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Concrete Poetry.

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1 Concrete Poetry

2 Concrete Poetry Concrete poetry is an artistic expression of written language. Concrete poets make designs out of letters and words. Even though the visual pattern (shape) can really catch our eye, it is the language itself that makes a poem poetic.


4 A picture of forsythia A poem entitled “Forsythia”

5 Dandelions

6 The Song of a Dandelion Seed


8 Old Man Tree I met a man who was a tree. Did I see him or he see me? Standing there majestically. Tree and me…The smell of sun on autumn leaves. He said: Take good care of all you see. Praise the earth down on your knees. That’s what the old man sang to me.

9 Swan and Shadow By John Hollanders

10 Takeoff


12 Idea

13 Rainbow

14 Time





19 What will your concrete poem be about?
Musical instrument? Video game? Beach? Favorite food? Ocean? Soccer ball? Lollipop? Computer? Butterfly? Dancing? Trees? Umbrella? Home? Baseball bat? Car? Favorite hobby? Flower? Pet? Favorite sport? Justin Bieber? Friend? Leaves? The choice is YOURS! Be creative and have fun!

20 Make sure you give your concrete poem a title!
Concrete Poetry 1. List objects with simple or distinctive shapes, like a baseball bat or an umbrella. 2. Sketch the object you’d like to write about. 3. List its characteristics and consider what it does or how it is used. 4. List things you associate with the object. (A baseball bat, for example, might make you think of a game you saw with a friend.) Look at your lists and, without thinking too hard, circle the ones you like best. 5. Write these words alongside your sketch. (For example, if you are writing a poem about a rainstorm, you might write puddles, wet feet, and downpour at an angle to imitate driving rain.) More words might come to mind. 6. Look at your concrete poem. How can you make it better? Maybe share it with a friend. Does it catch his/her eye? When you revise your poem, think about the size and style of the letters, the color and shape of the letters, and the space in and around the shape. Make sure you give your concrete poem a title!

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