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Nate Silver, Baseball Prospectus,

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1 Nate Silver, Baseball Prospectus, 7-11-07
PECOTA Under the Hood Nate Silver, Baseball Prospectus,

2 Background PECOTA originally stood for
Pitcher Empirical Comparison [and] Optimization Test Algorithm Developed in Spring/Summer 2002 on my own time Original model was limited: Pitchers only No minor league statistics Sold to Gary Huckabay at Baseball Prospectus; became part of Baseball Prospectus Premium subscription package.

3 Why Did the World Need another Forecasting System?
Different Aging Curves for Different Players Interrelationships between different Skills Comparable Players Range of Performance Outcomes Multi-year Forecasting

4 The Three Steps Baseline Forecast Selection of Comparables
Forecast Range Developed based on Performance of Comparables

5 Baseline Forecast All statistics are normalized
Park factors (customized for PECOTA) League/offensive environment factors League difficulty factors (new in 2007) “Role” adjustments (starter/reliever) The Big, Fat, Hairy Regression Prior three years of major/minor league data are analyzed Robust dataset provides for flexibility/creativity Builds in some second-order relationships

6 Selection of Comparable Players
Key Concept: Forward-looking comparables are different from backward-looking comparables; goal is to identify those factors that are most important from a forecasting point of view. Weights originally developed based on Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) Resembles a “nearest neighbor” analysis

7 Selection of Comparable Players
Hitters Isolated Power Batting Average Walk Rate Speed Score Strikeout Rate Groundball/Flyball Ratio Playing Time Position Weight Major League Experience Height Handedness (LH/RH) Pitchers Isolated Power Against Batting Average Against Role (Starter/Relief) Handedness

8 Forecast Range The actual performances of the comparable players compared against their respective baselines; this creates an implied performance of the subject relative to his baseline One key variable (EqA/EqERA) is used to calibrate other statistical categories, which are determined based on an iterative process involving regression Player Baseline Actual Delta Aaron .320 .330 +.010 Murphy .300 .280 - .020 Robinson .360 +.030 A-Rod .340 +.020 AVERAGE Pujols

9 But Does it Work? Internal Study (2003): PECOTA most accurate forecasting system for pitching; tied for 1st in hitting External Study (2006): PECOTA most accurate for hitting; 2nd for pitching Percentile Forecasts (2005 Internal Study) Accurate for hitting forecasts, e.g. almost exactly 10% of players exceed their 90th percentile forecasts Pitching forecasts tended to slightly underestimate range of outcomes (10th/90th percentiles not wide enough); problem has since been corrected PECOTA team W/L forecasts beat 23 of 30 Vegas Over/Under Lines in 2006 PECOTA prospect lists performed competitively with scouting-based lists in 2006

10 Challenges and Caveats
PECOTA has inherent problems with highly unique players (Ichiro/Bonds) Interaction between playing time and rate performance is complicated Minor League pitchers can be hard to distinguish based on statistics alone PECOTA uses data since 1946; may miss recent changes in aging curves No detailed injury information Subject to some noise from sample size effects

11 Key Findings Interactions between different statistical categories do matter Players with robust skill sets tend to age better Certain skills cannot be understood in isolation (walk rate for hitters, opponents’ BA for pitchers) Minor league statistics should be read differently from major league statistics Example: strikeout rate for hitters, home run rate for pitchers are comparatively more important Inflection points / Rexrode Threshold Pitchers are not so unpredictable if you focus on the right statistics Attrition rates are higher than is generally acknowledged for both pitchers and hitters Some players are riskier than others (Beta)

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