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In March of 2015, the Broadalbin-Perth varsity baseball team will be traveling to Myrtle Beach, SC for a unique Spring Training Experience. The team will.

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1 In March of 2015, the Broadalbin-Perth varsity baseball team will be traveling to Myrtle Beach, SC for a unique Spring Training Experience. The team will leave on 3/26/15, and return on 3/29/15. This trip is for players on the varsity team only. Last year’s trip was a memorable one. The coaching staff hopes to make this year’s trip just as memorable, making memories that will last a lifetime.

2 Only the 2015 varsity team, and its coaching staff will attend the trip. We are also trying to arrange for an athletic trainer to travel with the team. Parents are welcome to attend as well, but must make accommodations on their own.

3 The 2015 varsity baseball team will be chosen just as it would during any other season. Only those players who show a commitment to the team, an ability to help the team win, and the character we demand will be chosen as members of the team. All players, grades 7-12, are eligible to make the team.

4 The team will… Enjoy the finest facilities on the east coast for Spring Training baseball. Be housed as a team with supervision. Players will be in rooms of 8. Coaches will be in rooms near by. Unscheduled door checks will be conducted nightly. Play 4 scrimmages, and hold 2 practices. Participate in mandatory study hours. Enjoy team-oriented recreation and meals.

5 ItemCost per Player Baseball and Lodging$220.00 Air Fare (subject to change) $420.00 Ground Transportation$60.00 Total Cost Per Player$700.00 All money needed for the trip can be raised by the players!!!

6 The Baseball program will participate in 2 fund raisers which can raise all of the money for each player. Players who raise funds, and make the 2015 varsity team, will have 100% of their funds allotted to the trip, up to $700.00. Players who raise funds, but do not make the varsity team, will have 20% of all money they raise earmarked in their name. The money will continue to roll over and accumulate until the player either makes the varsity team in the year of a trip, or leaves the program through being cut, quitting, graduating, or being removed from the program for disciplinary reasons.

7 All money raised is at the jurisdiction of the Broadalbin-Perth Central School District. The program is choosing to use money raised to fund this trip. No money, at any time or for any reason, will be refunded to the player or his family if he does not go on the trip, does not make the team, or for any other reason. Any player who commits to the trip, but does not meet the fundraising deadline, will be obligated to pay the balance out of pocket.

8 5 th Annual BP-Baseball, “Theo Higgins” Memorial Golf Tournament Players will be asked to earn sponsorships for various parts of the golf course. Sponsorships should be a minimum of $100.00. All sponsorship checks should be made out to BP Baseball. Formal sponsor requests letters can be printed from

9 BP-Baseball, Yankee Candle Sale Players will sell Yankee Candles and accessories. This 40% of all money goes to the program. We have challenged each player to sell 500 dollars during the sale, yielding a 200 dollar profit. Special thanks to Joanne Schmidt and Kylene Morreale for helping to organize this great opportunity!

10 Date DueDollar Amount Due December 1 st, 2014$200.00 January 5th, 2015$200.00 February 15th, 2015$300.00 All money for the trip must be raised according to the schedule below. Any player who intends on traveling on the trip must meet the payment deadlines. If a player has raised the money needed by the dates suggested, then he owes nothing. However, if a player is short on the dates listed, he will be asked to pay from pocket to meet the deadlines.

11 The team will be flying to SC together: The team has purchased tickets through US Airways, and will be traveling from Albany, NY, to Florence, SC. Tickets have already been purchased, and the deposit for each has already been paid. While in SC, the team will be travelling on 3 minivans driven by school personnel. Parents must sign a waiver for their children to ride in these vans.

12 The team will be staying at Myrtlewood Villas, sponsored by The Ripken Experience: Room assignments will be dictated by the coaching staff. Players must abide by these arrangements. Players must lodge with the team. No players may stay with parents or family. Strict schedules will be set by the coaching staff for meals, bed times, and wake up times.

13 All meals will be eaten as a team. Parents are welcome to join. Breakfast is complementary at the hotel. Lunches will be had at the Ripken facility concession stand. Dinners will be at local restaurants in the Myrtle Beach area. We will do our best to locate restaurants that accommodate large groups at reasonable prices. All lunches and dinners will be paid for by the players. Players must be prepared to purchase 7 meals at roughly 10 dollars each.

14 All recreation time will be scheduled in advance, and will be spent as a team. Most free time will be spent together at the hotel relaxing, and spending time recovering. The time in SC will be physically demanding, especially on pitchers, and players will need ample rest. If time and weather allow, the team may enjoy some activities together. We will likely visit the Boardwalk, and Broadway at the Beach. Players must stay with the team at all times.

15 Play time will be awarded the way it would be in any other game during the season The coaching staff cannot guarantee that play time will be equal for each player, or that a player will play in the position he desires. We will attempt to accommodate each player within reason, understanding that for many, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. As always, playtime is at the discretion of the coaching staff, and is not open for discussion.

16 Parents are welcome and encouraged to attend the trip. Parents are more than welcome to fly with the team. Please see the flight itinerary for flight numbers. As of last week, there were a few seats available on the flights. Parents are welcome to stay at the same hotel as the team, but must make their own arrangements to do so. The facility accommodates only player and coaches at the rate they advertise. The hotel we stay at is a condo complex, and space is very limited. If parents arrange to attend the trip, and pay, but their child does not make the team, there will be no refunds. Paying in advance for air fare, lodging, or anything else does not ensure that your child will make the team.

17 Albany, NY to Florence, SC (March 26 th, 2015) Depart from Albany on flight 1936 at 8:15 am. Arrive at Charlotte-Douglas at 10:45 am. Depart from Charlotte-Douglas on flight 3983 at 11:35 am. Arrive at Florence Regional at 12:22 pm. Florence, SC to Albany, NY (March 29 th, 2015) Depart from Florence Regional on flight 4751 at 8:38 pm. Arrive at Charlotte-Douglas at 9:31 pm. Depart from Charlotte-Douglas on flight 1940 at 10:20 pm. Arrive at Albany at 12:13 am.

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