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Donate Life Louisiana Hospital Campaign LHA and LOPA Partnership.

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1 Donate Life Louisiana Hospital Campaign LHA and LOPA Partnership

2 Louisiana has a population of 4.4 million. Our registry was established in 1997 and is considered a mature registry. When the campaign began there were approximately 1.6 million in the registry. You can register at the OMV, online and with paper forms. Overview of Louisiana

3 Donate Life Louisiana Hospital Campaign Our vision was to create a campaign that every hospital, regardless of size or type, could implement and have an impact on the waiting list. Campaign was launched at the 2008 LHA Summer Conference. We wanted to increase the registry list while educating our communities.

4 Campaign Goals First goal: To increase the Donate Life Louisiana Registry by 10% or 160,676 new registrations by the end of 2009. Step 1: CEO Support Step 2: Assign a Champion Step 3: Hospital Commitments Step 4: Implement Campaign

5 Get LHA Board to Accept Challenge Send Out Letter to CEOs Distributed Packet with Hospital-Specific Materials Introduced Challenge at Summer Conference Reiterate Challenge at District Meetings and Annual Leadership Symposium Disseminate Reminders in Member Publications CEO Support

6 Assign a Champion Who Makes A Good Champion? PR/Marketing Staff Members Medical Staff, Including Doctors and Nurses Person with Personal Connection to Donation The Champion recruits others at the hospital to form a Donate Life Louisiana Campaign Team.

7 Champion Buy-In Orientation – conducted with HRSA and Akoya Electronic Toolkit LOPA Partner Webinars E-mail Updates –Tips and Ideas –Other Hospital Success Stories

8 Hospital Commitments Over 55 Hospitals Actively Participating Each Hospital Set a Goal Types of Hospitals –Acute Care –Rural –LTAC –Rehabilitation

9 Support and Resources LHA Website – Campaign Section Electronic Toolkits – Modeled after WPFL –Letter from CEO –Press Release Templates –Newsletter Templates –Donate Life Louisiana Logo –Tent Cards and Posters Templates –Registry Form –Action Ideas –Rose Bowl Toolkit

10 Support and Resources LOPA Hospital Resource Coordinators LHA Staff Donate Life Louisiana Brochures Donate the Gift of Life DVD HHS Resources Champion Network –Tip Updates –Webinars –Templates

11 Measuring Progress Code registry forms with hospital name. Record number of electronic registrations. Hospitals submit a three month progress report on actions completed and proposed actions for next quarter.

12 1.Registry Drives 2.CEO E-mail to Hospital Staff 3.National Donate Life Month Activities 4.Donor/Recipient Walk Through 5.Payroll Stuffers Top 10 Ideas for Implementation

13 6. Local TV/Radio Shows 7. Newsletter Articles (Internal/External Publications) 8. Bulletin Boards 9. Partnering with Blood Bank 10. Lunch and Learn

14 Campaign Status Our Goal: 160,676 New Registrations We met our goal the first week of August, 2009 – 5 months ahead of our deadline! LHA Chair, Bill Holman, has set two additional goals and campaign has been adopted by the incoming chair.

15 Hospital Success Stories

16 2010 Efforts to Increase the Donor Register Flag Raising Ceremony was held to kick off the month of April as Donate Life Month. A proclamation was presented from Arlanda Williams, Parish Councilwoman to our Chief Operating Officer, Diane Yeates.

17 EXTERNAL MARKETING EFFORTS -Press release was sent out to the local media -HTV live appearance -Electronic digital billboards promoting donor awareness -Information on the TGMC website -Information provided in Spring edition of the Take Care Magazine -Information provided at TGMC’s Out Reach Center


19 -Once a week during the month of April a representative was in the TGMC cafeteria to answer questions about organ and tissue donation and signing up those who wish to join the registry -A story was in the internal TGMC employee newsletter -During the month flyers about the topic will be distributed with each paycheck -Information is placed on the TGMC intranet -The flat screen TV in the front lobby has the LOPA video playing during the month of April as well as the inpatient TV circuit channel -Presentations were done to the staff and directors at monthly staff meetings -Custom bulletin boards went up around the inpatient units -Information on organ and tissue donation and the importance of it is incorporated into TGMC’s orientation day -This topic is discussed with each new hire at the time they meet with the employee health nurse -Revised admissions forms to ask about organ and tissue donation. INTERNAL MARKETING EFFORTS


21 Lafayette General Medical Center “Life in General” ICU Team

22 LHA Activities Donor Registry Drives Donor Family and Recipient Visits Flag Raising Ceremony Flag raising ceremony with pediatric liver recipient and his family

23 Donation Campaign Supportive Resources Hospital-wide & Unit Billboards Hospital Newsletter TV/Radio Coverage Hospital Website Access Local TV station interviews pediatric liver recipient and his family during flag raising ceremony

24 Beyond a Campaign, It’s Our Honor. Community Events –Run For Their Lives 5K –Justin Harrison’s GolfForeLife Tournament Hospital Events –Medal of Honor Ceremony –Christmas for the Kids –“Tree of Life” ER physicians & staff with liver recipient

25 Dedicated to Making a Difference! Donor Family & Recipient Balloon Release Christmas for the Kids Reuniting Families Tree of Life

26 Ochsner’s Donate Life Hospital Challenge It’s a partnership for success!

27 Setting the Goal Multi-Organ Transplant Institute Mission Statement: “Deliver the highest quality transplant-related care in collaboration with patients community healthcare providers consistent with Ochsner’s mission to serve, heal, lead, educate, and innovate” Focus on community education and measurable outcomes: registration of new donors Ochsner engaged all 7 campuses across SE Louisiana

28 What are we doing? Created and distributed posters, table tents, and t-shirts promoting Donate Life month and registry drives Donation awareness messages on all plasma TVs throughout the hospital, on the intranet, Internet, and employee newsletters On-hold message during Donor Awareness month Regular registry drives held in high traffic areas open to public and hospital employees Facility champion and employee volunteers to run registry drives

29 What else? Email blast to staff NPR ads Hello Health TV show “Make Life Happen” Include donation information and registration in all community events in which Ochsner participates National Kidney Foundation Walk Broadmoor “Rain” Fest


31 Our Biggest Project!!! Save Nine Video Approximately 70,000 hits 200 new donor registrations

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