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Team Leader: Jude Legiste Tierra Clemmons Percy Jackson.

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1 Team Leader: Jude Legiste Tierra Clemmons Percy Jackson

2  Location, Location, Location: As the University has grown, it has taken up more territory of the community.  Party, Party, Party: The activity of our students seems to have disrupted the quiet nights of the community.

3  The Community  Current Students  Prospective Students  Our local government

4  Collaborate with community to create programs and ordinances that are mutually beneficial.  Rehabilitate the image of the university to show positive impact on community.  Create harmonious and collaborative relationship between community and Sunnyvale

5  Town Hall Meetings lead by the Mayor and President  Social media  U-stream town hall meeting for those not in attendance  Create hash tag (#Svale) for to generate questions for town hall

6  Newspaper ads and Billboards showing positive economic impact of Sunnyvale U.  Jumbotron with upcoming events for community in town square or most popular intersection  Advertising programs in the local newspaper open for the surrounding community  Social Media  We would create YouTube videos to give a close up look into the programs and events held by the Sunnyvale for the community

7  Fun for everyone:  Annual Fall Carnival held on campus open to community  Block party held off campus, potentially downtown for community.  Community outreach  Encourage students and departments to create community service activities for the city.

8  Collaborate with police department, students, city officials, and business owners to create an appropriate curfew for bars and clubs.

9  With collaboration, communication and compassion we will be able to rehabilitate our relationship with the community and create a bright future.

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