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 Invisible Children’s goal is to create awareness regarding the plight of the people in Northern Uganda, caught in the midst of a civil war between the.

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2  Invisible Children’s goal is to create awareness regarding the plight of the people in Northern Uganda, caught in the midst of a civil war between the government and Joseph Koney’s Lord’s Resistance Army, a rebel group that makes extensive use of kidnapping children and making them soldiers.

3  By documenting the lives of those living in regions of conflict and injustice, Invisible Children, hopes to create and inspire individuals in the Western world to use their unique voice for a change. The media creates an opportunity for the people to become part of the grassroots movement that intelligently responds to what is happening in the world.

4  Invisible children focuses on long term development and working directly with individuals and institutions to that are eager to realize their full potential. Through education and innovative economic opportunities, they partner with affected communities and strive to improve the quality of life for individuals living on conflict and post-conflict regions

5  “Peace of Chic” is a fashion show being held by students of the Invisible Children Chapter at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario  The show will be held on June 14 th, 2009 and all the proceeds will go to Invisible Children

6  Firstly, we wish to help the children of northern Uganda achieve a high-quality level of education, but also a quality standard of living. It is our goal to provide these bright students with the basics to help build a strong foundation in their education. Secondly, through this fashion show, we hope to educate our fellow students as well as raise substantial funds to build a water and sanitation system for the students at Keyo Secondary School in northern Uganda

7  My goal is to get the Jacksonville State University campus involved by raising money to donate to “Peace of Chic”.  I would like for JSU to raise enough money to reach the “Gold Level”.  The “Gold Level” is achieved by donating $750.00 to “Peace of Chic”

8  Company logo displayed on posters, banners, pamphlets, flyers, tickets, program guide, etc.  4 complementary front row tickets to the event  Company logo displayed on online advertisements (ex. Facebook)  Physical space provided at the event location to showcase your product/brand  Live “Thank You” recognition from the podium

9  Invisible Children is an international non-profit organization that has no ties to the JSU area  People are unaware of what Invisible Children is, what it stands for, and the plight of the children › Since there are no local Invisible Children chapters in Alabama, it is difficult for people to learn about, understand and support the Invisible Children’s mission.

10  “Peace of Chic” is not going to be a local event › it will be nearly impossible for donators to see where their money is going › current economic state

11  Design and print fliers  Make posters  Public service announcements › (JSU radio/local TV channel)  Websites › (MyJSU, JSU homepage, Facebook)  Bake Sale  Donations

12  JSU students, faculty, and staff  By using public service announcements, the donor pool will be expanded to include the public at-large.

13  Fliers › 700 › The fliers will give a description of Invisible Children; contain information about the fashion show; tell people where and how to donate; and give the bake sale dates and times  Display throughout campus  Place on people’s cars.

14 visual component › Display throughout campus in visible areas  TMB, cafeteria, library, Bibb Graves, etc.

15  Campus Radio Station › play the service announcement around 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. › played at various times throughout the day  TV (local television station) › prime television hours  Place info on student’s MyJSU homepage and JSU website

16  Contact the different clubs on campus and get a commit list › multiple people/volunteers would be involved in manning the bake sale table  Make sure there was a table available in the TMB on the designated dates  Money raised from the bake sale would be placed into the charitable donation bank account

17  Solicited from students, faculty, staff and the community at-large using a variety of fund- raising techniques › Fliers, › posters › media public service announcements › Campus organizations and clubs will be asked to volunteer time for manning the bake sale, baked goods, and/or direct donations

18  Donation jars › placed at athletic [baseball] concession areas to collect contributions. › donations will kept in an account at the Wachovia bank in Jacksonville

19 DATEEVENT 4/10/09 Set up bank account for charitable donations Contact media – TV (JSU TV), radio 4/11/09 Purchase supplies Design flyers / posters 4/12/09Make posters 4/13/09 Print flyers Finish posters 4/14/09 Distribute half of flyers Hang posters Baseball concession jar 4/15/09 Deposit funds collected in baseball concession jar Contact various campus organizations for commit list (volunteers) 4/17/09Facebook announcement to bake sale volunteers

20 4/21/09 Distribute half of flyers Facebook announcement to bake sale volunteers 4/22/09 Baseball concession jar Deposit funds collected in baseball concession jar 4/23/09 Deposit funds collected in baseball concession jar Bake sale @ TMB 10:00 – 3:00 4/25/09Baseball concession jar 4/26/09Baseball concession jar 5/2/09Baseball concession jar 5/3/09Baseball concession jar 5/5/09Baseball concession jar 5/15/09Close charitable donation account; mail check

21 ITEMCOST 700 Fliers (x.10 cents): Staples$7.00 Poster Board (6 x $1.30)$8.00 Poster Supplies (Markers, glitter, scissors, glue, ect.) $35.00 Bake Sale Goods$50.00 Other/Miscellaneous$100.00

22  Budget Total= $200 › Public service announcements for radio and T.V. are free › Bank account is free to open and maintain  This is a very cheaply run campaign › money earned will be coming from donations. All that needs to be done is promoting for the donations › The main goal is to raise $750.

23  I will know whether or not my plan was effective if I reach my goal of raising $750.00. › partially evaluate the effects of the media, based on community donations at bank. › not be feasible to try to evaluate the effectiveness of the fliers and posters since there’s no way of knowing whether people saw or heard the public service announcements via television/radio.

24  Brown, R. “Sample Sponsorship doc for IC.” E-mail to Karie Gottwald. 13 Mar. 2009.  Hanse, Bill. Personal Interview. 9 April 2009.  4 April 2009.  4 April

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