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BASEBALL 電機 2B B97530132 黃泓文 電機 2B B97530135 彭玉彬.

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1 BASEBALL 電機 2B B97530132 黃泓文 電機 2B B97530135 彭玉彬

2 Index  Introduction Introduction  History of Baseball History of Baseball  Rules Rules  Umpire Umpire  Equipment Equipment  Field Field  Statistics Statistics  Present situation Present situation  Baseball of the world Baseball of the world  Reference Reference

3 Introduction  Baseball is similar to softball.  At least nine players of a team.  Two teams take turns to offend and defend in nine games or more games.

4 History of Baseball  Since 18th century  Most people think that baseball is came from cricket.  In 1846, first formal baseball game played at New Jersey.

5 Rules Strikeout( 三振 ):3strikeball or strikeball+foulball=3 Flyout:the ball hit by batter catch by fielder before land. free advance to first base (保送): 4 ball Tagout:the runner is touched by a fielder before the runner step on base.

6 Umpire  There are six umpires in a game.

7  The Sign of umpire

8 Equipment baseball bat (86~106cm) professional games just use wooden bat. amateur games can use metallic bat ball glove

9 Field  The foul lines extend forward from home plate at 45-degree angles.  The 90-degree area within the foul lines is referred to as fair territory  The 270-degree area outside them is foul territory  The part of the field enclosed by the bases and several yards beyond them is the infield; the area farther beyond the infield is the outfield.

10 Field  In the middle of the infield is a raised pitcher's mound with a rectangular rubber plate at its center.  The outer boundary of the outfield is typically demarcated by a raised fence.

11 Field ’ s Semantic Mapping

12 Statistics The basic batting statistics include  (Batting Average, AVG): 安打數/打數 安打打數  (On-Base Percentage, OBP ):( 安打 + 四壞保 送 + 觸身球) / (打數 + 四壞保送 + 觸身球 + 高飛 犧牲打) 四壞保 送 觸身球 高飛 犧牲打  (Slugging Percentage, SLG): 壘打數/打數 壘打數  (On-Base percentage Plus Slugging percentage, OPS):SLG+OBP

13 Statistics  Steal Base (SB): 盜壘成功/盜壘失敗 盜壘 The basic pitching statistics include  Earned Run Average (ERA): (自責分/局數) *9自責分  Strikeouts per 9 Innings Pitched (K/9IP)  Base on Balls per 9 InningsPitched(BB/9IP)  WHIP: ,(被安打 + 保送)/局數  GO/AO: 滾地球出局/飛球出局

14 Statistics  The statistics of the defense include  RF ( Range Factor ) :( 刺殺數 + 助殺數) / (防守局數/ 9 )  ZR ( Zone Rating ): 計算方式 1. 他在責任範圍內製造的出局數 2. 他在責任範圍外製造的出局數 3. 製造雙殺數。 The total number/balls in zone=ZR

15 Present situation  A varsity baseball team is an established part of physical education departments at most high schools and colleges in the United States.physical education  Baseball has had a broad impact on popular culture, both in the United States and elsewhere.  Baseball has inspired many works of art and entertainment.

16 Baseball of the world  country Rank of baseball 1.Cuba 2.Korea 3.Japan 4.U.S.A 5.Taiwan 6.Holland 7.Mexico 8.Canada 9.Australia 10.Puerto Rico

17 References   

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