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What is Mario doing?. Starter Questions Have you ever played baseball? Which countries enjoy playing baseball? Baseball is sometimes called “American’s.

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1 What is Mario doing?


3 Starter Questions Have you ever played baseball? Which countries enjoy playing baseball? Baseball is sometimes called “American’s pastime”; what do you think this means?American’s pastime

4 Baseball which comes from Rounders that the British invented for small kids, became an extremely popular sport during and just after the American Civil War. It was called "America's Pastime" because during the late 19th and early 20th century it was probably the most widely played sport in the country. Before the invention of TV, Baseball was what kids did after school and on the weekends and during the summer...etc. It was literally how America passed the time.



7 The Baseball Diamond three bases and a home plate


9 How many players are on a baseball team?

10 catcher pitcher left fielder center fielder right fielder first baseman second baseman third baseman short stop

11 Types of Pitchers 先發投手 SP - Starting Pitcher 中繼投手 RP - Relief Pitcher 長中繼 LRP - Long Relief Pitcher 短中繼 MRP - Middle Relief Pitcher 終結者 CP - Closer 或 Close Pitcher




15 三振出局 高飛球接殺出局 出局 觸殺 封殺

16 打擊者必須四個壘都安全上壘,沒有出局,才能得一分 跑者有碰到壘包時,不能被觸殺 九位打擊者依照順序輪流上場

17 壞球 好球區 打擊者可打可不打 好球 揮棒落空 界外球

18 高飛球 滾地球 三振 保送


20 雙殺 全壘打 盜壘




24 Let’s Play Baseball



27 Hong-Chih-Kuo @ MLB

28 Hong-Chih-Kuo @ Bullpen

29 Bullpen

30 In baseball, the bullpen (or simply the pen) is the area where relief pitchers warm-up before entering a game. Depending on the ballpark, it may be situated in foul territory along the baselines or just beyond the outfield fence. Also, a team's roster of relief pitchers is metonymically referred to as "the bullpen". These relievers usually wait in the bullpen when they have yet to play in a game, rather than in the dugout with the rest of the team. The starting pitcher also makes his final pregame warmups in the bullpen. Managers can call coaches in the bullpen on an in- house telephone from the dugout to tell a certain pitcher to begin his warmup tosses What does “Bullpen” mean?

31 Where do baseball players practice? Wang in bull pen.Wang in bull pen 牛棚( Bull pen )一詞來自於美國職棒大聯盟,通 常用以指稱「後援投手練習區」或「後援投手群」 Bull pen美國職棒大聯盟後援投手

32 Why does it call “Bullpen”? The origin of the term "bullpen" has long been debated in baseball. One popular notion is that the term came from Bull Durham tobacco. At one time most ballparks had ads on the outfield fences and Bull Durham was always near the spot where the relief pitchers warmed up. In those days all games were day games and the signs provided much needed shade. In 1910 the Bull Durham name was so closely associated with the ballpark, that signs where in almost every park in the country. These signs stood 40 feet long by 25 feet high. The company offered a $50 reward to any hitter who could hit a ball off one. In addition, any player hitting a home run in a park with a bull on the fence got a carton of tobacco. In 1909 there were 50 signs in place and 14 players won. The next year with nearly 150 Bull Durham signs being hit 85 times, $4,520 in cash and more than 10,000 pounds of tobacco was given out.

33 Why is it ‘bull pen’, not ‘pig pen’ or ‘chicken pen’ ? 美國職棒在很早很早以前就有廣告看板的設置,而在 1920 年前後,有一家叫做「 Bull Durham 」的煙草公司,在很 多棒球場的後援投手練習區上方就掛著他們的廣告招牌。 而「 Bull Durham 」唸快了,就有點像「 Bull pen 」(牛 棚),所以後來大家就習慣稱呼那個區域為「 Bull pen 」。 而「 pen 」就是圍欄的意思。 美國職棒 1920 年 另外,也有人說投手群聚在投手練習區裡面,感覺有點像 牛群集合在牛棚裡面一樣,所以才會有這樣的暱稱。

34 While this seems to be the most convincing theory of the terms origin, it should be noted that the term "bullpen" had long been used in the United States to denote either a log enclosure for holding cattle or a holding area for prisoners. This concept of it being an enclosure, along with some help from the Bull Durham promotion, may have strongly influenced the terms use. Another theory likens the relief pitchers to the reserve bulls in bullfighting, who are pinned nearby the arena should the starting bull be deemed unable to fight. Reference-The New Dickson Baseball Dictionary,Paul Dickson


36 Equipment for Baseball Umpires 3D9CCD&playnext=1&index=14 3D9CCD&playnext=1&index=14

37 裁判手勢與口令介紹 Play Ball 開始比賽 《高舉右手掌》

38 裁判手勢與口令介紹 Strike 好球 《高舉右手握拳》

39 裁判手勢與口令介紹 Safe 安全上壘 《雙手平舉》

40 裁判手勢與口令介紹 Out 出局 《高舉右手握拳》

41 裁判手勢與口令介紹 Fair Ball 界內球 《單手向場內壓》

42 裁判手勢與口令介紹 Foul Ball 界外球 《雙手向外推或雙手高舉》

43 裁判手勢與口令介紹 Time 暫停 《雙手掌高舉》

44 裁判手勢與口令介紹 Home Run 全壘打 《右手握拳旋轉》

45 裁判手勢與口令介紹 Change 攻守交換 《雙手連續交叉打開又交叉3次》

46 How many baseball terms do you learn from this lesson? What are they? What do we call the person who throws the ball? What shape is the infield area? What is the person who is trying to hit the ball called? What is the place where he stands called? What is the person who sits behind the home plate and tries to catch the pitched balls called? What is it called, if the batter hits the ball and runs around the bases and to homeplate. Quick Review

47 What is it called if the batter misses the thrown ball? What is it called, if the pitcher's throw is too low, too high or too wide? Who decides if it is 'a strike' or 'a ball'? What is it called when the pitcher throws four balls and the batter goes to first base? What is one 'round' of play called? What happens if the batter has three 'strikes'? What happens if the player is tagged before he reaches the base? How many innings are there in a game?



50 Cross-cultural Superstitions 跨文化迷信 Take one minute and think about if there are any superstitions for basketball and baseball. 同學們,請花 一分鐘想想看,籃球與棒球運動有哪些迷信呢。 For baseball, it is said that many baseball players like to spit into their hand before picking up their bat to bring good luck. 許多棒球員喜歡在拿球棒之前吐口水在手上以 求得好運。 Many baseball players also believe that a wad of gum stuck on their hat will bring good luck. 有學多球員也相信 把口香糖黏在帽子上會帶來好運。 However, it is bad luck if a dog walks across the diamond before the first pitch. 然而,如果在比賽投出第 一支球之前有狗穿越球場,那將會有霉運。

51 Baseball Terms 1. 投手 11. 全壘打 2. 補手 12. 保送到一壘 3. 出局 13. 滑壘 4. 好球 14. 盜壘 5. 壞球 15. 登板,準備上場打擊 6. 壘包 16. 裁判 7. 本壘板 8. 球棒 9. 手套 10. 三振

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