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Re-introducing ULM Aviation From Flying Tomahawks to WARHAWKS.

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1 Re-introducing ULM Aviation From Flying Tomahawks to WARHAWKS

2 No More NLU

3 University of Louisiana, Monroe

4 Introducing: Warhawk Aviation Small but Mighty –Professor Prashant Gurung –Professor Bob Corcoran –Traditional enrollment of 50 Students –New partners and old friends –New programs

5 Professor Prashant Gurung Flight Time: 3400 Captain: Pinnacle Properties –Trinidad, Barron 58, KA-200 & 350 First Officer, Royal Nepal and Yeti Airlines Kathmandu, Nepal –Twin Otter –Flight Safety, Simcom MS Human Resource Development –Leadership in Education –Performance Based Curriculum BS Aviation Flight Technology

6 Professor Bob Corcoran Total Time 3500 Aviation Entrepreneur –Top Flight Photos –Corporate Contract C-560 –CFI, CFII, MEI Air Force Pilot (Med. Retired) –C-130H2, T-44, T-37, T-3 –KC-135 Crew Chief MS Technology, Kent State University BS Aviation Flight Technology, Kent State Univ.

7 Enrollment Traditionally ULM Aviation enrolls 50 –Traditionally 3 Professors Current enrolment 70+ 100+ expected by spring 2010 Yes! –We will be looking for that 3rd (4th) faculty soon

8 How did we do it? Post 911 G.I. Bill –Incentive for the University to be VERY military Friendly –Flexible administration and staff –90% of our new students are Veterans The Big News………..

9 The BIG News (New Partners) Cooperative agreement with Johnston Flight Service –Provide Helicopter Training –Add-on Degree to their program –Piggyback on JFS extensive marketing On-Line Aviation Certificate Aviation Major Concentration for GOLD

10 More News (Old Friends) Seeking similar agreements with other organizations –MLU Tower –MLU Airport Operations –Century Link Corporate Flight Department –Monroe Air Center

11 New Programs Professional Aviation Experiential Learning –Mini Internship –Flexible learning for the STUDENTS desired outcome Scenario based LOFT Training –New Simulator Program –Training Student instructors –More Training than is available to log toward a certificate Accredited flight training by the next review

12 Timing is Everything All new, very young, faculty with current industry experience Newest building on ULM campus Active support from the ULM Administration

13 Timing is Everything Unprecedented community support

14 Timing is Everything MLU expansion just broke ground! All of the operations associated with ULM aviation have crash, fire, rescue support Radar approach control Tower controlled field


16 Questions?

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