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Placerville Union School District Report to El Dorado County Grand Jury August 11, 2011 Presented by Dr. Nancy Lynch, Superintendent.

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1 Placerville Union School District Report to El Dorado County Grand Jury August 11, 2011 Presented by Dr. Nancy Lynch, Superintendent

2 District Information DistrictSchnellSierraMarkham GradesPrep K-8K-6K-56-8 Enrollment1258424466368 Demographic Students with disabilities 9% White 61% Hispanic 29% Eng. Learner 15% White 68% Hispanic 24% Eng. Learner 7% White73% Hispanic 21% Eng. Learner 7% API839848872811 Homeless8%-10% Free/Reduced Lunch rate 56%

3 Board Goals The Board of Trustees annually adopts goals that focus on the areas of: Student Achievement Safe and Caring Schools Technology Staff Support and Student Recognition Balanced Budget Annual Themes: New Beginnings and Recognizing the Extraordinary in Our Students and Ourselves; Health and Wellness for Staff and Students; Bully Intervention Plans and Practices; Evidence of Learning; and Motivation.

4 Awards and Recognition California Distinguished Schools – Louisiana Schnell, Sierra and Edwin Markham National Blue Ribbon School – Sierra, Louisiana Schnell National Title I Academic Excellence School – Sierra, Louisiana Schnell California Business for Education Excellence Honor Roll School – Sierra, Louisiana Schnell California School Garden Network’s California School Garden of the Year – Louisiana Schnell Grand Jury (2007-2008) commendation to Edwin Markham and Louisiana Schnell schools for excellent maintenance of facilities

5 Programs and Innovations Anti-Bullying Programs Prep Kindergarten readiness program Journeys intervention class for grades 3-6 CARE county intervention class for grades 7-8 Garden of Learning and outdoor classroom Builders Club sponsored through Kiwanis FAME Fine Arts Mini Experience Right Start for kindergarten parents PALS Pupils Assisting Lower Grade Students ASES after school tutoring and enrichment through a 21 st Century Learning Grant partnering with the Boys and Girls Club Title I Instrumental music for grades 5-8 Sierra Singers Honors classes Living History Maximizing MAA reimbursements to continue programs (2009-10 = $236,900) Middle school sports

6 Anti-Bully Interventions Signed Pledges City Council Proclamation Training for all staff Constantly reinforce with students and families Modeling Markham Empowerment club Learning for Life Leadership Building group

7 Anti Bullying Pledge

8 Anti-bully Bus Cheers

9 Facility Projects Markham new construction - gym, locker rooms, science classrooms Markham modernization – most classrooms, multipurpose room, kitchen Sierra new construction – library Sierra modernization – office, staff room, multipurpose room, classrooms Schnell new construction – multipurpose room, library, office, computer lab, 3 classrooms Schnell modernization – staff room; waiting for State matching funds for classroom modernization

10 School Finance The majority of funding for school districts come from the State of California The funding formula is called Revenue Limit –Everyday the student attends school, the district receives funding. “Tush in the cush.” –Enrollment and rate of attendance are critical

11 Placerville Union School District Total budget is $9.2 million Federal revenues: –Title I –Title IIA –Title III State revenues: –Class size reduction –After school grant –Special Ed Local revenues: –Other grants –Donations

12 Placerville Union School District Service industry –85% salaries and benefits –6.5% admin Services –Operating expenses –Staff development

13 State of California Funding of Schools Impact of State Reductions on our district 2008-09($513,070.00) over 7 teachers 2009-10($1,587,000.00) over 22 teachers 2010-11($1,301,600.00) over 18 teachers ($3,401,670.00)

14 …but that is not all For 2011-12 schools could face a mid year cut- $460,000 for Placerville Also further deferrals of cash to the district –As of June 30 the State owed schools $11 billion in cash for the 2010-11 year State of California per student funding is now one of the lowest in the country California has the highest class size in the nation –50% higher than the nationwide average Lowest number of nurses, counselors, librarians, classified staff and administrators in the nation

15 Schnell School February 2, 2011 will be a day we will always remember. Sam LaCara, Principal made a positive impact on thousands of students and families over his 21 year career in Placerville Union School District at Edwin Markham and Louisiana Schnell schools.

16 Steps toward Healing Counseling ongoing for staff, students and families at all schools Equine therapy Art therapy sessions for Schnell staff through the summer Drumming group for staff Garden planting projects by PTC Encore Teachers Earth Day lessons Outpouring of support from the community at large Butterfly release Kings game Rivercats Night for Schnell Grants to support on-going long term counseling and SRO assistance Memorial committee

17 Memorial Projects Playground improvements Signs and plaques Shade structures Trees New games and equipment

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