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Western Expansion Jeopardy LA Purchase 100 200 300 400 500 600 Lewis & Clark 100 200 300 400 500 600 Acquisitions 100 200 300 400 500 600 Moving West 100.

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1 Western Expansion Jeopardy LA Purchase Lewis & Clark Acquisitions Moving West Indian Removal Maps

2 LOUISIANA PURCHASE for 100 This president supported the purchase of the Louisiana Territory Who is President Thomas Jefferson?

3 LOUISIANA PURCHASE for 200 The name of the leader and the country selling the Louisiana Territory Who is Napoleon Bonaparte of France?

4 LOUISIANA PURCHASE for 300 Name two arguments used FOR making the purchase. What are: Gave Westerners access to New Orleans / Mississippi River Removing hostile French as neighbors Doubling the size of the U.S. Define “right of deposit”. Can store trading goods at the port.

5 LOUISIANA PURCHASE for 400 Name two arguments used AGAINST making the purchase. What are: Territory was unexplored High price Impact on Federalists (see LA Purchase for $600) Price? $15 million.

6 LOUISIANA PURCHASE for 500 Describe the constitutional issue and resolution surrounding the Purchase. Issue: Power to purchase foreign land not written in constitution Resolution: Create and ratify a treaty

7 LOUISIANA PURCHASE for 600 The Federalist party opposed the Purchase for this reason. What is potential shift in power from industrial East to West (as more farmers settle in West).

8 LEWIS & CLARK for 100 The American Indian who acted as interpreter and guide. Who is Sacagawea ( or Sacajawea) ? Her tribe and their location? Shoshone / near Rocky Mts.

9 LEWIS & CLARK for 200 This President authorized the expedition. Who is President Thomas Jefferson?

10 LEWIS & CLARK for 300 The city and river that were the starting point for the expedition. What are St. Louis, Missouri and the Missouri River?

11 LEWIS & CLARK for 400 Name two goals / purposes for the expedition. What are Mapping the territory Finding water route to Pacific ocean Documenting plants / animals in territory Learning about / recording interactions with Native American tribes

12 LEWIS & CLARK for 500 no water route; mountains; waterfalls, hostile tribes Name 2 problems with the expedition

13 LEWIS & CLARK for 600 Name 2 successes of the expedition learn plants/animals; map; friendly tribes; opened the West for settlement; made it to the Pacific

14 ACQUISITIONS for 100 This piece of land was purchased in 1853 to build a railroad from the West What is the Gadsden Purchase? From what country and at what cost? From Mexico for $10 million.

15 ACQUISITIONS for 200 This land area was attached by an act of Congress in What is Texas? Taken from what country and at what cost? Mexico / war

16 ACQUISITIONS for 300 He was president when we negotiated for the Oregon Territory in Who is James K. Polk? With what country and at what cost? With Great Britain; no cost.

17 ACQUISITIONS for 400 This treaty resulted in the U.S. adding Florida to its territory in The Adams-Onís Treaty From what country and at what cost? From Spain; $5million in potential damage claims.

18 ACQUISITIONS for 500 This was established as the border between Canada (British territory) and the United States. What is 49° N latitude? To what two acquisitions did this border apply? Red River Basin (1818) and Oregon (1846).

19 ACQUISITIONS for 600 This 1848 treaty ended the Mexican-American War and resulted in the “Mexican Cession” territory being added to the U.S. What is the Guadalupe-Hidalgo Treaty? What price was paid for the territory? What is $15m.

20 MOVING WEST for 100 This was the preferred animal for pulling wagons to the West. What are oxen? Three reasons? Stronger Ate available plants Indians less likely to steal

21 MOVING WEST for 200 These three groups were used as workers building the railroads. Who are: Civil War Union Army veterans Chinese immigrants Irish immigrants Group honored at finish and why. Chinese: hardworking / quick learners

22 MOVING WEST for 300 People who moved West in search of gold were called this. What are 49ers? The person who described the gold fields as “plentiful as mud.” Horace Greeley

23 MOVING WEST for 400 These people got to keep the land if they farmed it for 5 years. Who are homesteaders? Two materials used as fuel by homesteaders. Buffalo/cow “chips” (dung); sunflower stalks, weeds, sticks.

24 MOVING WEST for 500 The Transcontinental Railroad was completed on this date and at this place. What is May 10, 1869 at Promontory Point, Utah? Impact of Transcontinental Railroad. Sold land to settlers; easier to settle and transport goods/people; unified country; created cities; fewer cowboys needed

25 MOVING WEST for 600 The name of the founder of the Mormon religion. Who is Joseph Smith? Reason for Mormons moving to Salt Lake Valley. Practice their religion without interference.

26 INDIAN REMOVAL for 100 This president supported the Indian Removal Act in Who is Andrew Jackson? Explain the Act. Gave president power to negotiate treaties with Native American tribes to give up their land in the east in exchange for land in the west OR be forced to move.

27 INDIAN REMOVAL for 200 Two reasons why white Americans supported removing American Indians from the eastern U.S. Wanted Native American land Thought Native Americans would be better off away from whites Didn’t think United States would extend beyond Mississippi River

28 INDIAN REMOVAL for 300 What the Cherokee did to protect their rights / declare themselves a sovereign nation? What is adopted a constitution?

29 INDIAN REMOVAL for 400 This treaty was signed by Cherokee who were not recognized as leaders of the Cherokee tribe. What is the Treaty of New Echota? Impact of the treaty. Cherokee forced to give up their land; led on the “Trail of Tears” march to land W of Mississippi River

30 INDIAN REMOVAL for 500 This Cherokee woman died of pneumonia after giving up her blanket for a sick child. Who is the wife of Cherokee Chief John Ross? Number dead reported per “stop” along trail Native Americans.

31 INDIAN REMOVAL for 600 Three examples of hardships faced by Cherokees during the Trail of Tears. What are: No time to pack / sell belongings Led by gunpoint, and often barefoot Forced to march even if old/sick Many die of disease, hunger and fatigue Year this forced march began. 1838

32 MAPS for 100 This range of mountains is in southwestern corner of the United States. What are the Sierra Nevada mountains? The Appalachian mountains range between these two states. What are Maine and Georgia?

33 MAPS for 200 This river is located in the most northwestern corner of the continental United States. Who is the Columbia River?

34 MAPS for 300 The name and date of the treaty that made this area part of the U.S. What is the Treaty of Paris in 1783? What war did this treaty end? What is the American Revolution?

35 MAPS for 400 The Mormon Trail ran between these two cities. What are Nauvoo, Illinois and Salt Lake City, Utah?

36 MAPS for 500 This trail started in St. Louis and ran along a southern route all the way to San Francisco. What is the Butterfield Overland Mail Route?

37 MAPS for 600 The city of St. Louis is located at the intersection of these two rivers. What are the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers?

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