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LEAP, iLEAP, LAA 2 Test Security for Test Monitors March 14, 2014 Karen Herndon Harriet Hillson

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1 LEAP, iLEAP, LAA 2 Test Security for Test Monitors March 14, 2014 Karen Herndon Harriet Hillson

2 Protocols Please silence all cell phones. Be fully present: – Be an active listener – Refrain from text messaging and emailing – All distracts others. – Participate, don’t dominate – Limit side bar conversations Throw trash away on the way out. 2

3 TODAY’S OBJECTIVE 3 Louisiana Believes To understand, plan, and implement practices that ensure test security during statewide assessment administration, as well as understanding, planning, and implementing practices that ensure proper accommodation provisions to students, as required by the IEP, 504, or LEP accommodations plan, during statewide assessment administration, including: Policy guidelines Action required Key Dates

4 Test Security SBESE Bulletin 118 Chapter 3: Test Security All persons involved in assessment programs must abide by the security policies and procedures. Procedures for investigating testing irregularities maintaining security of test materials maintaining security of student data handling of emergencies during testing 4 Louisiana Believes

5 Violations of Test Security 5 Louisiana Believes Administer tests in a manner that is inconsistent with the administrative instructions provided by the LDOE that would give examinees an unfair advantage or disadvantage Modification or deletion of or additions to the test administration manual directions Reading aloud a word, phrase, or question on any test without the proper required accommodations Change in test schedule

6 6 Louisiana Believes Inappropriate accommodations Improper monitoring Give examinees access to test questions prior to testing Examine any test item at any time (except for students during the test or test administrators while providing specified accommodations) Fail to report any testing irregularities Violations of Test Security

7 Prevention Emergencies During Testing Students should place answer documents on top of test booklet and hand all secure materials to TA as they file out of room. TA should carry documents with them outside of the building. If test security has been maintained, testing may continue after students return to the room. 7 Louisiana Believes

8 Prevention Emergencies During Testing (cont.) If test security has been compromised, testing should not be continued. Answer documents should be sent in with the responses that were completed prior to the emergency. 8 Louisiana Believes

9 Prevention Coordinate with various school personnel, including site administration, teachers, counselors, special education teachers/staff, ABIT team members, and data entry clerks to verify: students are participating in the appropriate assessment appropriate accommodations for all special education, Section 504, and ELL students. Provide each test administrator testing students with accommodations a list of those students and their approved accommodations. Verify that the test administrators know how to administer the accommodations. 9 Louisiana Believes

10 Prevention Cover or removes all materials related to the content areas being tested before testing. Check locations used for extended time or makeup testing. Arranged for students to be seated with enough space between them to minimize the possibility of copying. Complete classroom seating charts to record student attendance and seating location for each day of testing. Post Testing—Do Not Disturb signs that prohibit entry into testing locations. 10 Louisiana Believes

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14 Prevention Cell Phones and Other Electronic Devices All student and test administrator cell phones and other electronic devices MUST be turned OFF during testing. This must be carefully monitored during testing. Students’ phones and other electronic devices must be turned in to the test administrator before testing. 14 Louisiana Believes

15 Prevention Cell Phones and Other Electronic Devices (cont.) If an individual student’s cell phone is seen, rings, or if there is any cell phone activity while the phone is on the student’s person during the actual testing sessions, then the test on which the student is working will be voided. In such instances, the teacher is to collect the student’s test and answer document immediately and have a hall monitor take the student to the office. 15 Louisiana Believes

16 Prevention Cell Phones and Other Electronic Devices (cont.) If a student’s cell phone rings and it is with the phones that have been collected, all students are to continue testing. An investigation by the Principal and School Test Coordinator will be conducted when testing is completed to determine if tests will be voided. 16 Louisiana Believes

17 Prevention Cell Phones and Other Electronic Devices (cont.) If a test administrator’s cell phone rings, is seen, or if there is any cell phone activity during testing, all students are to continue testing. An investigation by the Principal and School Test Coordinator will be conducted when testing is completed to determine if tests will be voided due to Administrative Error. If an Administrative Error occurs, a retest may be given prior to the next scheduled test administration with the approval from the State. There will be a $350.00 charge assessed to the school for each retest due to Administrative Error. 17 Louisiana Believes

18 Prevention The School Test Coordinator (STC) or backup should be available for questions and for signing out and signing in materials at all times, Sign out and in form is in the Test Security Policy verify that each test administrator has and knows which materials are required for each day, check and document all materials as they are being signed out and in each day, monitor to verify that test administrators are appropriately administering the tests and periodically walking among students during testing, and document and submit any testing irregularities immediately to the District Test Coordinator. 18 Louisiana Believes

19 Prevention Every answer document and test booklet must be accounted for. For students with transferred answers as an accommodation, verify that all student responses have been transferred to the scorable answer document or to online test. 19 Louisiana Believes

20 Prevention Testing boxes must be kept in the locked, secure area until return. The signed security oaths, seating charts, and security checklists should be collected and stored in the locked, secure area. Do not shred or dispose of any materials until all have been checked and after the release of scores. 20 Louisiana Believes

21 Administrative Error Process If high-stakes tests are voided by the district due to an administrative error that results in questions regarding the security of the test or the accuracy of the test data, the LEA superintendent or the parent or legal guardian of the affected student may request (in writing) an opportunity to administer a retest to the affected student(s) prior to the next scheduled test administration. 21 Louisiana Believes

22 Types of Administrative Errors Cueing students during testing or providing assistance in answering questions Providing study materials prior to testing that included actual test items Students were not provided accommodations or the appropriate accommodations. Test administrator read aloud the Reading and Responding session to students with the accommodation Tests Read Aloud. Students were not provided a Mathematics Reference Sheet or calculator. 22 Louisiana Believes

23 Retests 23 Louisiana Believes Retests available for students at the expense of the LEA ($350 per test) prior to next scheduled testing administration. LEAP grades 4 and 8, ELA and Mathematics GEE and LAA 2 grades 10 and 11 EOC tests Scores from the administrative error retests may be used only at the student level – not for school accountability.

24 Reporting of Irregularities When something out of the ordinary happens complete an irregularity form. WHEN IN DOUBT, FILL IT OUT. 24 Louisiana Believes

25 Reporting of Irregularities (R.S. 17:81.6) Allows public school employees to report irregularities or improprieties in the administration of standardized tests directly to LDOE who then investigate the allegations Misdemeanor offenses: Obstructing reporting Retaliating against an employee who participates in an investigation or reports an irregularity Submitting a false report 25 Louisiana Believes

26 ACCOMMODATIONS 26 Louisiana Believes Must be accommodations the student receives on a regular basis throughout the school year (IEP, IAP, ACE). New accommodations or changes to an accommodation must be made to a student’s IEP or IAP 30 days prior to the start of testing. Accommodations are in place only in order to give the student with disabilities a level playing field with non- disabled peers.

27 ACCOMMODATIONS 27 Louisiana Believes LEP Accommodations The TA may not translate passages, questions, or answer options on the test from English, but may translate directions to the test, which appear in the TA Manual, as well as the boxed directions in the test booklet that appear at the beginning of the Reading and Responding and Proofreading sessions in the ELA test.

28 ACCOMMODATIONS 28 Louisiana Believes LEP Accommodations (cont.) Students must respond in English; student responses may not be translated by the TA. LEP students who are also classified as special education or Section 504 may also receive accommodations as specified on their IEPs or IAPs.

29 ACCOMMODATIONS 29 Louisiana Believes Only accommodations actually used in testing are to be coded – after testing is completed. Give TAs a list of the students that they are testing and their accommodations. For accommodations that allow responses on anything but an answer document, the responses must be transferred to a scorable answer document, using a No.2 pencil for the student to receive a score.

30 Tests Read Aloud 30 Louisiana Believes Students receiving the Test Read Aloud accommodation must have been provided it in classroom assessments. The students must be tested individually or in a small group. These students should have the tests read aloud with the exception of the Reading and Responding session of the ELA, which cannot be read aloud. TAs must not read aloud the passages, introductions, items/questions, or answer options on this session of the test; however, the directions of the session should be read aloud. The tests must be read aloud exactly as written. When reading, the TA must exercise caution to avoid providing signs of cues that convey answers or to read aloud the Reading and Responding session, which results in an invalid score. The passage on the writing portion of the test may be read aloud to students with the tests read aloud accommodation.

31 Key Features 31 Louisiana Believes Small group limit up to 8 students Documenting accommodations in SER Emergency IAPs Extended Time All students, including those with the accommodation Extended Time, must complete the ELA Writing Session on the same day it is administered.

32 April Administration Key Dates LEAP Phase 1 Test Administration: March 18 LEAP Phase 1 Makeup Testing: March 19 - 20 LEAP and iLEAP Test Administration: April 7–10 LEAP and iLEAP Makeup Testing: April 11, 14–15 LAA 2 Test Administration: April 7–11 LAA 2 Makeup Testing: April 10–11, 14-15


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