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Louisiana Instructional Materials Center (LIMC) Director: Robin King.

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1 Louisiana Instructional Materials Center (LIMC) Director: Robin King

2 Louisiana Instructional Materials Center 1230 Government St Baton Rouge, La 70802-4839 225-219-1686 (office) 225-219-1684 (fax) LIMC provides instructional materials to students with visual impairments throughout Louisiana. Funding for the program comes from the federal Act to Promote the Education of the Blind and a state allocation to the Louisiana School for the Visually Impaired. Eligibility criteria are outlined in Bulletin 1508: Pupil Appraisal Handbook.

3 LIMC: Staff

4 Criteria for Eligibility Loss of vision which significantly interferes with the ability to perform academically and which requires the use of specialized textbooks, techniques, materials, or equipment. AND Visual acuity in the better eye or eyes together with best possible correction of 1.Blindness- 20/200 or less distance and/or near acuity, OR 2. Partial sight- 20/70 or less distance and/or near acuity. OR Blindness due to a peripheral field so contracted that the widest diameter of such field subtends an angular distance no greater than 20 degrees and that it affects the student’s ability to learn. OR Progressive loss of vision which may in future alter the student’s ability to learn. OR Other blindness resulting from a medically documented condition.

5 Eye Report Form PARENT: Signature of Parent or Guardian and date are required. SCHOOL OFFICIAL: Student name, Date of Birth, Parish, School, Reading Media: Check the one that applies Placement: What grade are they in? Program type: Public, Private, or Home school School Representative: VI Teacher, Special Ed Director w/ phone number OPTHALMOLOGIST/OPTOMETRIST One box must be check to establish eligibility Primary Ocular Condition: Should be completed Distant Vision and Near Vision and Prescription Signature of Physician, Date of Exam, and all other information in this section are required. History: Make sure that Prognosis and Recommendations are complete. Visual Field: Important

6 When do I need to place my order? Current students books should be ordered in March, before next school year. Ex. LEA’s will order in March 2011 for the next school year 2011-2012 Books can be ordered year round as needs occur.

7 How do I get Large Print or Braille books for my students? 1.LEA’s Textbook coordinators will order using AIM. 2.LIMC will receive order directly from AIM report. (LIMC will no longer except faxed orders.) LIMC has book in depository: Order will be delivered within 5 to 7 working days If available through current vendors: Order will be shipped in 4 to 6 weeks. If not available: Large print books will be shipped in 8 weeks. Braille books could take up to 6 months. (after vendor is located)

8 Things to remember when returning books to LIMC Books should be returned as soon as school ends. Books should be packaged properly. Volumes that belong to one Book should be kept together. If you are keeping books for another student, LIMC must be notified.

9 Proper Care and Use Braille books should be placed on shelf standing up Large print books can lay flat or stand up Writing is not allowed on any book (inside or outside) School systems could be held responsible for books

10 Policy AIM Only Braille or Large Print books that are State approved adopted books. National Editions Core Instructional materials

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