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The New Dictator Napoleon.

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1 The New Dictator Napoleon

2 Napoleon Bonaparte Born on the French island of Corsica
During revolution moved up the ranks to General led soldiers against the French royalists in 1795 who were attacking the National Convention.


4 Napoleon Bonaparte Overthrew The Directory Named himself First Consul
1802 named Consul for Life

5 Napoleon’s Reforms Regulate Economy – control prices Encouraged New Industry Built roads & canals

6 Napoleon Reforms Made public schools under gov’t control
Napoleonic Code – new laws based on Enlightenment ideas

7 Napoleon Reforms 6. Tax collection was made more fair and orderly so France could rely on a steady supply of money. 7. Dishonest government workers were removed.

8 Louisiana Purchase HERO
ZERO 1803 when an army he sent to re-conquer Haiti was destroyed he realizes French possessions on the mainland of North America would now be indefensible, and facing imminent war with Britain, he sold them to the United States —the Louisiana Purchase—for less than three cents per acre. HERO 1803 to get money for all France debts is considered a hero when he sells off the swampy, unexplored land of the Louisiana Purchase to America.

9 1804 took title Emperor of the French


11 Equality for all citizens Religious Toleration
Napoleonic Code Equality for all citizens Religious Toleration Advancement based on merit

12 Expanding French Empire
Major goal is to take over the world and expand French empire through Military Conquests.

13 Expanding French Empire
Is successful at first and begins to slowly gain more land and power for France.

14 Challenges to Napoleon’s Empire
Great Britain only nation to remain outside Napoleon’s European Empire Napoleon attacked British Economy Creates Continental System (Blockade of England)

15 Challenges to Napoleon’s Empire
Spain Bro – Joseph is King Introduced liberal reforms Many still loyal to old King Used Guerrilla Warfare on French

16 Challenges to Napoleon’s Empire
Spain Attacks kept French troops in Spain when needed elsewhere

17 Challenges to Napoleon’s Empire
Russia Czar Alexander I resigned from Continental System France invaded w/ 600,000 men

18 Challenges to Napoleon’s Empire
Russia “Scorched Earth Policy” Russians retreated burning everything Left NO Supplies for French!

19 Challenges to Napoleon’s Empire
Russia French take Moscow in Sept. Cannot survive the winter (no supplies) Forced to retreat home Only 100,000 survived the retreat


21 Napoleon’s Empire at its Largest
Dark Blue-French Empire Medium Blue-Conquered "Rebellious" States Light Blue-Allied States

22 Napoleon’s Downfall Russia, GB, Austria, & Prussia joined forces against France French Army is defeated. Napoleon forced to abdicate the thrown. Exiled to Elba – island in Mediterranean

23 Napoleon’s Downfall Napoleon Escapes! Returns & has support of army New King flees Napoleon returns to power – for 100 days!

24 Napoleon’s Downfall European allies join together
Battle of Waterloo – French are defeated


26 Napoleon’s Downfall Napoleon is exiled to St. Helena – Island in South Atlantic Stays there until his death in 1821

27 Aftermath of Napoleon France kept Napoleonic Code & Reforms
People under Napoleon gained rights, education, and suffrage. Holy Roman Empire disbanded and Europe is built to what it is today. United States doubles in size because of Napoleon and Louisiana Purchase.


29 Europe's great powers after 1815

30 Any Questions?

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