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Capt. Ralph D. Mitchell Jr. Louisiana State Police Troop

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1 Capt. Ralph D. Mitchell Jr. Louisiana State Police Troop



4 Identify locations throughout the Troop where crashes are most likely to occur Design an effective crash analysis program to determine the primary factors that contribute to traffic crashes at these locations Develop effective countermeasures to correct hazardous conditions Implement a public information and education campaign, to help the public avoid traffic dangers and crash risks

5 Vehicle crashes and traffic congestion have a significant effect on the quality of life of all residents and visitors of Louisiana.

6 The NYPD modeled the TrafficStat process after the CompStat system, a highly-effective method for reducing crime and disorder in New York City, that has been employed by law enforcement officers in recent years. TrafficStat is comprised of four components: 1) Accurate and timely intelligence; 2) Rapid deployment; 3) Effective tactics; and 4) Relentless follow-up and assessment.

7 The TrafficStat system is used as a tool to implement the Six E's (Engineering, Enforcement, Education, Emergency Response, Evacuation, and Everyone Else) at locations throughout the Troop that show “potential” for effectiveness. The identification process, along with an analysis of crash factors and discussion of potential solutions, takes place at monthly “Traffic Strategy” meetings.

8 14,076 Total Crashes 4,692 Crashes per Year 3 Years (97,98,99)

9 Crash Analysis DOTD Abnormals Troop Clerk Accounting Highway Safety Commission DARS Troop Desk Logs

10 Location of Crash – Phase One Intersection Section Spot

11 Location of Crash – Phase One Time of Crash – Phase Two


13 Location of Crash – Phase One Time of Crash – Phase Two Exhaustive Analysis of Cause – Phase Three

14 Manner of Collision on Report Signs and Signals Failure to Yield Following Too Closely.


16 Enforcement—targeted enforcement of unsafe driving violations at specific times of day, days of the week, at locations identified as crash-prone

17 Trafficstat Plan All Troopers Location Profiles Enforcement Recommendations Constantly Updated

18 Location Profiles # of Crashes Total Traffic Count Seat Belt Usage Prevailing Speed

19 Target Enforcement High Visibility Patrol Unmarked Car Patrol Unmanned Vehicle/Drone Radar Stationary Patrol Radar Trailer

20 Engineering—changing the timing of a traffic light; adding a turn arrow; installing signs or barriers; painting new pavement markings Trooper Recommendations DOTD Liaison



23 Education—public information and education campaigns are conducted to increase the publics awareness of traffic hazards and crash risks. Media Blitzes Target Audience Identification Troopers in Schools Web Pages





28 Emergency Response – Implementing Traffic Incident Command principles to relieve congestion and restore the flow of traffic in a timely fashion. Incident Command Training Emergency Notification

29 Evacuation – Coordination with all Emergency Operations and Management Groups charged with the responsibility of public safety during natural and manmade disasters. National Guard Legislative Delegation Infrastructure Groups

30 Everyone Else – Involvement of any and all community groups with an interest in traffic and highway safety. MPO’s Community Groups College and University Groups

31 Following Too Close Campaign Info to Judges/D.A. Press Releases Stopwatches



34 Billboard

35 Hand and stop watch Hand and stop watch “Just 2 Seconds” text “Just 2 Seconds” text “Did You Know” section “Did You Know” section Trooper badge & NSU logo Trooper badge & NSU logo Slogan Slogan Did You Know? Just 2 Seconds By watching the rear bumper of the car ahead of you as it passes a sign and counting “one thousand one, one thousand two…” You Can Save Lives, Save Money & Save Time! Poster

36 3 Yr (98,99,00) Yr 2001% DWI’s1155 1371 18.70 SPD14893 13319 -10.57 FTC 224 916 308.94 ITC 1145 6642 480.02 Tot Haz.2065326157 26.65 As of 01/01/02

37 3 Yr (98,99,00) Yr 2001% PDC’s2719 2557 -5.96 IC’s1924 1701 -11.59 FC’s 50 41 -18.00 Total All4693 4299 -8.40 As of 01/01/02


39  26% Reduction in Alcohol Related Fatal Crashes  Highest Seat Belt Usage Rate in State  Seat Belt Usage Rate 7% Higher than Nation  18% Reduction in Fatal Crashes.

40  Reduction of Crashes  Trooper feeling of Mission  Supervisor Accountability  No Surprises  Procedural missteps are exposed  Investment in Patrol Area  Minimal Cost to Department

41  Does not rely on task force concept.  Follow-up and accountability.  Manpower on patrol at times of high crash exposure  Evaluation of Effectiveness.

42 Trafficstat Monthly Meetings Develop Traffic Safety Programs Discussion Review Crash Prone Locations In-Depth Review of Fatalities Accountability Newsletter


44 Capt. Ralph D. Mitchell Jr. Louisiana State Police Troop

45 Questions?

46 Capt. Ralph D. Mitchell Jr. Louisiana State Police Troop

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