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_______________________________________________________________________ Copyright © Ed2Net Learning, Inc. 1 Measurement Grade 2.

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1 _______________________________________________________________________ Copyright © Ed2Net Learning, Inc. 1 Measurement Grade 2

2 _______________________________________________________________________ Copyright © Ed2Net Learning, Inc.2 Welcome Hello! How are you today. Lets measure length in Centimeter and Meter.

3 _______________________________________________________________________ Copyright © Ed2Net Learning, Inc.3 Recap In the last lesson we have learnt how to measure length in Inch, feet and yards. Various objects can be used like straws, shoes, paper clips etc. to estimate length. Now we know that the length of the object can be measured using different scales. 1 foot = 12 inches 1 Yard = 3 feet or 36 inches

4 _______________________________________________________________________ Copyright © Ed2Net Learning, Inc.4 Centimeter and Meter  Centimeter cm Centimeter is the other unit of length. Length of an object can be measured in centimeters. Centimeter can also be written as (cm).

5 _______________________________________________________________________ Copyright © Ed2Net Learning, Inc.5 Centimeter (cont.)  How do we measure in centimeter? cm We take help of Centimeter ruler to measure length. You should measure anything from one end to another. Place one end of the object at 0 on the ruler, see where the other end finishes on the ruler. Now, you can record the length.

6 _______________________________________________________________________ Copyright © Ed2Net Learning, Inc.6 Centimeter (cont.)  Example Do you want to measure the length of the pencil? Lets use the centimeter ruler. Lets place one end of the pencil at 0 on the ruler. The end of the pencil touches 3 on the ruler. Great!! Now we now that the pencil is 3 cm long. Well done.

7 _______________________________________________________________________ Copyright © Ed2Net Learning, Inc.7 Centimeter (cont.) Try this !! Name an object about one centimeter long? Possible answer: Thumbnail

8 _______________________________________________________________________ Copyright © Ed2Net Learning, Inc.8 Centimeter and Meter  Meter Meter is the other unit of length. We use meter to measure long objects. Meter can be written as (m). 100 centimeter = 1 meter.

9 _______________________________________________________________________ Copyright © Ed2Net Learning, Inc.9 This is used to measure longer objects or distances. We use measuring tape or meter stick. Examples of measuring in meter: Length of the room Length of a baseball bat etc. Meter (Cont.) How do we measure in meter?

10 _______________________________________________________________________ Copyright © Ed2Net Learning, Inc.10 Meter (cont.) Example: Would you use centimeter or meter to measure the length of your classroom? I would use meters because a classroom is big and 1 meter is equals to 100 centimeter.

11 _______________________________________________________________________ Copyright © Ed2Net Learning, Inc.11 Try this!! Name an object about one meter long? Possible answer: Baseball bat. Meter (Cont.)

12 _______________________________________________________________________ Copyright © Ed2Net Learning, Inc.12 Measuring length in cm and m  Lets write the correct units in front of the following objects: 1. Torch (cm) 2. Board (m) 3. Car (m) 4. Paperclip (cm) 5. Shoes (cm) 6. Bench (m)

13 _______________________________________________________________________ Copyright © Ed2Net Learning, Inc.13 An object measured in meter can also be measured in centimeter. 100 centimeter = 1 meter. Different scales can be used to measure various items. Centimeter is used to measure smaller objects and meter is used to measure longer objects. Something to remember  Note

14 _______________________________________________________________________ Copyright © Ed2Net Learning, Inc.14 Would you use centimeters or meters to measure the height of a door? practice

15 _______________________________________________________________________ Copyright © Ed2Net Learning, Inc.15 Would you use centimeters or meters to measure the length of a football field? practice

16 _______________________________________________________________________ Copyright © Ed2Net Learning, Inc.16 What would you use to measure an envelope? Is it centimeters or meters? practice

17 _______________________________________________________________________ Copyright © Ed2Net Learning, Inc.17  Which ruler would you use to measure the following objects: practice centimeter meter

18 _______________________________________________________________________ Copyright © Ed2Net Learning, Inc.18  Would you use centimeter or meters to measure the length of your playground?  Explain your answer? practice

19 _______________________________________________________________________ Copyright © Ed2Net Learning, Inc.19  Peter wants to measure the length of his shoes. Would he use: 1. centimeter ruler or 2. Meter ruler practice

20 _______________________________________________________________________ Copyright © Ed2Net Learning, Inc.20  Which is longer, 90 centimeters or 1 meter?  Explain your answer. practice

21 _______________________________________________________________________ Copyright © Ed2Net Learning, Inc.21  A purple dinosaur is 1 meter and a red dinosaur is 125 centimeters long.  Which is longer?  Explain your answer. practice

22 _______________________________________________________________________ Copyright © Ed2Net Learning, Inc.22 Break!!

23 _______________________________________________________________________ Copyright © Ed2Net Learning, Inc.23 Assessment 1. A book is 15 centimeters long. A crayon is 7 centimeters long. How much longer is the book?

24 _______________________________________________________________________ Copyright © Ed2Net Learning, Inc.24 Assessment 2. A red rug is 5 meters long. A brown rug is 3 meters long. How much shorter is the brown rug?

25 _______________________________________________________________________ Copyright © Ed2Net Learning, Inc.25 Assessment 3. The distance of the table to the couch is 120 centimeters. How much longer is that than a meter?

26 _______________________________________________________________________ Copyright © Ed2Net Learning, Inc.26 Assessment 4.John has a piece of cloth that is 1 meter long. He wants to cut two pieces of cloth that are 50 centimeters long. Does he have enough cloth?

27 _______________________________________________________________________ Copyright © Ed2Net Learning, Inc.27 Assessment 5. A chess board is 50 centimeters long and a copy is 20 centimeter long. How much longer is the chess board?

28 _______________________________________________________________________ Copyright © Ed2Net Learning, Inc.28 Assessment 6. Jack wants to measure his doormat. Will he use a centimeter scale or a measuring tape?

29 _______________________________________________________________________ Copyright © Ed2Net Learning, Inc.29 Assessment 7. Drake has a 1 meter rope and Josh has a rope of 130 centimeters. Whose rope is longer?

30 _______________________________________________________________________ Copyright © Ed2Net Learning, Inc.30 Assessment 8. Laura had a stick which was 30 centimeters long. Lillian joined her 40 centimeters long stick with Laura’s stick. How long is the stick altogether?

31 _______________________________________________________________________ Copyright © Ed2Net Learning, Inc.31 Assessment 9. Which is longer a) 70 cm b) 100cm c) 1 m d) 110 cm

32 _______________________________________________________________________ Copyright © Ed2Net Learning, Inc.32 Assessment 10. Gary is 160 centimeters tall. Darren is 155 centimeters tall. Who is the shorter?

33 _______________________________________________________________________ Copyright © Ed2Net Learning, Inc.33 Recap In this lesson you have learnt: 1.How to measure length in Centimeters and meters. 2.Use of Centimeter ruler and measurement of meter with meter stick or measuring tape.

34 _______________________________________________________________________ Copyright © Ed2Net Learning, Inc.34 Recap 1.How length of object help us to decide which unit to use. 2.Now we know that meters are good for measuring longer objects, and Centimeters are good for measuring shorter objects. 1 meter = 100 centimeter

35 _______________________________________________________________________ Copyright © Ed2Net Learning, Inc.35 Excellent Work!!! Now Practice your worksheets to learn more about Centimeters and meters.

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