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“We need you…you are LOTA” “If not you, then who? If not now, then when?”

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1 “We need you…you are LOTA” “If not you, then who? If not now, then when?”

2 W HY S HOULD Y OU J OIN LOTA??  LOTA is the only entity in Louisiana that pays for a lobbyist to protect your practice and reimbursement in Louisiana.


4 O UR L OBBYIST (K EVIN H AYES )  Regularly reviews House & Senate Bills and other legal documents that could impact our practice in the state of Louisiana  Contacts the authors of the bills to advocate for changes and/or modifications so that our practice is protected  Lobby on behalf of occupational therapy practitioners in the state of Louisiana: Mingles and interacts with politicians on a regular basis to maintain rapport so that when an issue impacts our profession  Attends meetings representing the interest of occupational therapy in our state

5 S OUNDS GOOD, B UT I’ M STILL NOT SURE IT ’ S WORTH M Y $$$ TO J OIN LOTA  Our Lobbyist costs:  $15,000, annually  FYI: This is inexpensive when compared to cost of other healthcare profession lobbyists.


7 H ERE ARE JUST A FEW THINGS …  Senate Bill (SB) 110 was relative to the practice act governing certified athletic trainers ( legislature was attempting to change the athletic trainer’s act by seeking to redefine from treating an “athlete” to treat a broader spectrum of clients.) LOTA voiced opposition to the bill via our lobbyist. Lobbyist attended numerous meetings  Result: this part of the bill died on the floor  House Bill (HB) 152, added “occupational therapists” to certain definitions of “health care provider.”

8 I NSURANCE C OVERAGE FOR P ROSTHETICS …  HB 318, Requires health insurance coverage of prosthetic devices and prosthetic services  HB 516, Provides relative to coverage of rehabilitative services, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech and language pathology therapy (this provides OT as “standard benefits” in health insurance policies)

9 OT CAN RECEIVE ORDERS FROM N URSE P RACTITIONERS …  HB 919, Allows occupational therapists to receive orders from advance practice registered nurses  SB, 866, Provides for increased sources of referral for occupational therapists and for access without referral for limited services relative to the State Board of Medical Examiners  HB 264, Clarified that OT’s are covered under the Medical Malpractice Act

10 W ORKER ’ S C OMP A DVISORY B OARD …  SCR 112, Creates and provides for the Workers’ Compensation Advisory Board (OT originally in bill, then when went to House floor all providers were removed….something that is monitored)  HB 333, Authorizes physician assistants to refer patients to occupational therapists (Lobbyist worked with Rep. Shepherd to file this bill on behalf of LOTA)

11 OT’ S CAN MAKE SPLINTS …  HB 799, LOTA’s Lobbyist was successful in amending the bill to make it clear that the proposed law shall not prohibit a licensed OT from practicing within the scope of practice in regards to orthotic devices (splints)  HB 1, Successful in restoring a $1.3 million cut to the Community Based Program for the Early Steps Program



14 CEU’S/WORKSHOPS  Opportunity to earn up to 4 FREE CEU’s !  Discounts on continuing education opportunities!  Monthly CEU opportunities across the state!  Multi-tracked Annual Spring Conference (to provide diversity in topics offered)!  Online CEUs Care2Learn (available at!

15 Board of Volunteers  Work collaboratively across the state to:  Promote OT & Advocate for our profession  Identify Continuing Education needs/wants and work to offer courses (as identified on previous slide)  When an issue presents, the Board works to identify practitioners within an area of expertise to address needs/concerns  Provide monthly newsletters


17 W E MUST INCREASE MEMBERSHIP …  In order to have the finances to pay for:  Lobbyist ($15,000/annually)  Management Company ($17,088/annually)*this is at a significantly reduced rate, which may not be able to be maintained---we may lose the management company  Accountant ($350—annual taxes)  Website, Telephone, Mailings, Insurance, etc. ($1000/annually)  Fees to process credit card payments (huge fee/convenient to members) (~$1900/annually). Payment by check saves LOTA 3% of CC fees.

18 W E MUST INCREASE MEMBERSHIP …  To grow To have a greater pool of volunteers to assist on committees, to serve as Board members, to generate ideas, and to insure our future.

19 W E MUST INCREASE MEMBERSHIP …  To pay for our management company to:  Process membership applications  Process credit card and other payments  Update the website  Oversees budget & assists to update financials on monthly basis  Manage database with CEUs  Alert practitioners to issues relative to the profession  Respond to consumers in a timely & efficient manner  Assure Bylaws are followed  Assist in the management of conferences

20 N UMBERS DON ’ T LIE …  At the beginning of our 2011-2012 fiscal year, LOTA had ~250 members.  To date, LOTA has ~219 members with ~10% of these members being students. Our membership constantly fluctuates, and we need continued membership support of your professional association.  Even if all 219 members were OT practitioners paying $100 annual dues, this WOULD NOT be enough to cover our current expenses, despite significant cuts.

21 S O LET ’ S GET REAL … OT’s: $100/annually = $8.33/month or one less sub sandwich meal /month.

22 … DO THE MATH …. COTA’S: $75 Annually = $6.25/month or one less hamburger meal/month.

23 … PUT OUR MONEY WHERE OUR MOUTH IS … Student: $25/annually = $2.08/month or one less beverage/month.

24 LOTA is using this power point in a “grass roots” effort to reach practitioners throughout our state. Our Association is struggling financially. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved, but at the least, please be a member and encourage others to join! We hope that this presentation has answered why your membership is important and what LOTA provides to you as a practitioner. Thank you

25 To Help Protect Your Profession Join LOTA Today: Phone: 1-888-780-6306 Website:

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