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Disputes with the United States

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1 Disputes with the United States

2 Growing U.S. Threat Bernardo de Galvez, the governor of Spanish Louisiana, fought with the U.S. against Great Britain. Galvez aided the United States in its Revolution. In 1783 the United States earned it’s independence and was quickly growing U.S. settlers pushed into Spanish territory without permission in Louisiana and East Texas Louisiana let the foreigners in Texas put troops at Nacogdoches to keep them out As the United States population grew Spain grew anxious

3 Louisiana Purchase In 1800 France forced Spain to return Louisiana to them France quickly sold it to the United States for $15 million in 1803 This is called the Louisiana Purchase and it doubled the size of the U.S.


5 Border Disputes The Spanish were alarmed by the Louisiana Purchase
The U.S. now bordered Spain Disputes arose over the boundaries of Louisiana U.S. officials thought that the western border of Louisiana went to the Rio Grande and included all of Texas The Spanish disagreed

6 Border Disputes Spain began massing troops in East Texas
After the Zebulon Pike report, the U.S. gained great interest in Texas In 1806 Spanish Lt. Colonel Simon de Herrera met General James Wilkinson, commander of U.S. forces in Louisiana


8 Agreement They agreed to make the disputed territory neutral
Both nations would stay out of this Neutral Ground until diplomats could meet and set an official border Despite the agreement, settlers and outlaws entered the Neutral Ground In 1819 Spain and the United States signed the Adams- Onis Treaty, setting the boundaries between their territories United States gave up claims to Texas Spain gave up Florida

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