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Talent Recruitment System Teach LA Website Fall 2013.

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1 Talent Recruitment System Teach LA Website Fall 2013

2 Teach LA Website 2 Louisiana Believes The Teach Louisiana website serves as a one-stop shop for information regarding teacher certification, preparation programs, and employment opportunities. The Louisiana Department of Education’s Talent Recruitment System is a free, web-based service that pairs job-seeking educators with Louisiana districts/schools seeking to hire them.

3 Talent Recruitment System 3 Louisiana Believes Why Use the System: This cutting edge system was designed to match highly effective educators to job vacancies in LA. o Allows candidates to create an employment profile indicating preferences o Keeps job seekers aware of job opportunities o User friendly system o Matches candidates to vacancies/works for you o Promotes collaboration between educators and HR Personnel o Free service How to Use the System: HR Personnel posts job vacancies to the website and the system matches candidates to job vacancies. o Create an employment profile and join the system o Identify job type and geographical location preferences o Indicate job seeking status o View the job vacancies posted to the Teach LA website regularly o Check individual websites of schools/charters/districts o Apply accordingly

4 Teach LA Website- Public View 4 Louisiana Believes

5 Teach LA Website- Log In 5 Louisiana Believes

6 New Members: Register 6 Louisiana Believes

7 Employment Profile

8 Candidate Employment Profile 8 Louisiana Believes

9 Creating Your Employment Profile 9 Louisiana Believes

10 Basic Information 10 Louisiana Believes

11 Certification Information 11 Louisiana Believes

12 No Louisiana Certification 12 Louisiana Believes

13 Louisiana Certification 13 Louisiana Believes

14 Position Preferences 14 Louisiana Believes

15 Geographical Preferences 15 Louisiana Believes

16 Upload Resume and Cover Letter 16 Louisiana Believes

17 Teaching Philosophy Questions 17 Louisiana Believes

18 Activating Your Account/Status 18 Louisiana Believes

19 Managing Your Jobs 19 Louisiana Believes

20 Candidate Match Notification- Candidate 20 Louisiana Believes A job has been posted that matches your preferences in your employment profile. Click the link below to view job details, including how to apply for this position. It is recommended that you apply directly to the hiring authority as outlined in the job vacancy posting, as well as direct any questions to the hiring school or district. At this time, the hiring authority has been alerted of this match and is now able to view your employment profile. View Job

21 Candidate Match Notification- HR 21 Louisiana Believes

22 Job Details 22 Louisiana Believes

23 Searching Job Vacancies

24 Job Search 24 Louisiana Believes

25 Geographical Location View 25 Louisiana Believes

26 Map View 26 Louisiana Believes

27 Position Type View 27 Louisiana Believes

28 Next Steps 28 Louisiana Believes Visit and Create an employment profile/activate account View job matches and apply accordingly Search job vacancies on the Teach LA website Visit the websites of schools/districts and apply accordingly

29 Questions/Comments

30 Contacts 30 Louisiana Believes Certification, Preparation, and Recruitment- Director: Barbara Burke- Recruitment and Teach LA Website- Manager: Joni Lacy-

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