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Click to begin. He Said, She Said, We Said Who’s The Boss ? Legend & Lore $200 $400 $600 $800 $1,000 $200 $400 $600 $800 $1,000 $600 $800 $1,000 Programs.

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2 Click to begin.

3 He Said, She Said, We Said Who’s The Boss ? Legend & Lore $200 $400 $600 $800 $1,000 $200 $400 $600 $800 $1,000 $600 $800 $1,000 Programs & Projects Show Me The Money

4 IRS form used to report annually on financial and other activities of tax- exempt organizations.

5 What is the 990?

6 $ 3.7 million

7 What is the annual income from mandatory dues?

8 The Treasurer or Executive Director plus an additional approved member of the Board of Governors.

9 Who has check signing authority according to LSBA policies?

10 501 (c) (6)

11 What is the LSBA’s tax status under the Internal Revenue Code?

12 U.S. common stock, U.S. securities convertible to common stocks, securities listed on the major U.S. securities exchanges and cash or cash equivalents.

13 What categories of securities are permissible investments according to LSBA policies?

14 The weekly email newsletter on LSBA news and events.

15 What is Louisiana Bar Today?

16 Serving as the LSBA’s spokesperson to the media and outside entities.

17 What is one important role of the LSBA President?

18 A committee which provides non- binding ethics opinions to LSBA members

19 What is the Ethics Advisory Service Committee?

20 The LSBA’s 24/7 resource for news and information about the Association.

21 What is

22 The award-winning bimonthly publication containing substantive law articles.

23 What is the Louisiana Bar Journal?

24 80%

25 What is the estimated percentage of legal needs of the poor that go unmet each year?

26 The facility at which LSBA members have complimentary access to conference rooms, a business center and the Internet.

27 What is the Louisiana Bar Center?

28 Non-profit law firms dedicated to serving the needs of the poor.

29 What are legal services/legal aid organizations?

30 Louisiana Center for Law and Civic Education.

31 Which organization is the LSBA’s education partner?

32 An LSBA policy position which states in part: “Achieving diversity in the legal profession is an evolutionary process that requires the Association’s continued effort and commitment.”

33 What is the LSBA Diversity Statement?

34 House of Delegates

35 What is the Association’s policy-making body?

36 The Secretary of the Association.

37 Who is the Editor of the Louisiana Bar Journal?

38 The Board’s only employee.

39 Who is the Executive Director?

40 By concurrence of a majority of all LSBA members participating in the election, after approval by the House of Delegates.

41 How are the Articles of Incorporation amended?

42 Through referrals from the Louisiana Attorney Disciplinary Board

43 How do attorneys become participants in the LSBA’s Practice Assistance and Improvement Programs?

44 1941

45 When was the Louisiana State Bar Association created?

46 Only the Louisiana Supreme Court has authority to amend these.

47 What are the Rules of Professional Conduct?

48 Keller v. State Bar of California

49 What is the name of the case which governs how bars may spend mandatory dues?

50 More than 200 years.

51 What is the combined LSBA tenure of current staff members?

52 The current President.

53 Who is the all time favorite President of LSBA staff members?


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