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How The Internet Has Effected Baseball. Leonardo Avila Ins. Joy Chase 7/28/05.

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2 How The Internet Has Effected Baseball. Leonardo Avila Ins. Joy Chase 7/28/05

3 Effects Of The Internet Tickets to baseball games can now be purchased online at home. Now you can watch live baseball games online. All you have to do is log on to www.MLB.comand it will fill like you are at the game. www.MLB.comand The Internet also has public library’s on baseball so you can find out information on the past to the present, that is very cool.

4 Advantages They also have online casinos where you can bet on your favorite teams and also on your favorite high school teams. All you need is a computer and a major credit card and your of to the bets. You can also watch baseball games on your cell phone,and get other info.,If you have the internet on your cell phone.That is very cool if you’re a die hearth baseball fan

5 Learning The Game On the net there are many sites that you can log onto to improve or learn strategies to play baseball.One site that I found really helpful is

6 Virtual Game How to build your dream team? This game called fantasy baseball, is played on the internet. This is a baseball game that allows you to be a coach, manager, or owner of a baseball team(although its not real). So each coach picks his/her players like a baseball draft. But the hook to this is you have to pay for your team(s). Prices range from $15- $90 dollars per team. You can also either participate anonymously or organize a group of friends or co-workers into a league of your own and pay a web service $300 to $400 a year to crunch your data. In most fantasy games owners compete for the players they want. Owners also compete in drafting players as well.

7 Virtual Game cont… So basically the whole point of this game is fun. And it is played as if you were an actual manager, owner, coach. The object of it I guess is to seem as real as possible. Although this game is quite pleasurable to baseball fans and others, it can be quite pricey. I believe that this game is mainly entertainment, like in the real pros “There’s no betting in baseball”.

8 Baseball Trivia There many sites online such as www.iis-7 that will allow you to test your baseball knowledge. I believe that site has over 3,000 baseball trivia questions. Of course the number of question that you answer is optional. This site is also quite informational and has plenty of interesting baseball facts.www.iis-7

9 Web Sites:

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