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Electronic Access in the Fifth Circuit

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1 Electronic Access in the Fifth Circuit
Kenneth Russo, Clerk’s Office U.S. Court of Appeals, 5th Circuit

2 Agenda Citation Recognition and the Federal Judiciary
Electronic Records in the 5th Circuit Electronic Documents and the iPad Moving Forward





7 Citation Recognition: How it works
System automatically recognizes new documents and retrieves them for citation recognition Stores data about the citations that can later be used to create an overlay of hyperlinks when a document is retrieved The original document in CM/ECF is not modified. As the citation definitions are enhanced the citations recognized for documents are enhanced.

8 Search Engine Agnostic
Westlaw Classic/Next Lexis Google Scholar/Google Bing Yahoo In the future: Casemaker, Fastcase, Lexis Advanced

9 Citations currently recognized
Cases from the various federal reporters Major federal statutes and rules Statutes from Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi (and assorted other states) 5th Circuit Rules Sentencing guidelines (albeit points to current set on Westlaw) Record on Appeal Citations CM/ECF Document Citations! This is from the SAO internal FAQ

10 Courts using the engine
Alabama Southern District Kansas District and Bankruptcy Louisiana Western District Missouri Western District and Bankruptcy Northern Carolina Middle District Texas Northern District, Texas Southern District and Bankruptcy West Virginia Northern Bankruptcy Third Circuit Court of Appeals Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals Undergoing testing in a number of other courts. Is now embedded within Next-Gen for Appellate, District/Bankruptcy will be done next.

11 Electronic Record Goals:
Improve means by which court attorneys can access record. Reduced costs to circuit




15 Electronic Records To date 6,029 electronic records have been created.
5.5+ million pages 35,000+ volumes 24 electronic records have been printed. Estimated savings across the circuit of at least a quarter million dollars, or roughly 10 FTEs at the national average.

16 Electronic Record cont.
5th Circuit District Courts requested we reduce the number of paper records required. In response we created a new, electronic ROA system (hereinafter Eroa). We continue to retrieve all documents for the record. Documents are automatically categorized according to subject matter (e.g. pleadings, transcripts, sealed documents, etc). All pages in the electronic record are uniquely stamped; supplemental filings no longer start at page 1. We passed a local rule this fall requiring attorneys to follow a new citation format: ROA.### where ### is the page number.

17 Record Citations ROA.123 – page 123 in the current case
ROA – page 123 in case ROA.12, 15-19, 350 – links to pages 12, 15 and 350

18 ECF Document Citations
ECF 17 – link to page 1 of document 17 ECF 17-2 – link to page 1 of document 17, 2nd document ECF 17,5 – link to page 5 of document 17 ECF 17, 5, 10 – links to pages 5 and 10 of document 17 ECF ,17 – link to page 1, doc 17, case

19 Hereinafter An experimental mechanism for appellate brief citations that respect the brief page number (as opposed to the PDF page number). Format: ECF docNum [hereinafter newDesignation] Eg. ECF 15 [hereinafter Appellant’s Brief]

20 Cims4iPad Custom application developed for 5th Circuit
Enables seamless access to pending matters, case documents and information, and, of course, the electronic record. The embedded PDF viewer has extensive annotation support as well as understanding of the various citation hyperlinks including support for Westlaw, Lexis, and the electronic record (EROA).















35 Coming Soon Electronic delivery of records to attorneys via CM/ECF
Not PACER Free download Record volumes will be tied to attorney CM/ECF accounts Links to records are good only for the specific attorney Live: January, 2015

36 Coming Soon cont. CM/ECF Document Citations for Attorney use
Code is written for district Ready for a court to pull the trigger and turn them on

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