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Constitution Westward Expansion Late 1700s Early 1800s VS.6a-c.

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1 Constitution Westward Expansion Late 1700s Early 1800s VS.6a-c

2 Articles of Confederation First plan of government for the new nation, United States Written at the Second Continental Congress Did not work because it lacked a strong central government

3 Constitutional Convention May – September 1787 55 delegates from all states except Rhode Island Main purpose was to amend (change) the Articles of Confederation Instead, created a new plan for government, the US Constitution

4 Important Documents VA Declaration of Rights Written by George Mason States that all Virginians should have certain rights Basis for the Bill of Rights VA Statute of Religious Freedom Written by Thomas Jefferson States that all people to be free to worship as they please Basis for the first amendment

5 The US Constitution Preamble – an introduction to the Constitution The Body of the Constitution – lists the laws of the land The Bill of Rights – the first ten amendments Amendments – changes and additions to the Constitution

6 Important People George Mason Wrote VA Declaration of Rights George Washington President of Constitutional Convention 1 st President of the US “Father of Our Country”

7 Important People (continued) Thomas Jefferson Wrote Declaration of Independence 1779-wrote the VA Statute for Religious Freedom (basis for 1 st amendment) 3 rd President Founded UVA James Madison “Father of the Constitution” 4 th President War of 1812 – Britain and France didn’t want each other trading with America, when Britain took over an American ship, Congress declares war on Britain

8 Important People (continued) James Monroe 5 th President Monroe Doctrine – no further colonization in North America by foreign countries Era of Good Feeling – no wars Meriwether Lewis & William Clark Explored Louisiana Purchase 1 st explorers to explore land all the way to the Pacific Ocean – did not find an all water route to the Pacific

9 Louisiana Purchase During Jefferson’s presidency French owned land west of Mississippi River Port of New Orleans was owned by France – not usable by US This port was needed and important Jefferson sent J. Monroe to France to negotiate the Louisiana Purchase US purchased the land for $15 million Doubled the size of the US

10 Westward Expansion New ways to travel Turnpike - roads Railroads – steam powered locomotives Canals – man built waterway Rivers & Canals – Steam boats & flat bottom boats New inventions Steam engine – boats and trains Fertilizer – helps plants grow Cyrus McCormick’s reaper Flour Mills- where grain is ground into flour

11 Westward Expansion the movement of people into western parts of the US Cyrus McCormick invented the reaper, horse pulled machine to cut wheat = more wheat with less workers Daniel Boone led exploration through the Cumberland Gap,a gap in the Appalachian Mountains, the main route for the westward movement

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