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The Place For Major League Baseball! March 26, 2010.

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1 The Place For Major League Baseball! March 26, 2010

2 The Place For Twins Baseball!

3 WCCO Radio and Minnesota Twins Baseball 46 Years Of Co-Branding – Definition: a marketing effort or partnership between companies to join forces and use the best technology or content of each and lending both of their brands to the final product

4 Recognized Identified Acknowledged Notorious Well-known Famous Celebrated Renowned WCCO Radio and Minnesota Twins Baseball WCCO Radio And The Minnesota Twins Co-Branded Means:

5 Bat & Ball Salt & Pepper Peanuts & Cracker Jacks Thunder & Lightening Spring & Summer Baseball, Apple Pie & Chevrolet Black & White Day & Night Fall & Classic Terms & Conditions WCCO Radio and Minnesota Twins Baseball Things That Go Together:

6 WCCO Radio & Minnesota Twins Co-Branding

7 Agreement to Broadcast CBS Radio agrees to the following: – 25 Pre-Season Games (No Pre- or Post-Game Show) – 162 Regular Season Games (Suggested 15- Minute Pre-Game and 30-Minute Post-Game Shows) – All Post-Season Games (Suggested 30-Minute Pre-Game and 60-Minute Post-Game Shows)

8 Accessibility WCCO-AM’s Signal Strength is Unparalleled In The Upper Midwest – 27 States And Five Provinces – A Powerhouse Signal Day And Night Over The Twins Trade Area Including Minnesota, North And South Dakota – HD Radio Channel: WCCO Will Assist The Twins Organization To Create An “All Twins” HD Channel At 102.9 HD3 (Next To WCCO-AM On The HD Radio Dial)

9 Accessibility Minnesota Twins Will Be Responsible For 24/7 HD3 Channel And Will Control 100% Of The Inventory (Ideas Include: Twins Classic Games and Repeats Of All Twins Content) Twins Will Have Top Priority on WCCO Relative To Other Programming And Sports Partnerships If CBS Launches A Sports Radio Format During The Term Of This Agreement, CBS Agrees To Simulcast Twins Games As Described In Section One Above

10 Radio Network Twins Maintain Responsibility For Managing Network WCCO Asks The Minnesota Twins To Exercise Any Contractual Opportunities That Exist Contractually To Clear The Way For WCCO’s Dominant Signal Distribution

11 Term Similar To The First WCCO Radio And Minnesota Twins Partnership: = 46 Years

12 Metro Affiliate Fee The Value Of This Proposal Will Be Addressed Through An Aggregated Total At The Summary Of This Presentation But Will Not Include An Expense For The Minnesota Twins To Access CBS Radio’s WCCO-AM.

13 Inventory Team Retains Exclusive Rights To ALL Local And Network Pre-, In- And Post-game Inventory WCCO To Receive Local Inventory For The Flagship’s Exclusive Promotional Use (Not for Resale) As Follows: – Two (2) Thirty-Second Units During Pre-Game – Four (4) Thirty-Second Units Within Game – Two (2) Thirty-Second Units Post-Game Inventory Splits Within Ancillary Programming

14 CBS Radio will utilize its streaming platform in Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota through AOL & Yahoo to promote the text club with streaming commercials and pre-roll Over 42,000 monthly unique listeners 120,000 monthly unique listeners in the market

15 Twins Twitter & Text Club – 89% Of Radio Listeners Own A Cell Phone – 53% Actively Text Message – 4+ Texts/Week – The Text Club Will Be Promoted On All Three Radio Stations – An “Opt In” Text Club Where Fans Get Updates, Twins News Updates, Promotional Events And Ticket Opportunities

16 WCCO, WLTE And JACK-FM Web Site Homepages Will Feature A Direct Link To WCCO Radio’s And The Site Will Include Station Promotional Programs And Events, Photo Albums, Interviews, Videos, Stadium Tours And Twins Community Fund Affairs Information Views Will Have An Opportunity To Join The Twins Territory Team

17 Twins Twitter & Text Club – CBS Radio Will Create And Build The Twins Twitter & Text Club! – The Text Club Will Be Promoted On All Three Radio Stations – An “Opt In” Text Club Where Fans Get Updates, Twins News Updates, Promotional Events And Tickets – Members Will Have The Chance To Win An Exclusive Twins Insider Flyaway To Key Games As Targeted By CBS Radio. The Winner Will Be The “Twins Insider” With Blog And Pictures To Share Their Experience

18 Community Involvement CBS Radio is dedicated to supporting the community and will work to support the Twins Community Fund CBS Radio will work to target partners and select events throughout the year to enhance awareness and increase outreach

19 Community Involvement Continued The Twins Community Fund will be highlighted in a number of CBS Radio signature events including: – “Let’s Kick Hunger Day” – Gutter Bowl – Curl For A Cure – Apples For Teachers The Twins Community Fund and Community Partners will be featured on all three CBS Radio websites

20 Programming Partnership With Twins – Bi-Weekly Ron Gardenhire Interview On Dave Lee And The Morning (Tuesday & Thursday 7:25 A.M.) – Sunday Morning Ron Gardenhire Show 10 A.M. – 11 A.M. During Sports Huddle General Managers Show – Sports Huddle 9:35 A.M. – 10 A.M.

21 Programming Continued Hot Stove League Show – Wednesday Evenings January – March 7-8 P.M. The Show Will Consist Of Interview With Team Manager, General Managers, Players, Team Executives And The Twins Farm System. Other Ancillary Programming – WCCO Will Assign A Twins Insider/Beat Reporter To Follow The Team Throughout The Season, Covering Games, Practices, Press Conferences.

22 Programming Continued Winter Caravan – WCCO Twins Beat Reporter Will Travel Along Select Caravan Stops And Provide Reports, Interviews, Video, Pictures And Blogs For Both On-Air And Wccoradio.Com Audiences Twinsfest – WCCO Will Offer Wall-to-wall Coverage Of Twins Fest and Broadcast Live Shows On Location Autograph Party – WCCO Will Offer Wall-to-Wall Coverage Of Autograph Party and Broadcast Live Shows On Location

23 Programming Continued Weekly Segment – WCCO Will Make Best Efforts To Hire A Twins Player(s) For A Weekly Segment During The Michele Tafoya Show To Raise The Visibility Of The Twins And The Player. Live Post-Game Show – From A Location Near Target Field To Follow All Home Friday And Saturday Night Programs. The Show Feature Twins Personal And Recognized Personal From The Opposing Team. The WCCO Twins Insider/Beat Reporter Will Also Participate In The Program As Co-host.

24 Programming Continued HD Programming – CBS Radio Will Provide The Twins With A Dedicated 24/7 Twins Channel – The Station Will Work With The Twins To Create Original Programming, As Well Repurposing Current Content (Coaches Show, GM Interview, Hot Stove League Show) As Well Classic Audio From The Twins And WCCO Archives. – The Station Will Also Feature Rebroadcasts Of Twin Play-by-Play

25 Brand Extension Branding Of WCCO Station Vehicle Twins Fest Twins Caravan Opening Day Twins Autograph Party All Star Voting Minnesota Sate Fair Twins Ticket Tuesday Home Field Fridays Sports Huddle Sunday At Target Plaza

26 Brand Extension Continued This Is Twins Territory Program Minnesota Twins Fan Of The Week Swing For The Cities Online Game “Jack It” Out Of The Park” JACK-FM Live Music Events Lite FM Family Section - Sunday Home Games Friday Night Ladies Night Lite Break


28 The Place For Twins Baseball! Thank You For Your Consideration.

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