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Introduction of Coaches Brandon Dennis (Head Coach) Troy Pendley (V/JV) Tim Steed (V/JV) Jeff Arnold (V/JV) Spencer Taylor (Freshman) Logan Cecil (Freshman)

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2 Introduction of Coaches Brandon Dennis (Head Coach) Troy Pendley (V/JV) Tim Steed (V/JV) Jeff Arnold (V/JV) Spencer Taylor (Freshman) Logan Cecil (Freshman)

3 Structure of the Program Varsity Junior Varsity Freshman

4 Drug and Alcohol Policy We no longer have a school-wide policy concerning drug and alcohol abuse by Student-Athletes here at DCHS. Each program now has an individual Drug and Alcohol Policy.

5 Drug and Alcohol Policy It is the expectation of the Daviess County Baseball coaching staff that players in the program will not use drugs or alcohol at any point during their high school career. Not only is the use of drugs and alcohol an unsavory act that can negatively impact athletic performance, but it is also illegal. If a player, as a representative of this program, chooses to use drugs or alcohol at any point during the year, said player will lose, at minimum, practices and games, and, at maximum, the privilege of being a member of the program. (All punishments are at the discretion of the Head Coach.)

6 First Offense For a first offense with drugs or alcohol, a player will face the following possible punishment: Minimum Punishment—Player will be suspended for a minimum of 15% of total games scheduled. (Between 5 and 6 games, depending on schedule) Maximum Punishment—Permanent Removal from Team

7 Second Offense For a second offense with drugs or alcohol, a player will face the following possible punishment: Minimum Punishment—Player will be suspended for a minimum of 50% of total games scheduled. (Between 17 and 18 games, depending on schedule) Maximum Punishment—Permanent Removal from Team

8 Third Offense For a third offense, a player will be permanently removed from the team.

9 Drug/Alcohol Policy Changes In a change to the previous policy at the District level, the Drug/Alcohol Policy must be signed by the player, a parent/guardian, and the head coach. We must have all of these on file by Saturday, March 7.

10 Information Provided to All Sports Programs at DC—Coach Hurley (AD) Topics Academic Expectations (KHSAA) Concession Stand Sports-Related Injury (Owensboro Health) Insurance Forms Season Passes

11 Academic Expectations At DCHS, students must be passing 3 of 4 classes to be eligible. At DCMS/CVMS, students must be passing 2/3 of current classes. Grade Reports are completed each Friday-if found ineligible, the student athlete cannot participate in any events for one week (beginning the following Monday).

12 Concession Stand Each athletic team here at DCHS relies on parent volunteers to operate the concession stand for each athletic contest. At this point, we have 32 total home games this season. We ask that four parents work each game. (Concession/Grill) If each individual parent will sign up to work two games, every game will be covered. In the past, Freshman and JV parents have signed up to work Varsity games and vice versa—this ensures that parents are able to watch games in which their sons are playing.

13 Sports-Related Injury Think twice before going to Family Doctor or Minor Emergency Center for sports-related injuries that are not “emergencies”. Many times medical professionals who are not specialists will immobilize the injury for an extended amount of time without recommending any physical therapy or treatment for the specific injury. If you see any medical professional, we must use the timetable provided by them when recovering from an injury. Relationship with Owensboro Health On-Site Trainer Available Daily

14 Insurance Forms The DC BoE carries athletic insurance that is secondary to your primary insurance. You must sign the form in the back of the Handbook that states that you understand that the insurance is secondary before your son can participate in contests.

15 Admission Costs/Season Passes General Admission Prices: Adults: $5 Students: $2 Student All Sports Passes: $15 PASSES CAN BE USED FOR ALL HOME REGULAR SEASON GAMES AND TOURNAMENTS. (NOT POST SEASON TOURNAMENTS) Baseball Season Pass: $45 (12 Varsity Home Games Scheduled) Baseball Family Package $75 (2 adult baseball passes & 2 student passes) $15 additional charge for each additional student

16 Parental Support/Involvement We have the BEST parents and supporters in the state! We ask for a LOT from the boys each season, and we know that means that we ask a lot from each of you as well. Thank you for your commitment to Panther Baseball. We couldn’t do it without you!

17 Appointments During the Season If possible, please try to schedule any appointments (Dr., Dentist, Hair, etc) for a time when we are not practicing or playing so that your son has every opportunity to get better/earn a position.

18 FAQs about Transportation All players will ride together on the bus to games outside of the city limits—players can choose to ride home with their own parents after any contest. (We are exploring the option to have buses drop off team/coaches and leave.) Players will need to have a ride to any game within the city limits. For Parents of Players Coming from the Middle School There are buses that come from each middle school to the high school every day. If you choose to pick your son up each day, please do not check them out early just to come here for practice/game.

19 Important Notes on Program Policy The dugout/building area is for players and coaches only. This is for both liability and functional purposes. Parent Meeting Policy As always, you are welcome to open a discussion (in the right time and place) concerning what your son needs to improve to increase his playing time if that is an issue that you would like to address. The change to the policy is that your son must be in attendance for the meeting as well, since these are issues that pertain directly to him as a player. If these meetings take on any other tone other than asking for help in improvement areas, the meeting will be over immediately. Conversations in email form will also be acceptable, but there will be no more emails without the player’s knowledge. Anything emailed to the coaching staff will be shared with the player in a effort to clear up any confusion or miscommunication. Once everything is cleared up, your son should be in a position to communicate answers to you.

20 Important Notes on Program Policy (cont.) Before games, it is fine for you to provide your son’s favorite flavor Powerade over the fence (as long as it is an idle time). This should not be done during the game—if your son is trying to get your attention to get him a beverage, odds are he is not paying attention to the task at hand. As soon as the water is on, water is provided for all players during the game.

21 Spring Break Changes for 2015 The Varsity team (players who dressed Varsity in 2014) will be heading back to Ft. Walton Beach for our Spring Break trip this upcoming season. Format will be exactly the same this season as previous trips: Players will travel and stay with parents. Any player whose family does not make the trip will need to make arrangements to travel and stay with another family. The cost for the trip per player is $325. (This amount covers the cost of entry in the tournament and the overall cost of the trip for the baseball program. It does not include meals, travel, transportation for players, etc.) We do not have a schedule for the week yet. As soon as we have one, it will be posted on the website calendar.

22 Online Team Store Through BSN Equipment Needed: Hats (purchase from DC) Jerseys (purchase from DC) Pants (Due to timing, purchase from DC if needed) Fr.-Gray JV/V-White and Gray Purchase from BSN (or Other Sporting Goods Business) Sleeves (Red) Belt (Red) Helmet (Red) Socks (Red) Cleats (Black/White Nike if purchased new this year.)

23 Final Thoughts Last season at the meeting, I discussed losing three major contributors but still expecting to compete for District and Region Titles. That worked out pretty well for us. This season, we are in a similar situation. We lost a couple of seniors, but may be in even better shape to make a run at the State Tournament. It won’t be easy to repeat, but these guys have what it takes to get the job done. We have high expectations for our teams at all levels. We return a majority of the players that were in our program last season, and we anticipate that experience to translate into success on the field at all three levels.

24 Checklist for Paperwork 1. Insurance Form 2. Concession Stand sign-up 3. Drug/Alcohol Policy (Signed) Also, don’t forget to pick up the following items: Master Schedule for the Season Travel/Lodging Permission Form

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