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Kelly Rueckert and Melissa Greco.  This parasite/ Fungus is common everywhere in the world.

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1 Kelly Rueckert and Melissa Greco

2  This parasite/ Fungus is common everywhere in the world.

3  It is considered a fungus, but is mentioned in our book because it is considered a opportunistic parasite that often causes severe pathology and is very dangerous to HIV patients.  It may have fungal properties but is sensitive to protozoan agents.  Ribosomal RNA sequence shows Pneumocystis carinii to be a member of the Fungi  Developing from a small trophozoite into a cyst containing eight sporozoites, the Pneumocystis carinii life cycle superficially resembles those seen both in protozoa and fungi



6  Humans of all ages, and especially prelavant in elderly and in small children with weaker immune systems  Also seen in people taking drugs to cure autoimmune disease  Persons with AIDS are especially susceptible.  This organism is wide spread in mammals, many infections may be caught from pets.

7  In infected lungs the epithelium (wall of cells in the cavities of body) starts to peel and start to fill with foamy liquid.  Rapid unset; fever, cough, rapid breathing, and cyanosis (blue skin around the mouth/eyes  Death is caused by asphyxiation.  If you don’t get treated the mortality rate is 100%.  Lesions can also occur in lymph nodes, spleen, liver, and bone marrow.


9  Positive diagnosis is possible only with identification of parasite with staining.  To make a slide, a biopsy of lung tissue is needed.  These are the only tests used to accurately diagnose the parasite.  The parasite is extremely life threatening.


11 Cysts are thick-walled, rounded and approximately 5-8 µm in size

12  Even with treatment, mortality is high in immunodeficient patients.  An antibacterial medicine is prescribed called trimethoprim- sulfamethoxazole (TMP SMX) or Bactrim.  Side effects of the drug may be: rash, sick feeling.  More medicine may need to be prescribed for the side effects.  Currently there is no vaccine for this fungus.

13  If your immune system is weak or your CD4 cell count goes below 200, or if you display a temperature above 100 degrees for longer than two weeks.  Not contagious.


15  Geographic Distribution ______  Mortality rate____%  Life cycle with ____ and ____  Host ____ ◦ Who is most susceptible_____  Clinical signs____  What is cyanosis_____  Size of cysts____  Method of Diagnosis ____  Treatment ____

16  /pcpb.htm /pcpb.htm  ocystis.htm ocystis.htm  gy/Images/pcarinii.jpg gy/Images/pcarinii.jpg  of/pneumocystis_carinii_pneumonia#2 of/pneumocystis_carinii_pneumonia#2

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