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Conceptual Math & Model Drawing Mrs. Dalton & Ms. White Oakwood Elementary.

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1 Conceptual Math & Model Drawing Mrs. Dalton & Ms. White Oakwood Elementary

2 False Assumptions

3 False Assumptions Math is about getting answers quickly Math education is about teaching algorithms.

4 Mathematically Proficient Students (NCTM) Conceptual understanding : comprehension of mathematical concepts, operations, and relations Procedural fluency: skill in carrying out procedures flexibly, accurately, efficiently, and appropriately Strategic ability: ability to formulate, represent, and solve mathematical problems Adaptive reasoning: capacity for logical thought, reflection, explanation, and justification Productive nature: habitual inclination to see mathematics as sensible, useful, and worthwhile, coupled with a belief in diligence and one's own efficacy.

5 Conceptual Understanding

6 Rigor Expectations Chart & Math Practice Standards

7 What Makes a Good Mathematician?

8 Problem Solving Techniques

9 Your Turn 1.Mrs. Harper ordered 3 different colors of markers. She ordered 25 of each color marker. She also ordered some pencils. She ordered 3 times as many pencils as markers. How many pencils did Mrs. Harper order?

10 Your Turn 2. Patrick is buying cheese for a party. He needs to buy 50 ounces of cheese. Cheese is sold only in 8- and 12- ounce packages. Which choice shows the least amount of cheese Patrick can buy to have enough for the party? A.Five 12- ounce packages B.Two 12- ounce packages and three 8- ounce packages. C.Seven 8- ounce packages. D.Three 12- ounce packages and two 8- ounce packages.

11 Conceptual Math & Early Education Decomposing Compensation Subitizing [soo-bi-tahyz]

12 Common Core Makes Me Mad

13 Model Drawing & Alternative Conceptual Strategies

14 Common Core & Why It Works Students are more successful when they can relate their prior knowledge with a new concept. Designing lessons that connect the area model and partial products can then lead to the understanding of the standard algorithm. This powerful transition allows students to visually see the why behind the standard algorithm.

15 Why Math is Different Now?

16 Resources What is Conceptual Understanding?  handout-conceptual-understanding.pdf?sfvrsn=2 handout-conceptual-understanding.pdf?sfvrsn=2 Rigor Expectations Chart  rt.pdf rt.pdf Math Practices Summary Sheet  Eureka Math Tips for Parents  Google: Newark Public Schools & your Grade  eacherModule- moduleinstanceid=12269&dataid=9541&FileName=Grade4OperationsandAlgebraicThi nking3TeacherModule.pdf.pdf eacherModule- moduleinstanceid=12269&dataid=9541&FileName=Grade4OperationsandAlgebraicThi nking3TeacherModule.pdf.pdf Fluency Without Fear (article)  Parent Road Map  Conceptual Subitizing (article) 

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