEETING Baseball & Softball


3 3 Purpose of Little League Little League is a program of service to youth. It is geared to provide an outlet of healthful activity and training under good leadership in the atmosphere of wholesome community participation. The movement is dedicated to helping children become good and decent citizens. It inspires them with a goal and enriches their lives towards the day when they must take their places in the world. It establishes the values of teamwork, sportsmanship and fair play.


5 5 Canyon View Little League Expectation of Coaches Hold Regular & Organized Practices –Teach Fundamentals –Instill Confidence Adequate Playing Time for All Players –Minimum Play Rules Know the Rules –Rule Book –Local Rules Control Fans & Supporters –End Poor Sportsmanship Immediately!! Exhibit Good Sportsmanship –Your Players –Opposing Players –Opposing Coaches –Umpires (They are usually kids!!)

6 6 Canyon View Little League Expectation of Coaches Pre-Game Field Preparation (Home Team) Post-Game Field Repair & Clean Up (Visiting Team) Scorekeeping (Home Team) –Official Scorekeeper –Scoreboard Operator –Pitch Counter (both teams for Majors) –Game Coordinator Team Parent Trash Pickup Recruit Volunteers

7 Solving Problems

8 8 Canyon View Little League Solving Problems Player/Roster Issues Game/Rule Issues Umpire Issues Player Agent Division Commissioner Umpire Coordinators

9 9 Canyon View Little League Solving Problems Baseball (Majors): Garret Abeyta Phone: 850-2022 Email: Baseball (AAA): Bryan Shoemaker Phone: 603-502-3534 Email: Baseball (AA,CP,Tball): Rob Darling Phone: 349-2719 Email: Softball (All): Jenn Staples Phone: 444-0795 Email: Player Agents

10 10 Canyon View Little League Solving Problems T-ball/Coach Pitch/AA: Jeff Hellbusch Phone: 991-0761 Email: AAA: Scott Hallett Phone: 714-299-1596 Email: Majors: Garret Abeyta Phone: 850-2022 Email: Softball: Jon Wilt Phone: 870-1572 Email: Commissioners

11 11 Solving Problems Kelly Cleveland Phone: 971-4316 Email: Umpire Coordinator

12 12 Canyon View Little League Solving Problems Player & Roster Problems Identify Problem if Possible NEVER Make Promises Regarding Player Moves If Problem Can Not Be Resolved… –Contact Player Agent

13 13 Canyon View Little League Solving Problems Other Problems Field Issues Safety Issues/Injuries Equipment Issues Reid Clark 906-9779 Scott Goorman 237-2819 Marty Pelger 990-5263

14 Coaches Clinics

15 15 Coaches Clinics TBD : Canyon View Clinic #2 - Mehl Park Feb 26 and 27: Big Al Coaching Clinics Flowing Wells High School 2/26: 6PM-9:30PM (9-13 yo) 2/27: 6PM-9:30PM (4-8 yo)


17 17 FIELD DECORUM Rule XIVa The actions of players, managers, coaches, umpires and league officials must be above reproach. Any player, manager, coach, umpire or league representative who is involved in a verbal or physical altercation, or an incident of unsportsmanlike conduct, at the game site or any other Little League activity, is subject to disciplinary action by the Local League Board of Directors. Warning!!! We will not tolerate poor behavior at the Park. RULES

18 18 GAME COORDINATOR Rule 9.03 (D) If there are no adult umpires, the local Little league must assign an adult “Game Coordinator” or the game can not be played. The “Game Coordinator” must not be a coach or manager of either team and can only be the “Game Coordinator” for one game at a time Home Team will be responsible for assigning the Game Coordinator. RULES

19 19 RULES MEHL PARK RULES Consumption of Alcohol Prohibited Regulation XIV (e) No Sunday Practice Can Withdraw Permit for Monday-Saturday Pick Up Trash Disturbing the Peace Park Rule: 5.020 Disturbing the Peace in Park & Recreation Areas No person shall maliciously and willfully disturb the peace or quiet of a neighborhood, family or person by: loud or unusual noise; tumultuous or offensive conduct; threatening, traducing, quarreling, challenge to fight or fighting; or applying any violent, abusive or obscene epithets to another.

20 20 RULES RULES GOVERNING LITTLE LEAGUE BASEBALL & SOFTBALL 2014 Official Regulations & Playing Rules Baseball: Green & White Rule Book Softball: Orange & White Rule Book 2014 Little League Operating Manual White Book for Board Officials Only Approved Local Rules Included in Roster Packet CVLL Website ( Hanging in Dugouts

21 21 Canyon View Little League RULES PITCH COUNT RULES (Baseball Only) AgePitches/Day 7-850 Pitches 9-1075 Pitches 11-1285 Pitches 13-1695 Pitches 17-18105 Pitches

22 22 Canyon View Little League RULES REST RULES FOR PITCHERS (Baseball Only, 14yo and under) Pitches/DayRest Period 1-20 Pitches0 Days 21-35 Pitches1 Days 36-50 Pitches2 Day 51-65 Pitches3 Days 66 or more4 Days A pitcher who delivers 41 or more pitches in a game cannot play the position of catcher for the remainder of that day!!!

23 23 Canyon View Little League RULES BATS Bat Diameter Softball: 2 1/4” Baseball (12 & Under): 2 1/4” Baseball (13-16): 2 5/8” All Non-Wood Bats Shall… Be Approved for Little League Use Have A Bat Performance Factor: 1.15 or Less Please check Little League website for latest list of approved bats Batting Donuts Prohibited

24 24 Canyon View Little League RULES 3 rd COACHES Little League Allows 3 Coaches Per Team (dugout/field for games) Notify League of 3 rd Coach Must Be Approved By Board Must Have Volunteer Application Must Pass Background Check Only Approved Coaches May Be In Dugout


26 26 Canyon View Little League Scorebooks & Pitch Count Affidavits Scorebooks Located in Brown Equipment Boxes Labeled For Division (e.g., Majors, AAA) Must Be Used By Official Scorer (Home Team) Must Be Returned To Box At Conclusion of Game

27 27 Canyon View Little League Scorebooks & Pitch Count Affidavits Pitch Count Affidavits Completed & Signed By Coaches of Both Teams Returned to Snack Bar At Conclusion of Game Note: Majors teams should keep their own pitch count information on hand to present to opposing interleague coaches if asked. If not completed and signed, pitchers may not be eligible to pitch in the next game.


29 29 Canyon View Little League CALENDAR CALENDAR* Mar 1 st –First Practice Mar 1 st –Game Schedules Mar 15 th –Opening Day: Most Teams will play May 21st -ish –Last Games: T-ball, Coach Pitch, AA and AAA Baseball and Minors Softball June 5 th-ish –Last Games: Majors Baseball and Softball June 6-7 th –All Star Tryouts & Team Selection * Subject to Change Due to Weather or County Decisions


31 31 Canyon View Little League PRACTICE FIELDS T-Ball & Coach Pitch Baseball & Softball –CFSD School &/or Mehl CP, TB Fields One Practice (Week Night or Weekend) AA & AAA Baseball & Minors Softball –CFSD School &/or Mehl Fields One Week Night One Weekend Majors Baseball & Softball –CFSD School &/or Mehl Fields One Week Night One Weekend Juniors & Seniors Baseball/Softball –Mehl Field 4 (baseball), Field 3 (softball) One Week Night One Weekend

32 32 Canyon View Little League PRACTICE FIELDS Available Field Space- Sample SchoolMonTueWedThuFri Canyon View5:00pm Ventana VistaNone4:30pm None Sunrise Drive4:30pm None Manzanita5:00pm Orange Grove BB*4:30pm Orange Grove SB*4:30pm Esperero BB* None Esperero SB*None Mehl T-Ball4:30pm Mehl CP field4:30pm * OG & ES Sports Teams Have Priority on Game Nights

33 33 Canyon View Little League PRACTICE FIELDS FILL THIS OUT & LEAVE WITH ME TONIGHT T-Ball & Coach Pitch: 1 Time Slot Per Week Minors & Majors BB & SB: 2 Time Slots Per Week (One Must Be Weekend)

34 34 Canyon View Little League MINORS TEAMS Receive Rosters Tonight From Commissioners After Meeting Notify Players by Tomorrow Kids will start talking at school Request Practice Fields Tonight Problems With Roster, Parents, etc.? Contact Player Agent for your division

35 35 Canyon View Little League TEMPORARY PLAYER CALL UPS When Regular Players Are Missing If You Have Less Than 10 Players… Can Call Up Players to Bring Game Roster to 10 AAA to Majors: Age 10 & Above SB Minors to Majors: Age 9 & Above AA to AAA: Age 8 Notify Player Agent –Will Provide List of Potential Players Obtain Approval From Parents & Players Can Not Interfere With Player’s Existing Game Player Must Meet Minimum Play Requirements –Can Not Pitch Nor Catch Game-By-Game Basis

36 36 Canyon View Little League PERMANENT PLAYER REPLACEMENTS AAA-Majors BB, Minors-Majors SB –If Player No Longer Playing Injury, Quit, League Action –Notify Player Agent Within 72 Hours of Decision League Will Check & Release Player Must Pick New Player from Minors –Player Must Be 10 or Older for Baseball; 9 or Older for Softball –Player & Parent Must Agree AAA or Minors Softball Coaches!!! –Can Not Hinder the Process –Do Not Have A Say in This Decision

37 37 Canyon View Little League WHEN YOU HEAR COMPLAINTS Remind them… –LL is a Volunteer Organization –About 350 Kids in League –Equates to 700 Parents (Volunteers) –CVLL Board & LL Set Rules Special Requests Rarely Granted Rules Can’t Be Adjusted Without Approval –Expect Negative Consequences Encourage them to join The Board!! –Their Perspective Might Change


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