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Final Exam. RevolutionGuillotineNapoleonSlaves Enlightened 10 20 30 40 50.

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1 Final Exam

2 RevolutionGuillotineNapoleonSlaves Enlightened

3 Question Conservatives (conservatism) in the 1700’s and 1800’s supported what type of government?

4 Answer 1 – 10 Absolute monarchies

5 Question During the Enlightenment, what argument did Monarchs and church officials use to justify their absolute rule?

6 Answer 1 – 20 Divine Right, God set up the old order.

7 Question Life, liberty and property were considered by Enlightenment thinkers to be?

8 Answer 1 – 30 Natural Rights

9 Question Unlike revolutions in America and France, Haiti’s fight for freedom was different because it began with what group in society?

10 Answer 1 – 40 Begun by slaves

11 Question The Haitian Revolutionaries supported which ISM’s?

12 Answer 1 – 50 Liberalism, Constitutionalism, and Capitalism.

13 Question What was the impact of the Haitian Revolution on the United States?

14 Answer 2 – 10 Napoleon sold the Louisiana territory to the United States. Different cultures were brought to the United States by refugees from Haiti. American slave owners feared a similar slave revolt in the United States.

15 Question After winning their independence, Haiti struggled economically because?

16 Answer 2 – 20 Their economy had relied on plantations worked by slaves and slavery was ended.

17 Question Slave owners on Hispaniola (Haiti) probably used brutality and cruelty on their slaves because?

18 Answer 2 – 30 They were greatly outnumbered and wanted to discourage a revolt.

19 Question The Columbian Exchange helped cause the circumstances leading to the Haitian Revolution because?

20 Answer 2 – 40 Sugar from the Old World thrived in Haiti, leading to a plantation economy requiring slaves.

21 Question 2-50 The “most likely” reason why Napoleon sold the Louisiana Territory to the United States was?

22 Answer 2 – 50 Napoleon needed money to finance his wars against the European powers and had given up on his western empire.

23 Question What was the result of the meeting of the Estates General prior to the French Revolution?

24 Answer 3 – 10 The Third Estate left and formed the National Assembly

25 Question The Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen was modeled on what previously written document?

26 Answer 3 – 20 American Declaration of Independence

27 Question In 1979, the delegates to the Estate-General that broke away and declared themselves to be the National Assembly were from which estate?

28 Answer 3 – 30 Third Estate

29 Question Robespierre believed that France could achieve a “republic of virtue” only through?

30 Answer 3 – 40 The use of terror which was carried out with the guillotine.

31 Question In France’s old order, the Clergy and the Nobles shared what main privilege?

32 Answer 3 – 50 Didn’t have to pay most taxes

33 Question What two main ISM’s do we see as a cause of the French Revolution?

34 Answer 4 – 10 Absolutism vs. Liberalism

35 Question What does Bastille Day in France symbolize?

36 Answer 4 – 20 Independence Day End of the old order/government Rights for the common man

37 Question The Declaration of the Rights of Man granted French citizens what kinds of rights? (In general)

38 Answer 4 – 30 Natural Rights

39 Question Describe how social, economic and political conditions before the French Revolution affected ordinary citizens. How were these conditions related to the storming of the Bastille?

40 Answer 4 – 40 Before the French Revolution, the nation was on the brink of bankruptcy from years of deficit spending. The clergy and nobles fiercely resisted any attempt to make them pay taxes. The majority of French people formed the Third Estate. Though the Third Estate was a diverse group, peasants and urban workers composed most of it. They were the lowest class in society and had little money or political power. They resented the privileges enjoyed by those above them in social status. They especially resented having to pay taxes while the privileged classes did not. Enlightenment ideas led many ordinary citizens to question such inequalities. The Third Estate wanted meaningful voting rights in the Estates-General. Delegates of the Third Estate formed a National Assembly to try to force the king to allow them to participate in government. However, rumors spread that the king planned to dissolve the National Assembly. These social, economic, and political abuses led the French people to storm the Bastille, which they saw as a symbol of these abuses.

41 Question During the Industrial Revolution, life changed in what basic way?

42 Answer 4 – 50 People migrated from rural (country) areas to urban (city) areas.

43 Question The slave trade contributed to the rise of industry in Britain by?

44 Answer 5 – 10 Providing capital to finance industries.

45 Question In what way were railroads an improvement over canals?

46 Answer 5 – 20 Railroads did not have to follow the course of a river.

47 Question According to socialists (socialism), the solution to poverty and injustice was?

48 Answer 5 – 30 Shared ownership by the people of the means of production. All the factories, the mines, the farmland, etc.

49 Question Cause or Effect of Industrialization?

50 Answer 5 – 40 Cause of Industrialization

51 Question Cause or Effect of Industrialization Improved transportation and communication technologies.

52 Answer 5 – 50 Effect of Industrialization

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