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Glenview Amateur Baseball Getting Serious About College Baseball Recruiting.

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1 Glenview Amateur Baseball Getting Serious About College Baseball Recruiting

2 Where to begin? 286 NCAA D-1 Schools (11.7 scholarships) 227 NCAA D-2 Schools (9 scholarships) 352 NCAA D-3 Schools (Need-Based & Academic Merit-Based Financial Aid) 211 NAIA Schools 396 Junior College Schools 1472 Total Schools

3 Do you have what it takes? 5.6% of high school senior baseball players will go on to play men's baseball at a NCAA member institution. 10.5% of NCAA senior baseball players will be drafted by a Major League Baseball team. 0.5 % of high school senior baseball players will be drafted by an MLB team.

4 Glenview Amateur Baseball Alums Corey Moylan ‘07 – U of Vermont/ Butler U T J McManus ‘07 – Ohio State U/ Parkland CC/ Eastern Illinois U Chris Bielanski ‘08 – Webster U Trevor Stevens ‘08 – Northwestern U Scott Houdek ‘09 – Heartland CC Torin Kilpatrick ‘09 – U of Illinois (club) Michael Schroeder ‘09 – Knox College Walker Stadler ‘09 – Indiana U Mitchell Lochen ‘09 – Carthage College Sean Kincaid ‘10 – Illinois Wesleyan Pat Guinane ‘10 – Butler U Cody Stevens ‘10 – Northwestern U

5 Glenview Amateur Baseball To help Glenview’s elite baseball players realize their potential Glenview Amateur Baseball offers opportunities to Play competitive baseball, Develop successful attitudes and playing skills, & Serve as ambassadors for Glenview to boys ages 14-19 who are passionate about the great game of baseball.

6 Helping You Realize the Dream Educate players & families Be a resource of information Assist players & parents with the college recruitment process Provide a high-quality baseball experience and opportunities to improve your recruitment prospects

7 Education Provide educational speakers and information Hire college-experienced coaches and, where possible, assistants at all levels Answer questions GAB web site 1:1 meetings between players and coaches

8 Information General information about the college recruiting process ‘How to’ help with your specific situations (i.e. NCAA Clearinghouse registration) Contact information for college coaches Lists of college/high school prospect camps Showcase information Website Information

9 Assist Players & Families Help set/confirm expectations Help you prepare a player profile Contact college coaches on your behalf [GAB maintains 561 email addresses for college baseball coaches] GAB makes introductions of players to college coaches and provides references

10 1: Coaches Look for You Coach Showcases Fee-Based Web Sites Professional Search Organizations

11 2: You Look for Coaches Build a list of prospects Research Get recommendations Identify where there is a relationship Introduce yourself email Send player profile Visit campus Attend school-sponsored camps

12 What Can You Do? Be Proactive! Take charge of YOUR recruitment Build a strategy that’s right for YOU Keep your player profile current Know the school’s program: ROSTER, coach’s resume, history, accomplishments, record Talk to players, students, alums Visit campus

13 Web Sites

14 Review: NCAA Rules & Regs Academics Compliance Eligibility Clearinghouse Social Network Sites

15 Five Things You Can Do Now 1. Meet with your high school coach 2. Get evaluated 3. Post your academic/athletic resume online 4. Create a highlights/skills video 5. Contact twenty-five coaches; build relationships

16 Good Luck Glenview Amateur Baseball

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