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2 A Presentation for Grade 8 Students and Parents GENERAL AMHERST HIGH SCHOOL YOUR COMMUNITY SCHOOL

3 AGENDA Welcome: Ms. Hazel Keefner, Principal Student Council Perspective: Lindsey Lim & Haley Bartlam Registration Information: Ms. Chere Tulett Guidance Head Guided Tours: Student Council

4 Friendly staff and students Unique Opportunities 730 students 45 staff members OYAP in Precision Metal Cutting Specialist High Skills Major Program in Manufacturing, Business, and Arts & Culture Instrumental Music Full-time Coop Program

5 AppliedAcademic Open Coll Prep (C)Univ Prep(U) Univ/Coll Prep (M) Open (O) Coll Prep (C)Univ Prep(U) Univ/Coll Prep(M) Open (O) Grade 11 Grade 12 Grade 10 Grade 9 Course Types Workplace (E) Applied Academic Open Workplace (E) LDCC

6 Open Courses “O” Generally, the optional courses (e.g., physical education, arts, etc.) are offered in the open stream. Expectations and learning activities are designed for and are appropriate for all students.

7 Applied Stream “P” Students learn the essential concepts of a subject. Emphasis is on the practical and hands-on applications of the concepts. Students in applied courses: learn by doing, enjoy discussion, see connections to real life, develop new ideas from reading, share ideas and apply them to their own lives. Grade 8 students working consistently at level 1 or 2 are more likely to experience success in the applied stream.

8 Academic Stream “D” Students learn the essential concepts of a subject and explore related materials. Emphasis is on theory and abstract thinking as a basis for future learning. Students in academic courses might like to work independently, enjoy understanding the “whys”, learn from a variety of sources, think creatively and like to problem solve, develop ideas from research. Grade 8 students working consistently at level 3 or 4 are more likely to experience success in the academic stream.

9 Locally Developed Compulsory Courses “L” Intended to meet educational and career preparation needs of students that cannot be met in applied or academic courses Focus on knowledge and skills students need to be well prepared for grade 11 workplace courses Learning expectations in these courses interconnect skills in subject-area learning, literacy, and mathematical literacy

10 What is a course code? ENG 1 D This letter identifies the stream/destination. D= Academic P= Applied L= Locally Developed O=Open This number identifies the grade 1 = Grade 9 These three letters identify the subject. Subject codes: the first letter in the course code denotes the course’s department area A= ArtsB= Business C= Canadian & World Studies E= English F= FrenchG= Guidance H= Humanities & Social Sciences L= International Languages M= MathematicsP=Physical Education S= SciencesT= Technology

11 What is a credit? A credit is earned upon successful completion of the curriculum expectations of a particular course. In order to earn an Ontario Secondary School Diploma, you must successfully complete 30 credits (18 compulsory and 12 optional).

12 What do I need to earn an Ontario Secondary School Diploma? 18 Compulsory Credits 12 Optional Credits The Provincial Literacy Requirement 40 hours of Community Involvement

13 18 compulsory credits 4 credits in English 3 credits in Math 2 credits in Science 1 credit in French 1 credit in Canadian History 1 credit in Canadian Geography 1 credit in the Arts (Visual Art, Music, Drama) 1 credit in Health and Physical Education.5 credit in Civics.5 credit in Career Studies Plus 3 additional credits from selected groups

14 In addition to the 18 compulsory credits, students must earn a total of 12 optional credits selected from the courses listed as available in the school course offerings found in the Career Cruising website. 18+12=30 12 Optional Credits

15 GRADE 9 COURSES 6 COMPULSORY ENGLISH FRENCH GEOGRAPHY MATH PHYS. ED SCIENCE 2 OPTIONAL AVI1O Visual Art AMI1O Instrumental Music AMV1O Vocal Music ATC10 Dance BTT1O Information & Communication Technology GSL1O Learning Strategies TIJ1O Exploring Technology

16 Provincial Literacy Requirement.

17 40 Hours Community Involvement You may begin earning community involvement hours in July 2014

18 What will high school be like?

19 Sample of a Typical Day Semester 1 – September to January Period 1 Exploring Technologies Period 2 Math Lunch Period 3 English Period 4 Physical Education

20 Planning the Pathway To Your Future! Choose Grade 9 courses on the basis of the student’s –needs –interests –strengths –past achievements The first step in planning is to view available courses using our on line course selection tool. Don’t forget your most valuable resource for course selection is your GRADE 8 TEACHER!

21 Registering for General Amherst Amherstburg Public, Anderdon, and Malden grade 8 student will register online Separate school grade 8 students will register through paper registration packages. Pick those up tonight in the Library from Mr. Klundert Home schooled students will register through paper registration packages Harrow Sr. students must complete an out-of- district application through your school’s principal.

22 How do I register and select courses online? Have your Student Number found on your report card handy Visit and click on “Career Cruising “ at the bottom of the Enter your username and password Follow the prompts/steps Career Cruising presentations and Registration package distribution will occur from January 27-30 at the elementary schools. CAREER CRUISING WILL OPEN BY FEBRUARY 8, 2014

23 GECDSB website with Career Cruising Link

24 Career Cruising Login Screen

25 Next steps to register for High School? Complete online course selection Print sign off sheet ( Parent signature required ) Return signed completed sign off sheet and registration paperwork to Grade 8 teacher by February 19, 2014 If you are not a student with the Greater Essex County District School Board you will register for courses using the paper Registration form. These are due back to Guidance by February 10 th.

26 Student Services Guidance Counselors Learning Support Teacher Student Success Teacher Special Education Coordinator Social Worker Attendance Counselor Psychological Services Tutors Peer Leadership Course Learning Strategies Courses Community Resources

27 Student Council Grade 9 Orientation Day School Dances Pancake Breakfasts Homecoming JK/SK Christmas Party Motivational Speakers Talent Show Spirit Days

28 Extracurricular Activities/Clubs Arts Council Athletic Union Barking Creative B.A.R.C. Debate Drama Environment Gay-Straight Alliance Interact Prom Committee Radio Club Semi Formal Spirit Club Tech Support Yearbook

29 Sports Teams Sr. & Jr. Boys:Girls: FootballGymnastics BadmintonBadminton Cross CountryCross Country HockeyHockey VolleyballVolleyball BasketballBasketball BaseballBaseball SoccerSoccer »Figure Skating »Golf »Track & Field »Curling »Wrestling

30 We’ve Got Spirit

31 IMPORTANT DATES January 14, 15, 16, 2014– Shadow Days@ General Amherst February 19, 2014 – Registration deadline for Amherstburg Public, Anderdon, and Malden Grade 8 students. February 10, 2014 – Registration deadline for students from other Boards of Education.

32 Feeder School Shadow Days Amherstburg Public – January 14, 2014 Anderdon Public – January 15, 2014 Malden Central – January 16, 2014 Separate School Students January 14, 15, or 16, 2014

33 Grade 9 Orientation Day Wednesday, August 27, 2014 General Amherst High School 8:30 -12:30 (We will mail you an invitation)

34 We look forward to assisting you with your choices for Grade 9. Contact us at…. General Amherst High School 130 Sandwich St. S Amherstburg, ON, N9V 1Z8 519-736-2149

35 Become a BULLDOG


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