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A civil rights leader By Alexas Archie, Courtney Watson, and Erika Clemons.

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2 A civil rights leader By Alexas Archie, Courtney Watson, and Erika Clemons

3 Martin was born April 4, 1968. He went to school at Black Yonge and graduated from Morehouse from and got married to Correta Scott. Personal Life

4 Religious Life Martin ordained as a Baptist Minister and was also a co-pastor.

5 Accomplishments Martin Luther King published a book called Stride Toward Freedom and won the Nobel Peace prize.

6 Civil Rights Martin also went to jail for being at a sit-in launch for only white people.

7 Death Martin died on April 4,1968. He was shot by James Earl Ray.

8 Resources ml ml er/timeline.shtml er/timeline.shtml folder/imagegallery/grave.jpg folder/imagegallery/grave.jpg church-montgomery.jpg church-montgomery.jpg

9 By Kourtney Roberson, George Dockery, and Sean Reeves

10 Young life BBBBorn July 12, 1937. HHHHe lived in Pennsylvania. HHHHe made people laugh when he told jokes at school.

11 Later…  Played football in high school.  Bill dropped out of high school.  Served in the Navy for 4 years in 1956.  He got physical education and got a job.

12 Back in…  He went to Temple University to go to the comedy club.  He got first idea from watching television and wanted to be a actor.  He got physical education in school when he went back.

13 His Tv life  He was in many tv shows like: Fat Albert, I Spy Alex Scott, The Bill Cosby Show, and other educational shows.  The Bill Cosby Show started in 1989 and ended 1992.

14 Big thing.  Bill Cosby has spent his life as an actor,and comedian, and shares his life experiences to entertain, and help others.

15 Resources  38754.jpg 38754.jpg 38754.jpg   Great aferican american in Entertainment.  ats/1698L.jpg ats/1698L.jpg ats/1698L.jpg

16 By: Amy Fuentes, Ledarius Prince, Talina Seu

17 FAMILY He had a sister. He married Alma Johnson and had 3 kids. His parents were immigrants from Jamaica

18 Schooling He graduated From Morris High school with a “C” average. At city college of New York he joined the ROTC. He earned a masters degree.

19 Maturing in the army He was able to move up the ranks in the army from a 2nd lieutenant to a general.

20 Politics He was chairman of joint chiefs of staff. He was a national secretary advisor. He was military aide to secretary of defense. His last political appointment was Secretary of State under George W. Bush.

21 Conclusion He is a well respected man, and a great military leader.

22 Bibliography Landau, Elaine. Colin Powell: four star general

23 Brenden, Devin, and Randal

24 Birth and Death Born February 15, 1817 in Maryland. Dies February 20, 1895 in Washington, D.C.

25 Slave His mother was sent away by the master. At the age of six he started working as a slave. In 1838 he escaped from slavery.

26 Writer Wrote for the North Star newspaper. Learned to read as a slave in 1828.

27 Politician 1877 Consult to the General of Haiti. 1841 becomes U.S. Marshal of Washington D.C.

28 Civil rights leader 1841 makes first speech against slavery 1861 met Lincoln to protest African American soldier treatment

29 Conclusion Fredrick Douglass tried to get slaves to be free and for blacks to be treated like others.

30 By: Lamarcus Allen, Amber Thompson, Brittney Kincer

31 Riley.B. King was born September 16,1925 in Delta Mississippi. He lived in a cabin on a plantation. Riley was in a gospel choir and that influenced him to start singing.

32 Family He has over 23 grandchildren. He has 13 children, 7 were adopted.

33 The schools he went to He went to Rhodes college. When he went to school he also received his doctorate.

34 Musical History B.B King plays a guitar named Lucille. He started off in a radio station in 1948. The two B’s in his name stands for blues boy.

35 Conclusion Even though he was born in a little town he grew up to be someone everybody know. He was and still will be a great guitar player.

36 Resources B_KING.html B_KING.html rhodes/RhodesHistory.html Rock and roll hall of fame website The Encyclopedia Britannica Website: guide to black history Blues all Around Me by B.B. King

37 Hank Aaron By: Anthony Holland and Jesslyn Garcia

38 When he was Born Henry Louis Aaron was born on February 5, 1934 in Mobile, Alabama. Hank’s Parents

39 Child hood His father want him to play baseball. When Aaron was young teenager professional baseball slowly began integrate.

40 professional He was 40 when he broke Babe Ruth’s record of 714 home runs. He hit 755 home runs in his career.

41 Valuable Player He won a valuable gold 305 home runs. medal for

42 When he retired The Braves traded him to the Milwaukee Brewers. He end with Brooklyn Dodgers. He retired after the 1976 season.

43 Resources HankAaron.htm htm htm /aaron.htm /aaron.htm on.htm on.htm

44 By Kentoria Tatum and O’Shanta Rollins

45 When Harriet Was Born Maryland Harriet was born in 1820 in Dorchester and was also taken away from her family at age 5.

46 The Civil War »In 1862-1864 she worked in the civil war as a nurse and spied for the northern army.

47 Underground railroad Harriet Tubman lead 300 people to freedom along the underground railroad.

48 Escaped Slave She was hit with a metal weight while helping a slave escape.

49 The Death Of Harriet Tubman Harriet Tubman died in 1913 from old age. She died a slave and is still known as one to many people.

50 Recourses ve.html ve.html –www. black history month. Com

51 Presented by: Shazon, Troy, Denise

52 He was born oct.8,1941. He was adopted by his step dad. He was a only child His mother was 16 and his dad was married

53 He went to church with his grandmother Church was important to Jesse. He became a reverand.

54 Jesse was a student body president. He got a scholarship at UIC. He left the UIC. 1963 graduated from A&T. 1963 he also graduated from North Carolina. 1959 he went to University of Illinois.

55 He became a hair dresser He was a civil rights leader He ran for president in 1988 1965 marched with Martin Luther King Jr.

56 Jesse Jackson was born Oct. 8,1941. He always went to church. He had a very hard young life. He went to school and graduated from all of them.

57 Jesse Jackson : a rainbow leader / Patrica Stone Martin ; illustrated by Bernard Doctor. Jesse Jackson : still fighting for the dream / by Brenda Wilkinson.

58 By Jakia, Franchesca, and Ricky

59 Langston Hughes was born February 1, 1902. He died in May 22, 1967

60 Mom and Dad got separated Lived with his grandmother and listened to her tell stories.

61 He was the only black child in his class. He made make believe friends with the people in the stories he read.

62 In 1921 people started to read Langston poetry Made 47 volumes that bear his name.

63 After his death every one remembers him as a great American poet.

64 Langston Hughes Great American Poet. Patricia and Fredrick McKissack

65 By Javier, Cristina, Jordan


67 He played in King Allegers Bans and led the brass Band. In 1929 Stars in Hot Chocolate, a musical on Broadway.

68 In 1964 Hello Dolly becomes a number one hit. His first European tour starts in 1932.

69 In 1967 he won the jazz Mobil award,and a Grammy. In 1972 nanas award

70 During his life he won many awards. in 1936 he published a autobiography. later on he died on July 6 1971!!!!!

71 We got this information out of many books about his great and cool life!!!!!!! g.html g.html http://www.seminaire- rong-louis.htmhttp://www.seminaire- rong-louis.htm armstrong.htm armstrong.htm jpg jpg

72 By Maryse Miamba and Melisa Lombardo and Ruby Avila

73 She was born on December 23, 1867 in Louisiana. She began life with the name Sarah Breedlove. She was an orphan at age 6.

74 She moved to Visksburg to live with her sister. She had a sister named Louuinna. She married M.C.Williams at age 14. She had a daughter at age 20. She worked as a maid before she became a millionaire and did laundry.

75 In 1912, she went to Chicago, Illinois to meet two other members of the National Negro business. Sarah became one of the first American woman millionaires. She created hair care products.

76 Madame Walker made more money than Oprah. After a time Madame Walker husband died and her heart was broken.

77 Sarah Breedlove Walker died on May 25,1919 when she was 86 in NewYork.

78 Sources khist.html khist.html er er htm htm

79 By: Devrick, Brandi and Treecie

80 Born and Death Malcolm was born on May 1925 Malcolm was raised in Omaha He died in 1965

81 Prison Malcolm went to prison for stealing out of a drug store. While in prison he read a lot of books. He turned his life around because at first he was a gang dealer.

82 How Malcolm Changed his name Malcolm changed his name from Malcolm Little to Malcolm X. Malcolm X was given to him from his ancestors. Little was a slave name to Malcolm X. Malcolm X

83 He went to a Baptist Church Malcolm became a Minster Malcolm’s Father died so he decided to follow his footsteps

84 What Malcolm was known for He was know for his word of speech Also for his wonderful decision And how he treated people equally

85 Resources olmX.jpg olmX.jpg htm htm y/ y/

86 By Porsha j. Tiffany Pham Kristen Lynn Robinson

87 Maya Angelou was born April 4a 1928 St.louis Missouri. Maya Angelou was raped and sexually abused. Her older brother gave the nick name Maya. Her real name was marguerite Baxter Johnson.

88 HOW IT WAS WITH MAYA AND HER MOTHER Maya and her mom was separated and put back many times. There mother could not would not take care of them when Maya was raped.

89 When There Parent Got Divorced When her parent got divorced, Maya and her brother moved to Stamp, Arkansas to lived with there grand parent. Later she moved to New York City to lived with her mom.

90 As Maya Got Older Maya became a writer, singer, actor and poet. Later Maya Angelou wrote a book called Pheromone Women

91 Bibliography ry/GGomez_Angelou.htm ry/GGomez_Angelou.htm 557.html 557.html gelou.htmil gelou.htmil Maya Angelou and her great works.

92 Caitlin Bright, Kweku Larbie, Andres Barrera

93 He was born February 17,1963 in Brookyln, New York. He has two sisters and two brothers, he went to Laney High School in Wilmington.

94 He went to the University of North Carolina Collage. Then he got accepted to the Five Star Basketball Camp in Pittsburgh.

95 He made it into the NBA in 1985 with the Chicago Bulls.

96 He is the first history league player to have more than 100 blocked and more than 200 steals.

97 He retired from basketball and became a professional baseball player.

98 michael-jordan--bull/ Images/cud21467.jpg Images/cud21467.jpg NBA/Wizards/71412.htm 0109105.jpg 0109105.jpg 96059_baseball298.jpg 96059_baseball298.jpg ball%20jersey.jpg ball%20jersey.jpg

99 BY O’SHEANA, and Angelo G. And Jeremy

100 He was born in Louisville, Kentucky U.S. He was born on January 17,1942 His birth name was Cassius Clay.

101 He won the golden gloves 1959 through 1960. He was the heavyweight Champion through 1964-1967 then 1974- 1978 then 1978-1979.

102 He has a brain disease that causes muscle tremors its called the Parkinson’s Syndrome. It caused by many hits to his head.

103 Personal Life –He was expired by Malcolm X. and become Muslim. –Then he changed his name to Muhammad Ali.


105 By Mercedes,Kiki,and Yona Rosa Parks – the woman who changed the law for black and white people!

106 Child Hood Before Rosa Parks moved to her grandparents house, she was born in Tuskee, Alabama. Rosa moved to Pine Level in Alabama. Rosa mother was Rosas teacher until she was 11 years old.

107 Rosa’s School When Rosa was 11, she went to a school for African American children. In 1924, after the age 11, she got sent to Montgomery School. She went to school for 5 moth a year.

108 Accomplishment She stood up for her rights. She joined the NAACP. She supported that all people should have all rights.

109 Arrested Dec.11,1995, in Alabama, the bus driver ordered her to give her seat for a white man but she refused and got arrested. After she got arrested, she got sent to the court and had to talk to the judge. Rosa told the judge why it was so important for African American.

110 Conclusion Now all African Americans can sit any where they want and they don’t have to give there set for anyone. Now all African Americans has the same rights as anybody else.

111 Websites http://en.wikipedia.rog/wiki/RosaParks htm htm

112 By Corey,Tanveer and Natasha

113 Stevie was born on May 13,1950. Shortly after his birth he lost his ability to see from all of the oxygen in his incubator.

114 His real name was Steveland Morris Judkins Hardway,but in the paper they called him little Stevie Wonder. He never new he was blind until he was four. His father left him at age five.

115 GROWING UP As he was growing he turned to drugs. Later in his life he got married to Syreeta.

116 MUSIC LIFE He made his first record at age 12. He is also a singer and musician. He got two awards and made his own recording studio.

117 RESOURCES We got our resources from the computer and books.


119 Birth: Born on September 23,1930. Born in Albany, Georgia. Ray Charles was not born blind

120 Childhood: At age six Ray Charles lost eyesight due to Glaucoma. He was sent to a special school for blind. There he learned to read and write braille.

121 As a Teen: At 15 Ray became an orphan. A month later Ray dropped out of school.

122 As an Adult: Ray started singing at clubs. He started making records. Then he started switching record lables.

123 Hard Life: Ray soon became addicted to illegal drugs. Later Ray found out he had a liver disease.

124 Death: Ray Charles died in 2004 of a liver disease. He will always be remembered.

125 The end credits: Dedicated to Ray Charles. The makers: Jerson, Diandrea, April, and Horacio. Special thanks to: Ray%20Charles Mrs. Benton

126 Bree Winfrey, Jordyn Garfias,and Xeykaria Elzey

127 Oprah was born on January 29,1954 and lived on a small community farm in Kosciusko, Mississippi. In school Oprah was smart in class, in fact she was very bored in kindergarten. Oprah wrote her teacher a note to. move her up to 1 st grade. Her teacher agreed then moved her up. So when she was six she moved to Wisconsin with her mom

128  About this time Oprah started to get in trouble. So she was sent to live with her father in Tennessee.  Her father was strict, her taught Oprah to be good at home and at school.  So in collage she attended Tennessee State University.

129 Moving to a lot of places  Oprah lived with each parent at different times in her child hood.  Oprah moved to Baltimore and Chicago to host many different shows.

130  The first job Oprah had was working at a radio station.  When Oprah was in Baltimore she hosted a show called “People Are Talking”.  After she was recruited to A.M. Chicago to host the morning show.  People were happy to know that Oprah was on the show every morning, to give them hope.

131 All about Oprah  On September 8, 1986 the Oprah show started.  Her show aired on 138 different stations.  She had 10,000,000 viewers, who came to see her on her show.  In the process Oprah became a multimillionaire.

132 Making a difference!  She played as Sofia in the movie called “The Color Purple”.  She won Best Supporting Actress.  Now she has more than 18 million viewers.  So many people look up to her, and understand her child hood.  She is the most richest, most powerfulest women on the planet.

133 By: Brittany Narcis Caleb Tipps, Charles Kerr.

134 Woods is learning how to golf at his young age. Tiger was born December 30,1975.

135 At age 16 Tiger won the USGA Junior Championship.

136 Pro golfer Woods has won many championships in the PGA and other associations.

137 Woods has helped racism by being the first African American to be in the Golf Hall Of Fame.

138 In 1997 Woods won the second Major by record.

139 Bibliography use/gatewoodtiger-1.jpg use/gatewoodtiger-1.jpg ages/_1466594_woods_trophy150.jpg ages/_1466594_woods_trophy150.jpg ALSA-17s20-WoodsPAPPVIT-99.jpg ALSA-17s20-WoodsPAPPVIT-99.jpg ~jci/t_woods.html

140 By: Anjelica, Elisa, Fantasia

141 When Wilma was a child.  Wilma was born in Clarkville, Tennesse.  She was born on June 23,1940.  She was born two month early.

142 As a child  The doctor said she would never walk again.  She could not walk as a child.

143 Brace She wanted her doctor to work on her leg. She had a lot of work on her leg and the doctor gave her a brace.

144 Her new life She was working her leg that she felt ready to take off her brace at church. She was taking one step at a time. Then Wilma learned how to walk since then.

145 Olympics  Eight years later Wilma arrive in Rome Italy for the Olympics.  Wilma was the first person that had pilo and won the running gold medal of the Olympics.

146 By:Danel,Damien, And Steven

147 Young Life Bo Jackson was born in Nov.30,1962 His hometown was Bessemer, Alabama. He wanted to play football when was little.

148 Coming From High School He got a scholarship from AU. He played football for the AU Tigers. In 1985 he won the Heisman Trophy.

149 Family Man He loved kids So he decided to have his own. He named his son Nicholas

150 Football Bo Jackson Played in the NFL for the Oakland Raiders. In 1989 he won the MVP. He was the first player to run 90 or more yards.

151 Baseball He played Baseball for the Kansas City Royals. He won the MVP in 1889. He loved so much [baseball]

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