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2 Unit 2, Week 5 There’s Nothing Like Baseball

3 100 200 400 300 400 Word Work Grammar Comprehension Vocabulary 300 200 400 200 100 500 100

4 A. phone B. flip C. foam foam

5 The store is selling _______. A. necklaces B. necklace’s C. necklaces’ necklaces

6 The house was dark. The lights were not working. Linda got candles out of the closet. Linda could hear the sound of the rain. Why weren’t the lights working? The storm knocked out the power..

7 Something that is not real is ____. A.uniform B. imaginary C. practice imaginary

8 What is the middle sound in the word ? soap = long o

9 Did you wash the _____ blanket? A. babies B. baby’s C. babys’ baby’s

10 Daniel was riding his bike to school. He heard a popping sound. Daniel looked back and saw glass on the ground. What was the popping sound? Daniel’s tire burst.

11 Tests that coaches use to see if a player is good enough for a team are called ____. A.tryouts B. uniforms C. pratices tryouts

12 How many sounds are in the word ? Toast = 4

13 Tina lost her _______. A. key’s B. keys C. keys’ keys

14 Terry works in a big lot. There are many vehicles on the lot. Flags and balloons let customers know there is a sale. What is Terry’s job? Terry is a car salesman.

15 What does he word starting mean in this sentence? She is the starting goalie. A. looking B. begin C. first first

16 A.glue A.grow A.glow glow

17 Which sentence has an apostrophe? A. The cat’s claws are sharp. B. Stop making so much noise. C. Sherry dropped her books. The cat’s claws are sharp.

18 My heart is pounding. Sweat is dripping down my face. My legs are starting to feel tired.I stop to drink some water. What have I been doing? I have been running.

19 I wear special clothes when I play soccer. What word means special clothes? A. imaginary B. coach C. uniform uniform

20 A. toe B. tow C. to toe

21 Which sentence has an apostrophe? A. Jessie is a hard worker. B. Megan likes to watch videos. C. You hurt Barbara’s feelings. You hurt Barbara’s feelings.

22 I am playing a game. The game requires the use of a ball. I jump up and toss the ball. I am trying to score a point. What am I playing? I am playing basketball.

23 A person who trains athletes for sports is called a _______. A. coach B. starting C. uniform coach

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